Bellator 90: live streaming video, results, discussion and play by play

Bellator 90 goes off tonight from The Maverik Center in West Valley City, Utah, with a main-card start time of 10:00 p.m. ET on…

By: Dallas Winston | 10 years ago
Bellator 90: live streaming video, results, discussion and play by play
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Bellator 90 goes off tonight from The Maverik Center in West Valley City, Utah, with a main-card start time of 10:00 p.m. ET on Spike TV. The show will spotlight a pair of semifinal round fights in the Light-Heavyweight Tournament and the Welterweight Tournament, and Shahbulat Shamhalaev vs. Rad Martinez battle in the Featherweight Tournament finals for our main event.

The inimitable Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal looks to extend his momentum after a 1st-round knockout in his Bellator debut, but a very feisty and tough-as-nails 205er stands in his way in Emanuel Newton. On the other side of the 205-pound bracket, Jacob Noe meets Mikhail Zayats, both of whom scored definitive upsets over favored veterans in the opening round. Douglas Lima takes on late entry Bryan Baker in a welterweight semifinal that will lead off the show, while Bloody Elbow favorite Ben Saunders rematches Raul Amaya at the top of the preliminary card in the other welterweight semi.

The complete card is listed below and the live streaming video follows. We’ll see you this evening for live discussion as the show gets underway.

Spike TV main card (on Spike TV at 10:00 p.m. ET)
Featherweight Tournament Championship: Shahbulat Shamhalaev vs. Rad Martinez
Light Heavyweight Semifinal Fight: King Mo vs. Emanuel Newton
Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal: Mikhail Zayats vs. Jacob Noe
Welterweight Tournament Semifinal: Douglas Lima vs. Bryan Baker

Preliminary card (streaming live on and Bloody Elbow at 8:00 p.m. ET)
Welterweight Tournament Semifinal: Ben Saunders vs. Raul Amaya
Middleweight Feature Fight: Lionel Lanham vs. Joe Rodriguez
Welterweight Feature Fight: David Allred vs. Sean Powers
Welterweight Feature Fight: Jesse Juarez vs. Jordan Smith
Featherweight Feature Fight: Josh Tyler vs. Shanon Slack
Catchweight Feature Fight(137 lbs): Chase Beebe vs. Travis Marx

Evenin’ fight fans. Find the results and live play-by-play below.

Shahbulat Shamhalaev vs. Rad Martinez

R1: Ah yes, the glorious “USA!” chants start us off. Shamhalaev not even bothering to keep his hands higher than shoulder level in the face of Martinez’ striking. Shamhalaev is lightning fast to counter a Martinez high kick by catching it and pasting him with a right low kick and left hook; Martinez goes down momentarily but he’s right back up.

Martinez lands a nice straight left but Shamhalaev answers with harsh low kicks. Martinez shoots beautifully for a single and then switches to a double to put Shamhalaev on his back with 1:30 left. Shamhalaev scoots back to the fence to wall walk but Martinez smothers him to maintain top control. Shamhalaev gets back to his feet as the bell sounds. Wow, this is the first round I’ve had to score all night. 10-9 Shamhalaev for winning 3:30 of the round on the feet.

R2: Shamhalaev slams a right hand to the body, then follows with a big right upstairs. Another right to the breadbasket from Shamhalaev. Martinez tries to pivot right with his left hand but gets countered.
Shamhalaev puts Martinez on roller-skates with a high kick; Martinez pops back up but he’s visibly wobbled and
Shamhalaev backs off and punches his off-button with a clean right.

  • Shahbulat Shamhalaev defeats Rad Martinez by KO (right cross), Round 1.

Emanuel Newton vs. King Mo

R1: Newton comes out with a left low kick and right hand combo that slips through. Newton standing right in King Mo’s wheelhouse and eats a right for it. Quick jab from Newton. King Mo looking to counter with his left hook. Now King Mo drops his lead left hand and Newton’s able to slice a punch through. Whew … they trade big hooks and these boys are throwin’ down. Newton whiffs a spinning back kick but finds the mark with a right hand and body kick.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED. Newton flails on a wild overhand but perfectly plants a spinning back-fist right on King Mo’s chin who, upon impact, freezes and slowly topples over. Shocking upset.

  • Emanuel Newton defeats Muhammed Lawal by KO (spinning back-fist), Round 1.

Bryan Baker vs. Douglas Lima

R1: Baker starts out circling and looking to keep Lima at range. Lead-leg inside low kick lands for Lima, followed by a pair of outside kicks. And a third that digs in. Baker’s only managed to flick out a few long jabs so far. Overhand right grazes for Lima.

Lima crunches Baker with another overhand right that lands square and floors him. That’s that.

  • Douglas Lima defeats Bryan Baker by KO (overhand right), Round 1.

Ben Saunders vs. Raul Amaya (Welterweight Tournament Semifinal)

R1: Amaya comes out swinging and Saunders backs him off with a stiff 1-2. Chopping left body kick lands for Saunders. Amaya shoots from way outside but Saunders stuffs it and grazes with a big knee to the head. Saunders in steady stalk mode while Amaya flits in and out to handle the considerable range problem. Another body kick from Saunders. Amaya scoring with right inside low kicks but there’s not much on them.

Amaya wades in with a pair of hooks and eats a straight counter and a quick up-knee from the single collar tie. Amaya is throwing wide-sailing punches aggressively and actually connects with a lunging combination; Saunders returns fire with a retreating left hand. Then the world ends: “Killa B” connects with a shin-to-temple left high kick that completely slumps Amaya.

  • Ben Saunders defeats Raul Amaya by KO (left high kick), Round 1.

Jacob Noe vs. Mikhail Zayats (Light-Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal)

R1: Noe clubs him with a left hook early. Zayats times a counterpunch just as Noe is unrolling a kick and drops him. Noe recovers well and gets strong posture control with Zayats in a high half guard. Noe fights for full guard but Zayats shuts it down. Not many punches from the top for Zayats due to Noe’s body-lock defense; the Russian capitalizes a minute later and slips into full mount.

Zayats bases down hard and now starts to chip away with short ground strikes. Noe tries to buck him off and spin out but Zayats traps an arm and locks up a deep armbar that Noe is forced to tap to immediately.

  • Mikhail Zayats defeats Jacob Noe by submission (armbar), Round 1.

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