UFC On FX 6: Staff predictions

As with every event, the Bloody Elbow staff got together to predict the fights for UFC On FX 6. The event marks the conclusion…

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UFC On FX 6: Staff predictions
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As with every event, the Bloody Elbow staff got together to predict the fights for UFC On FX 6. The event marks the conclusion of the UFC’s second international edition of their reality show. TUF: The Smashes was filmed in Australia pitting Aussie fighters against their UK counterparts. Coaches Ross Pearson and George Sotiropoulos will face off in the main event.

Ross Pearson vs. George Sotiropoulos

Brent Brookhouse: I’m a fan of cards like this and have talked in the past about wanting “Friday Night Fights” style cards, and this certainly fits. Sotiropoulos had a really small window as a potential fringe challenger and that window is closed now. Pearson has improved well enough that I think this is a fight where he wins early and gets a stoppage mid-fight. Ross Pearson by TKO, round 3.

Tim Burke: Would this even be on the main card everywhere else? George will have a size and length advantage, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to keep this on the feet all night. Five rounds is a long time for both men, but I believe that Sotiropoulos will be the stronger man deeper in the fight. Touch call, but I’ll go George Sotiropoulos by decision.

Fraser Coffeen: If this was a three round fight, I would totally go Pearson by UD. But over 5 rounds, I have a tough time seeing it. He has better stand-up, but lacks stopping power, and that’s a long time to outpoint someone. Still, I just can’t help shaking the feeling that Sot has quickly moved past his prime. I’ll say Pearson uses his superior striking to end it, but I don’t love the prediction. Ross Pearson by TKO, round 1.

Dallas Winston: I’m happy Ross is back at 155, where he traded evenly with striking phenom Edson Barboza. This should come down to how much G-Soto’s improved his striking and wrestling, because he’ll need both to top Pearson. The biggest factor for me is Pearson’s balanced and composed boxing — he doesn’t generate a ton of power but the trade-off is that he’s rarely caught off balance and/or susceptible to takedowns, and a strong wrestler himself. Ross Pearson by decision.

Staff picking Pearson: Fraser, Anton, Brookhouse, Dallas
Staff picking Sotiropoulos: Coach, Tim

Brad Scott vs. Robert Whittaker

Brent Brookhouse: Any pick would be a lie, I have no clue.

Tim Burke: I didn’t watch The Smashes, but from what I’ve read, Whittaker looked much more dominant than Scott. Robert Whittaker by TKO, round 1.

Staff picking Scott:
Staff picking Whittaker: Fraser Coach, Tim, Dallas

Colin Fletcher vs. Norman Parke

Brent Brookhouse: Any pick would be a lie, I have no clue.

Tim Burke: I’m not gonna lie – I don’t have a damn clue. Colin Fletcher by unanimous decision.

Staff picking Fletcher: Fraser, Coach, Tim, Dallas
Staff picking Parke:

Hector Lombard vs. Rousimar Palhares

Brent Brookhouse: A lot of this fight comes down to Lombard’s willingness to open up. When he throws his hands he is a terror. But he spends a lot of time during fights being overly patient and not attacking. It works when you’re facing Bellator fighters where they don’t do much until you open up and finish them, not so well against UFC caliber guys. I still think he’s a bit better than Palhares in that he can probably avoid the sub and from there has many more options for attacking. Hector Lombard by TKO, round 3.

Tim Burke: I don’t think Lombard can keep it standing. Palhares is going to jump on him and rip his stumpy leg off. Rousimar Palhares by submission, round 1

Fraser Coffeen: After a spectacularly bad UFC debut, it’s tempting to write off Lombard. But that’s a mistake. He’s not the sudden superstar some unrealistic expectations proclaimed he would be, but he’s a talented KO artist. He also has the skills to avoid Toquinho’s dangerous ground game and keep it in his preferred area. And as long as it’s on the feet, it’s just a matter of time before Lombard connects. Hector Lombard by KO, round 1.

Dallas Winston: Wow … Toquinho taking down an Olympic Judoka who’s as wide as he is tall? I don’t see it. It’s going to take some saucy creativity for Palhares to get this floor, and Lombard’s still a BJJ black belt even if he can. Terrible match up for Palhares. Hector Lombard by KO.

Staff picking Lombard: Fraser, Anton, Brookhouse, Dallas
Staff picking Palhares: Coach, Tim

Chad Mendes vs. Yaotzin Meza

Brent Brookhouse: This isn’t really a fight. Chad Mendes by TKO, round 1.

Tim Burke: It’s really too bad that Hacran Dias isn’t in this. It would have been the best fight on the card. Chad Mendes by unanimous decision.

Fraser Coffeen: Really, the only question here is if Mendes stops this guy or not. I would have said no earlier this year, but he’s coming off a stoppage, and I say he gets another one. Chad Mendes by KO, round 1

Staff picking Mendes: Fraser, Anton, Coach, Tim, Brookhouse, Dallas
Staff picking Meza:

Joey Beltran vs. Igor Pokrajac

Brent Brookhouse: Beltran is starting to show some wear. He takes a lot of punishment but eventually that becomes “he has taken too much punishment” and you turn into Cabbage (the fighter, not the vegetable…although….) Igor Pokrajac by TKO, round 2.

Tim Burke: This is a fun scrap that will probably win fight of the night, but Pokrajac has too much power and skill on the feet for Beltran to be a really serious threat to him. Igor Pokrajac by decision.

Fraser Coffeen: This one will be Joey Beltran doing what Joey Beltran does – coming in, throwing down, and taking a tremendous amount of damage but refusing to quit. Exciting? Perhaps. But does it win fights? Not at all. Igor Pokrajac by decision

Staff picking Beltran: Coach
Staff picking Pokrajac: Fraser, Anton, Tim, Brookhouse, Dallas

Seth Baczynski vs. Mike Pierce

Brent Brookhouse: Mike Pierce is good. You can also count on his fights as a good time to go to the bathroom, make yourself a plate of snacks and maybe step outside and get some fresh air. Mike Pierce by decision.

Tim Burke: I actually think Baczynski could put up some resistance here. He definitely doesn’t have the wrestling that Pierce has, but he’s pretty slick. Pierce probably grinds out another boring W though. Mike Pierce by decision.

Fraser Coffeen: Pierce only loses to the very best, and sorry Seth, but that ain’t you. Mike Pierce by decision

Dallas Winston: Great fight between two lurking and dangerous welterweight wrestlers. Neither are show-stoppers with traditional singles and doubles from outside, nor with artful striking from a distance; they both prefer to lock horns and wallop short-range punches, knees and elbows. The size disparity is interesting: Pierce will go with underhooks and threaten to upend Baczynski but that will also open him up to Baczynski’s rugged knees and over-the-top elbows from the Thai plum. Pierce is the safer bet but Baczynski is the livest dog on the card. Mike Pierce by decision.

Staff picking Baczynski:
Staff picking Pierce: Fraser, Anton, Coach, Tim, Brookhouse, Dallas

Ben Alloway vs. Manuel Rodriguez

Tim Burke: Alloway looks like a half-decent fighter. I don’t know much at all about Rodriguez. Ben Alloway by decision.

Staff picking Alloway: Fraser, Tim
Staff picking Rodriguez: Coach, Dallas

Brendan Loughnane vs. Mike Wilkinson

Tim Burke: Wilkinson’s the betting favorite. So…yeah. Mike Wilkinson by decision.

Staff picking Loughnane:
Staff picking Wilkinson: Fraser Coach, Tim, Dallas

Cody Donovan vs. Nick Penner

Tim Burke: Donovan’s a Grudge guy who recently picked up a win in Bellator. But Nick Penner is Canadian! Go Canada! Nick Penner by TKO, round 2.

Staff picking Donovan: Fraser, Coach, Dallas
Staff picking Penner: Tim

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