UFC on FX 6: Live results and play-by-play for the FX main card

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC on FX…

By: Dallas Winston | 11 years ago
UFC on FX 6: Live results and play-by-play for the FX main card
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As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC on FX 6. Our live coverage will start with the the six-fight portion of the preliminary card that will air live on Fuel TV. That kicks off at 6 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT. The four-fight main card will air on FX and begins at 9 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

This post will cover live commentary and play-by-play for the FX portion of the card. The featured bout of the card tonight is a battle between the coaches of The Smashes, lightweights Ross Pearson and George Sotiropoulos. Also featured are the bouts that will decide who wins The Smashes in the welterweight and lightweight divisions.

UPDATE: It’s me, Dallas, again, your tour guide for the FX main card action on UFC on FX 6. Find the live results and play-by-play below.

Ross Pearson vs. George Sotiropoulos

Round 1 – The grudge match starts tentative but Sotiropoulos uncorks a sweeping right hand. Pearson scoping out the range with low kicks but wobbles Sotiropoulos with a combo that puts him on roller-skates. He’s able to clinch up and stifle Pearson’s barrage of punches, and admirably recovers. Pearson knifes an angle to get inside and sights in his left hand.

Pearson takes Sotiropoulos off his feet with a low kick but he’s back up quickly. Sotiropoulos hits the mark with a heavy shot that backs Pearson up. The Aussie’s high kick is caught and he’s taken down but again scrambles back to his feet. They collide and Sotiropoulos somehow emerges on Pearson’s back and puts the hooks in while going right after the choke. It’s close but not quite under the chin and Pearson fights it off patiently. Hell of a round and a nice comeback for Sotiropoulos. 10-10 for an equal amount of effective offense.

Round 2 – Pearson is noticeably lighter on in-and-out motion and head movement, standing in front of Sotiropoulos and looking for power counters. Now he bobs under a left hook nicely and lands his angled shovel punch with a 1-2 behind it. Sotiropoulos doing a decent job of controlling range with his length, mostly keying off his jab. Pearson’s hooking left snaps through again and his movement is back in spurts.

Sotiropoulos goes downstairs and Pearson lands his money left hand again, this time dropping Sotiropoulos. And again, he shows unbelievable recovery by hopping right back to his feet. Florian steals my “money” line as Pearson connects with his left again. Sotiropoulos chops at Pearson’s leg with a low kick and then clinches up. 10-9 Pearson for the cleaner striking.

Round 3 – Pearson clips Sotiropoulos immediately with his signature left and drops Sotiropoulos for the 3rd time in 3 rounds. Sotiropoulos bounces back up but this time Pearson sits him right back down with a head-snapping jab and then a monster right hand that seals the deal.

Ross Pearson defeats George Sotiropoulos by KO (punch), Round 3.

Bradley Scott vs. Robert Whittaker

Round 1 – Whittaker unfurls a right high kick that’s blocked. Scott plunges a jab and then tacks on a cross after his next release. Scott initiates a clinch and holds pressure with the over-under. They stalemate for a spell and then Whittaker circles free. Whittaker burns a left hook through and then connects solidly with another as Scott’s coming in.

Right hand and a left from Scott. Whittaker flashes his hands to set up a digging low kick. Dare I call the 6 or 7 punch combination that Whittaker drives back and drops Scott with Vitor-esque? It was close. Scott recovers like a boss and gets back to his feet for more grinding clinch work. Scott blasts the body with a knee. Whittaker scoots loose with 20 seconds left and charges with another smooth, gliding series of 1-2’s. Scott goes off in the waning seconds but it’s Whittaker who finds the mark. 10-9 Whittaker for the most momentous and damaging offense.

Round 2 – Whittaker wheels out a left hook and switches stances before throwing it again with a few rights behind it. Scott digs in and chambers off a cyclone of punches and is showing some laudable gameness. Scott catches an inadvertent low blow and takes a moment to think happy thoughts. Scott initiates the clinch and they both exchange ferocious dirty boxing with equal effectiveness. Scott disappears with a well timed level-drop and puts Whittaker on the canvas, then rides his back with a no-hook mount and switches between punches and controlling with a body lock.

Now Scott adjusts his angle and gets a hook in, then two. Whittaker scrambles free. Left hook from Whittaker is answered by Scott’s snapping jab. Scott clinches for a second and then backs off to let his hands fly. Whittaker arcs out a vicious head kick that Scott blocks with a loud thud and possibly minor whiplash. 10-9 Scott for the better overall striking and grappling.

Round 3 – Whirring punches and a high kick for Whittaker’s lead off. He flurries with a charging 1-2-1, then a 1-2 that concludes with another blocked high kick. Diagonal lead elbow from Whittaker; he doubles up on them next time. Scott getting a little predictable with his pawing jab. 1-2 combo plus an elbow, twice. Whittaker’s picking up on Scott’s lackadaisically placed left hand with overhand rights and elbows.

Whittaker looking silky in putting his hands, the right elbow and a right high kick into blazing combinations. The last elbow seems to have cracked open Scott’s forehead as blood trickles from his hairline. 10-9 Whittaker for definitively out-striking Scott, earning him the 29-28 nod from me.

All 3 judges have it the same for Robert Whittaker, who defeats Bradley Scott by unanimous decision.

Colin Fletcher vs. Norman Parke

Round 1 – Fletcher comes out look for “some spinning shit” but doesn’t let it go. Parke ties him up and drives him against the fence while hooking an outside trip takedown with underhooks. Fletcher goes down momentarily, stands back up and gets seated firmly back down by Parke. High half guard for Parker on top while Fletcher fishes for wrist control. Fletcher heaves his legs up for a triangle but Parke busts out. A few short forearms from Park, still in the high half guard, who now stuffs his forearm across Fletcher’s throat to hold him in place.

Fletcher tries to spin out and Parke postures down and ends up in north-south, then grabs the guillotine grip and goes knee on belly. Fletcher capitalizes on Parke’s aggression by bucking him off and taking the top position, but he only has a few seconds. 10-9 Parke for effective striking and grappling.

Round 2 – Fletcher gets some realistic corner coaching and comes out wheeling a series of low kicks. He anticipates Parke’s entry and stays upright with an underhook. Parke gets the body lock and hits a new angle to catch Fletcher off balance with a throw. Fletcher immediately angles his hips high in pursuit of a submission; Parke is patient and maintains strong posture to stave off the attempt. Parke encircles Fletcher’s neck with a top-side guillotine and climbs high for leverage. Fletcher’s out and stuck in full mount.

He pulls off a slick escape and they reset on the feet. Nice counter-grappling by Fletcher there. He gets busy on the feet with his rangy strikes. It’s Parke who lands the best shot. Fletcher cools off and goes back to a few leg kicks from the fringe. Then a few more. Parke now answers back with two of his own. Parke ties together a 3-piece combo from inside that backs Fletcher up, then hits a takedown at the bell. 10-9 Parke for his mature and methodical execution.

Round 3 – Fletcher does his spinny thing again but only offers a half-hearted high kick after the rotation. Parke pivoting left and right while lancing stiff counters in the pocket. Fletcher air-balls a spinning back fist. Parke gets low and goes to the bread basket with hard lefts, then one upstairs to the jaw. Fletcher’s low kicks are busy but lacking mustard. Now he finds success by making a Happy Meal out of it; he adds punches to set it up and then closes with an elbow.

Fletcher stays on the trigger and flings out more long punches, many of which land clean but without much oomph. Spinning back elbow half-connects for Fletcher, who’s bleeding from his left eye. Parke slows his roll with a takedown. Fletcher tries to muster an escape and gets to his feet but can’t capitalize before time ends. 10-9 Parke for the trifecta on my card.

Two judges have it 30-27 while one sees it 29-28 for Norman Parke, who defeats Colin Fletcher by unanimous decision.

Hector Lombard vs. Rousimar Palhares

Round 1 – Lombard leads with a high kick followed by a couple low ones. Lombard is walking Palhares down and unafraid of the takedown. Palhares shoots and Lombard beautifully lowers his level to match and brush it off. Palhares with a stiff inside low kick. Palhares tries to time a leaping upward knee to counter Lombard’s streaking overhand left and it glances off. Lombard lands a heavy body kick to the ribs then flashes out a force-field of consecutive lefts. Still stalking.

Lombard finds a home for his left and it crumbles Palhares, but he morphs into an octopus and freezes Lombard with a closed guard and locked posture. The referee stands them back up after a lull and Lombard flips the beast-mode switch, plugging Palhares full of left and right crowbars. Palhares eats another on his way down and looks to be out on the canvas amidst Lombard’s gorilla-like finishing strikes.

Hector Lombard defeats Rousimar Palhares by TKO (punches), Round 1.

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