Invicta FC 4: Esparza vs. Hyatt Live Streaming Results and Play-by-Play

Tonight at Invicta FC 4, Carla Esparza and Bec Hyatt will face off to crown the first ever Invicta FC Strawweight champion. While the…

By: T.P. Grant | 11 years ago
Invicta FC 4: Esparza vs. Hyatt Live Streaming Results and Play-by-Play
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Tonight at Invicta FC 4, Carla Esparza and Bec Hyatt will face off to crown the first ever Invicta FC Strawweight champion. While the term Invicta veteran seems overstated for such a young promotion, Esparza is set to make her third appearance in the all women promotion. Hyatt is less experienced than Esparza, with half the number of fights, and is the underdog heading into this match.

The co-main event features a rematch between Bantamweights Shayna Baszler and Alexis Davis. Baszler won their first match by decision in 2010 and now Davis is seeking to even the score. Bloody Elbow will carry the full results and give live play-by-play for the main card.

The card was originally supposed to be a pay-per-view but it is now free streaming right here on Bloody Elbow!

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Primarily Card Results

Cassie Rodish defeats Stephanie Frausto by Technical Knockout Round 3, 1:04

Tamikka Brents defeats Amanda Bell by Unanimous Decision

Jodie Esquibel defeats Liz McCarthy by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Rose Namajunas defeats Emily Kagan by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 3, 3:44

Tecia Torres defeats Paige Van Zant by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Veronica Rothenhausler defeats Katalina Malungahu by Knockout Round 1, 1:12

Laura Sanko defeats Cassie Robb by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2, 1:07

Main Card Play-by-Play

Joanne Calderwood vs. Livia von Plettenberg

Round 1

Calderwood takes center of the cage and is testing range with kicks. Plettenberg trying to get off some punches, and is throwing overhand rights. Calderwood throws a double jab, Plettenberg ducks under and clinches, now they exchange knees in the clinch. Back at striking range Calderwood is again working kicks. A lunging body shot by Plettenberg, Calderwood gets the thai clinch and hits knees, a few more knees against the cage before they break apart. Calderwood catches Plettenberg with a few punches and a knee as Plettenberg clinches. Now they are grappling against the cage and Calderwood again letting go with knees and elbows. Plettenberg now working hard for a take-down, but Calderwood has the under hook and is working around to the back. Back to over unders and Calderwood is looking for a double leg and gets it on a second attempt. Round ends with Calderwood standing over Plettenberg. 10-9 Calderwood

Round 2

Calderwood takes the center of the cage again, Plettenberg throwing hard leg kicks to start but Calderwood counters with a straight right. Plettenberg tries a take-down and gets kneed for her trouble. Calderwood now working elbows from the clinch, Plettenberg separates and throws a few right hands before reentering the clinch. Plettenberg looking for an inside trip but Calderwood again uses the under-hook to slip off to the side. Plettenberg now looking for a hip toss, but Calderwood slips her head out and takes the back. She releases and the fighters are back at striking range. Plettenberg lands an overhand right, but Calderwood is hitting a stiff jab. Another knee to the head when Plettenberg drops her head and tries a take down. Plettenberg tries a single leg but Calderwood uses the cage to stop and again punishes Plettenberg in the clinch with knees and elbows. Calderwood controlling distance with kicks now. Calderwood appears to have Plettenberg hurt and is attacking the in the clinch. Plettenberg looked to be in big trouble at the end of the round, very close to a 10-8 round. 10-9 Calderwood

Round 3

Calderwood starts round with more elbows and knees in the clinch, and kicks when at range. Plettenberg trying to punch but just can’t close distance. A lighting quick head kick from Calderwood, and now she appears to be in total control. Calderwood is landing at will now with a hard jab and front push kick. Jumping knee from Calderwood to the liver. Plettenberg clinches and eats a few more knees, and then disengages. Plettenberg is caught by a trip and is on her back, but Calderwood doesn’t want to grapple and walks away. Fighters standing again and Plettenberg lands a nice left hook. Calderwood snaps off another head kick and is peppering Plettenberg at range with kicks now. A front kick to the face followed by a knee to the body by Calderwood. She is now letting her hands go in the closing seconds. 10-8 Calderwood

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Joanne Calderwood defeats Livia von Plettenberg 30-26

Official Result: Joanne Calderwood defeats Livia von Plettenberg by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Ediane Gomes vs. Hiroko Yamanaka

Round 1

Gomes pushing forward trying to get in close, Yamanaka the much taller fighter using her range but Gomes gets a slamming take-down into side control. Yamanaka gets to her knees and Gomes takes her back looking for a choke. Gomes gives up on choke, and starts throwing heavy ground-and-pound and now again working on a choke. Yamanaka trapping Gomes’ hands but Gomes is all over her. Gomes switches to arm-bar from the back and then goes to guard. Yamanaka staying low in guard, defending against Gomes’ attacks. Gomes super active from her back, striking and looking to use her legs to sweep or submit. Big John McCarthy stands them up, and now Yamanaka looking to work her jab at range. Gomes wings some hooks and connects a few times as Yamanaka moves straight back. Gomes 10-9

Round 2

Gomes is breathing hard at the start of the round and Yamanaka is moving well. Gomes throws a hard leg kick and Yamanaka counters nicely with a jab. Yamanaka starting to work a jab but won’t commit to anything else. Gomes pressing forward but Yamanaka is circling off the cage nicely. Gomes starting to throw leg kicks and Yamanaka now answering with leg kicks of her own. Gomes carrying her hands low now, but Yamanaka still not landing much. Gomes winging big punches but not landing as Yamanaka circles off cage again. Yamanaka’s punches are falling just short and Gomes catches her with a wild hook and chases Yamanaka back to the cage punching but lets up. Yamanaka lands a superman left, but doesn’t follow up. Not much going on this round, but Gomes had most of the offense. Gomes 10-9

Round 3

Yamanaka trying to establish the jab and Gomes is coming over the top with hooks, but coming up short. Now Gomes starting to find the range and landing a few punches. Yamanaka attempts a spinning back fist, but it did not land. Gomes lands a right hand, but Yamanaka rolls with it well. Yamanaka still throwing very light shots with seemingly little power behind them. Gomes lands a left hook. They exchange and Gomes parries a punch and lands a right. Yamanaka lands a straight right and is now landing punches. Gomes shoots a double leg and now has Yamanaka down in guard. Gomes working to pass but Yamanaka is doing a good job of keep her guard. Gomes stands, but doesn’t back off and as Yamanaka tries to stand Gomes tries to take back. Yamanaka is able to stand and starts landing straight right hands right away. Gomes shoots again and gets Yamanaka down against the cage. Yamanaka 10-9

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Ediane Gomes defeats Hiroko Yamanaka by 29-28 Decision

Official Result: Ediane Gomes defeats Hiroko Yamanaka by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Sarah D’Alelio vs. Amanda Nunes

Round 1

Fighters touch gloves and the fight is under way. D’Alelio lunges in and Nunes lands a counter right that backs her off. Nunes throws a leg kick and follows with a superman punch. D’Alelio reaching out with a measuring jab and shoots a double leg and gets a slam take-down. Fighters now in half guard against the cage with D’Alelio on top, punishing Nunes’ leg with elbows. D’Alelio putting down heavy pressure as Nunes is unable to move much under her and D’Alelio keeps elbowing the legs. Nunes now rolling for a knee bar, but D’Alelio uses pressure to stuff it and then move to side control. Nunes bucks hard using the cage and tries to get back to half guard. Nunes trying for another leg lock, and D’Alelio almost spins into a heel hook but correctly spins the other way and out. Round ends and they continue to grapple. D’Alelio 10-9

Round 2

Nunes now trying to measure her shots as D’Alelio is stalking, looking for take-down. Nunes throwing punches but falling short. D’Alelio slips under a punch into a perfect double leg and then slams Nunes down into guard. Nunes trying to lock up her guard, but D’Alelio is trapping one leg trying to pass to half guard. Nunes opens her guard and lands an illegal up kick to the face and the action is stopped as John McCarthy has doctor inspect D’Alelio. McCarthy takes a point from Nunes as the up kick did seem intentional. Fight restarts and Nunes shoots for her own take down, clinches, tries to climb on D’Alelio’s back. D’Alelio slams her down but is fighting off a triangle from Nunes’ guard. D’Alelio traps a leg and passes to side control. Nunes again looking for a leg lock but D’Alelio is striking and defending, now working towards Nunes’ back. Nunes rolls to half guard and the round ends with D’Alelio landing shots. D’Alelio 10-8 (-1 for Nunes due to penalty)

Round 3

Fighters touch gloves a third and final time. Nunes has no chance of win from judges, so she has to be trying to finish. D’Alelio using a pawing jab and covering up tightly but Nunes is not throwing. Nunes starts charging forward and D’Alelio changes levels and gets another slamming double leg. D’Alelio in half guard working towards mount and switches to side control. Nunes again trapped on her back and D’Alelio looks like she was setting up an inverted triangle. D’Alelio now trying to posture up and rain down punches and ends up in back in half guard. D’Alelio again looking to pass back to side control with a knee slide, D’Alelio attempted a D’arce choke and Nunes was able to stand back up an tries a double. D’Alelio trying for a switch and the two are battle in along the cage. D’Alelio wins out and is pressing Nunes into the cage and then drags her down.

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Sarah D’Alelio defeats Amanda Nunes by 30-26 Decision

Official Result: Sarah D’Alelio defeats Amanda Nunes by Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Raquel Pennington vs. Leslie Smith

Round 1

Intense stare-down before the bell. Smith starts pushing forward and Pennington steps into clinch. Smith now looking for a takwdown as Pennington knees to the body and takes the back. Trip take-down by Pennington and she works to side control, Smith uses cage to get to knees and rolls for knee bar. Smith switches to toe hold and Pennington tries to strike at Smith, who switches back to knee bar. Pennington is able to stand and escape as Smith tries for a heel hook. Pennington goes back down to ground to side control, Smith rolls to knees and Pennington tries to lock in choke with no hooks. Smith escapes and tries to turn into reversal but Pennington stands. Fighters are striking now, Smith trying to get into clinch and does. Smith working on front headlock choke but Pennington escapes the choke. Smith throwing hooks to body and Pennington kneeing the body. Now it is Pennington working a headlock choke but Smith slips free. Smith drives forward with punches and Pennington changes level for take-down and we have another clinch battle. Tough round to score, but the take-downs and knees of Pennington may have taken round. Pennington 10-9

Round 2

Smith and Pennington trade jabs, and Smith starts landing punches. Pennington trying to counter but Smith’s straight punches are getting through. Smith tagging Pennington against the cage now and Pennington slips under for take-down shot, but Smith stops it easily. Pennington trapped against the cage and Smith working combos of punches and landing well. Pennington landed a good right hand, but Smith is landing a lot of punches. Pennington starting to look tired in the face of Smith’s assault. A good knee by Smith to the body. Pennington slips out but is stuck against the cage, unable to get away to the center of the cage. Pennington trying to use kicks to create distance but Smith continues to punch, but she is landing less that she was before. Smith taunts Pennington to come off the cage. Pennington slips while throwing a side kick and Smith finishes the round on top. Smith 10-9

Round 3

They clinch right away as Smith has double under hooks and is now using foot stomps. Pennington trying to work an uchi-mata, but Smith slips away. Smith at range now working forward with punches. Pennington clinches and now Smith looking to pick an ankle. Pennington trying to get a head lock choke again but it doesn’t look close. Smith’s head pops out but Pennington has her against the fence. Pennington looking for a take-down but Smith breaks away and starts pressing forward again. Smith taunts again and now starts throwing strikes. Pennington still backing up to the cage, and Smith pulls away again and taunts. Pennington lets a hard right hand go and lands but Smith answers with punches of her own. Pennington starting to find a home for a straight counter right, but Smith again swarms her when Pennington’s back touches the cage. Smith flurries at the end of the round. Close round, but Smith takes it and the fight. Smith 10-9

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Leslie Smith defeats Raquel Pennington by Decision 29-28

Official Result: Leslie Smith defeats Raquel Pennington by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Shayna Baszler vs. Alexis Davis

Round 1

Baszler landing hard strikes in the be first and Davis shoots for a take-down. Baszler has the lock-down half guard and Davis is looking to slide her leg out and she does move to half guard. Baszler tires to use cage to bridge but Davis pulls her away from cage. Baszler tries a move to the back but Davis stops it and is now working her way on to Baszler’s back. Davis over commits to a choke and ends up on her back in guard. Davis switches nicely from guard to a leg lock attack but Baszler defending well. Davis goes for heel hook and Baszler tries to spin out but cage is stopping her. Baszler looked to be in pain but didn’t tap. Davis 10-9

Round 2

Baszler lands a right hand to start the round and follows up with hard jabs. Baszler having success with right hand and then takes Davis down. Davis working a high guard and Baszler trying to drive through it and get Davis against cage. Davis work an omoplata/toe hold combo and switches back to a triangle. Davis now looking for an armbar, goes belly down but Baszler is able to keep her arm from getting extended. Davis trying to get another triangle but Baszler controlling one of Davis’ feet. Baszler postures up and drops a big punch but she is back in the guard and Davis is working a high guard again. Baszler stands and walks away, making Davis stand. Baszler falls at the end of round, not clear if it was strike or if her knee is damaged. Davis 10-9

Round 3

Fighters high five at the start of round. Baszler throwing punches, but she doesn’t seem to be able to plant on the knee that was in the heel hook in the first round. Baszler looking to land big punches. Davis starting to land punches and mixing a few leg kicks. Baszler falls again, appeared to be a slip and Davis is going to work on Baszler in the turtle position. Davis takes the back and sinks in a deep choke, and Baszler is out.

Official Results: Alexis Davis defeats Shayna Baszler by Technical Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 3, 0:58

Strawweight Title Fight: Carla Esparza vs. Bec Hyatt

Round 1

Esparza comes out throwing a leg kick and Hyatt comes forward with big punches. Esparza shoots in for a double and gets Hyatt down and quickly moves to half guard. Esparza now sliding her knee, trying to get to half guard, throwing strikes all the way. Now back in Hyatt’s guard and slams Hyatt down. Esparza passes to side control and is now north-south on Hyatt. Esparza now takes the back, goes to turtle control and then returns to the back. Esparza is controlling well but hasn’t attempted a choke yet. Now Esparza is looking for a choke and Hyatt is defending well. Esparza gives up back and goes to the wrestling ride and then back to guard. Hyatt survives the round, but this was Esparza all the way. Esparza 10-9

Round 2

Hyatt comes out aggressive and Esparza is able to change levels and get her down. Hyatt tries to stand but Esparza takesher down again. Now in Hyatt’s guard near the center of the cage, Esparza passing to side control. Hyatt attempting an armbar, and trying to roll Esparza over. Hyatt might having something her if she can get Esparza’s arms separated. Esparza is able to pull out, both stand but Hyatt tries and knee and Esparza slams her down. Esparza moves to side control again, but Hyatt is able to get back to guard and start working a triangle. Esparza is preventing the triangle from being locked and stands out of danger. Back into Hyatt’s guard for the end of the round. Esparza 10-9

Round 3

Esparza looks slow out of her corner at the start of the round. She is still able to get Hyatt down and starts working to pass. Esparza stands and starts striking, and Hyatt pulls her down. Hyatt tries a sweep but Esparza was able to recover quickly. Esparza with a little slam and then some striking. John McCarthy stands the fighters up and now Hyatt is letting go with her strikes. Esparza shoots for a take-down, Hyatt stops it but Esparza hip toss Hyatt to the ground. Esparza strikes a little in guard, Hyatt working to stand up. Hyatt was game in that round and I think almost did enough to win, but Esparza has too much grappling. Esparza 10-9

Round 4

Hyatt attacks right away with punches, but again is unable to stop a Esparza take-down. Esparza is able to take the back in a scramble. Again Esparza doesn’t seem to be really going for a choke and Hyatt is working hard to try to escape, but Esparza is controlling her well. Hyatt has gotten a hook out and is trying to escape and Esparza switches to an armbar but Hyatt is out and on top. Esparza scrambles to her feet and Hyatt is on the attack again. Hyatt is landing hard punches and Esparza shoots for a takedown. Hyatt stops it but gets hip tossed again from a head lock. Esparza 10-9

Round 5

Hyatt stalking out of the corner, and stops a Esparza take-down cleanly. Hyatt lands a hard left hook, right hand combo but Esparza is able to score a single leg and is in the guard. Esparza striking and working to pass but is clearly tired. McCarthy stands them up, Hyatt landing more hard punches but Esparza is able to take the punches and gets another take-down. Esparza is in the guard again and is working enough to not have McCarthy stand them up. Hyatt escapes to feet and knocks Esparza down in closing seconds but fight ends before she Hyatt is able to close it out.

Unofficial BE Scorecard: Carla Esparza defeats Bec Hyatt by Decision 50-45

Official Decision: Carla Esparza defeats Bec Hyatt by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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