Tachi Palace Fights 14: Loveland Vs. Olson Live Thread And Results

Tonight, Tachi Palace Fights returns out of Lemoore, CA. In the headlining bout, former UFC fighter Ian Loveland will defend his Bantamweight championship against…

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Tachi Palace Fights 14: Loveland Vs. Olson Live Thread And Results
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Tonight, Tachi Palace Fights returns out of Lemoore, CA. In the headlining bout, former UFC fighter Ian Loveland will defend his Bantamweight championship against Casey Olson. Georgi Karakhanyan also defends his Featherweight title against Micah Miller in the co-main event. The action kicks off at 9 PM EST (6 PM PST) and will be streamed live at Sherdog.

Join us in the comments and let us know what you think of the fights. BE’s own Dallas Winston will be posting the main card results live after the jump.

Main Card:

Casey Olson vs Ian Loveland
Georgi Karakhanyan vs Micah Miller
Jason Drake vs Poppies Martinez
Brad McDonald vs Art Arciniega
Andre Fili vs Ricky Wallace

Preliminary Card:

Rolando Velasco vs Antonio Duarte
George Interiano vs Steve Ramirez
Sergio Quinones vs Anthony Avila
Angel DeAnda vs Drew Montgomery
David Bollea vs Zeth Martin
Kristen Gatz vs Jessica Rakoczy

And a fine evening to you, fight fans. This is a half-coherent Dallas Winston, stationed here to provide live results and play-by-play for Tachi Palace Fights 14: “Vindication.” Brush up on the haps for tonight by reading today’s preview and find the previous fight results and play-by-play for the main card match-ups in the full entry.

Main Card Play-by-Play and Results

Casey Olson vs Ian Loveland (TPF Bantamweight Championship bout)

Round 1: Loveland cans Olson with a heavy left hook right away. Olson recovers but Loveland is still putting it on him. He clips Olson with a mid-level kick that connects shin to chin and then pounces on the ground with a smattering of monstrous right hands that transport Olson to the Twilight Zone and force the stoppage just 38 seconds in. Ian Loveland defeats Casey Olson by TKO (kick and punches), Round 1.

Georgi Karakhanyan vs Micah Miller (TPF Featherweight Championship bout)

Round 1: Cracking left kick by Karakhanyan right after they touch gloves. Miller clinches up and pushes Karakhanyan against the cage with the over-under. Karakhanyan goes over the top with a right hand to break the clinch and grazes with another sharp low kick. Karakhanyan jumps into a guillotine but he can’t lock his hands and Miller holds him on the fence while still standing. Miller hand-fights to loosen himself and they restart in the center of the cage.

Karakhanyan whiffs a leg kick, then another. Miller trying to penetrate with a frail jab but goes back into the clinch. Chopping horizontal elbow lands for Miller. Karakhanyan heel-kicking Miller’s leg; they break and restart. Karakhanyan initiates the clinch and looks for an outside trip when Miller goes high for the plum grip. Miller bases wide to defend and Karakhanyan grinds away with short knees to the thigh and midsection. Even round with neither fighter showing advantage. 10-10.

Round 2: Miller clinches up again and lands decent knees and punches. Karakhanyan tries to circle off the cage but Miller cuts him off; they break. They lock horns in the center and Miller connects with another knee to the body. Karakhanyan pushes him on the fence and plants more knees to the thigh from the 50-50 position. Miller circles off the fence and lands a short elbow from the single collar tie; then another from the left side. Karakhanyan scores with a hard uppercut and left hook before Miller has him on the fence again, just missing with a foot sweep attempt from body lock.

Miller finds the mark again with his short right elbow to counter Karakhanyan’s left-side underhook. Miller now establishing control and position by keeping Karakhanyan on the fence with more short elbows and knees. Big overhand by Karakhanyan lands but it mostly blocked and Miller’s wearing him down on the cage wall again. 10-9 Miller for more effective striking (volume).

Round 3: Miller smothers Karakhanyan in the clinch but Karakhanyan escapes before Miller can throw. Karakhanyan in control with the over-under on the fence but Miller circles off to exchange positions; Karakhanyan does the same and goes low as if thinking about a trip or takedown, but doesn’t commit. Short knees from Karakhanyan. who maintains the vaunted position in this clinch-heavy bout.

They separate and throw a few before locking up again. Karakhanyan driving Miller back but they switch positions again, then again, how about a fourth time. That leaves Miller weighing Karakhanyan into the cage, but Karakhanyan encircles Miller’s neck and drops to his back with a tight guillotine. Miller stays patient and hand-fights to create breathing room on the choke and rides out the round. The guillotine attempt wasn’t enough to sway what was ultimately an even round: 10-10.

Round 4: Miller with very little on his punches before tying up. Over the top elbow by Miller lands moderately. Karakhanyan in the dominant clinch position but backs off with a half-hearted punch and gives it up. Karakhanyan latches onto Miller’s left leg for a single leg takedown, but curiously lets Miller slip back to his feet. Miller goes double collar tie but gets taken down momentarily.

Miller sandwiches Karakhanyan on the fence and almost takes Karakhanyan’s back, then Karakhanyan almost takes his in the ensuing scramble. Miller rolls into guard while Karakhanyan passes to half and stays busy with hammerfists. Not enough offense from Miller. 10-9 Karakhanyan.

Round 5: The atypical clinch war for Miller might have sapped his strength because there’s no mustard on any of his strikes. He tries to compensate with a flying knee but Karakhanyan dodges it and scores the takedown. Karakhanyan tries to pass but Miller rolls out and they restart on the feet. It’s a brief phase change as Karakhanyan bullies Miller to the mat and pesters with short elbows and punches.

Karakhanyan goes for the pass again but this time traps Miller in place to keep him from squirting out. Miller angles for an armbar but Karakhanyan postures up with hammerfists to disrupt it. Karakhanyan holding top position now and alternating between passing to half and pressuring with short strikes. Miller tries to sit up for a kimura but Karakhanyan once again punches his way out of trouble. 10-9 Karakhanyan. I have it 49-48 for Karakhanyan.

The judges see it 50-45 twice and 48-47 for Georgi Karakhanyan, who defeats Micah Miller by unanimous decision to retain his title.

Brad McDonald vs Art Arciniega

Round 1: Tentative start for both fighters. Arciniega seems to land better on his counters than McDonald does on his advances in the first few exchanges. Arciniega ducks under for a well-timed takedown, steers McDonald against the fence and unloads punches. McDonald spins off the fence with double overhooks to quell the storm. Spiking elbow from McDonald off his back, who’s showing strong wrist control and defense.

Arciniega wheels a nice left elbow over the top to free his hands and follows up with punches. McDonald angles for an armbar from Arciniega breaks loose and lands more punches. McDonald pushes off the fence and scoots back to his feet but it’s right into an Arciniega guillotine. McDonald escapes with composure but can’t complete his takedown before the bell sounds. 10-9 Arciniega.

Round 2: McDonald scores a left hook to start the 2nd. McDonald whiffs his double jab but sneaks in a one-two in response to Arciniega’s counter. Arciniega tries to scoop up a single leg but McDonald cuts an angle to shut it down. McDonald stalking a noticeably more complacent Arciniega and turning the tide with predatory combinations. Arciniega shoots again and doggedly sticks with it to put McDonald on his back against the fence.

McDonald tries to boot him off but Arciniega sticks to him and bases down heavily in his open guard. McDonald trying to swivel his hips for submissions but Arciniega jams his head on the cage to lock him in place. McDonald spins off the fence and Arciniega rides him ’til the bell. Half and half round for each fighter: 10-10.

Round 3: McDonald comes out aggressive with one-twos and a body kick. Stiff right cross lands for Arciniega, who’s circling away while McDonald pursues. Arciniega jumps into range with another crisp flurry and evades McDonald’s late counter. Left hook while circling away lands again for Arciniega. McDonald wings a sloppy right and left; the second connects and stuns Arciniega but he’s able to put McDonald on his back again.

McDonald gets caught with a few knees while escaping back to his feet but uncorks another primal flurry that looks land partially. Arciniega chews on a hearty collection of haymakers from McDonald but is once again successful by reverting to his wrestling. McDonald finds himself jammed on the fence and smothered by Arciniega until the horn sounds. Arciniega had his moments with counters on the feet even though he was retreating and I’m calling this round even despite McDonald’s aggression. 10-10 round. I have the fight 30-29.

The judges see the fight 29-28 once for McDonald and the same score twice for Art Arciniega, who defeats Brad McDonald by split decision.

Andre Fili vs. Ricky Wallace

Round 1: Wallace unrolls a huge overhand right off the bat to back Fili off. The pair square off and hurl consecutive rights and lefts with a few landing for both fighters. Fili eats a right and drops levels for a takedown, but Wallace boots him off and we pause for a misplaced mouthpiece. Wallace thwacks a stiff one-two on the restart, then staggers Fili with a right cross. Fili goes back to his roots and hits another takedown, but Wallace kicks him away again.

Now it’s Wallace who gets low and nails a double leg; Fili stays patient against the fence, pushes the head away and stands back up. They waste no time trading more big punches. Wallace thinks about a spinning back fist but just spins with no fist and digests a two-piece from Fili, who notches a double leg after they re-engage. Fili cracks off a wild series of punches and moves toward Wallace’s back while unloading furiously. Referee Marcos Rosales, normally a decent official, let all three fights he reffed earlier go on too long, and does the same here. Wallace takes a merciless beating on the way back to his feet, then gets dropped on his ass with another punch and Rosales lets it all go until the bell. 10-8 Fili.

Round 2: Fili capitalizes on a visibly out of sorts Wallace with a few punches and another takedown. Wallace is game and escapes once again and turns the tables with a double leg. Fili reverses but can’t hold top position for long and they restart standing. Wallace is stunned with more leather and easily taken down by Fili. The commentary team are justifiably criticizing the poor judgment of referee Rosales. Fili drops back for a submission, Wallace fends it off but Fili transitions smoothly into an armbar.

Fili, belly down with the armbar, is interrupted by Rosales. He grabs Fili awkwardly for a moment before waving the fight off despite no tap; ironic, as he missed an obvious tapout earlier in the evening. Commentator Jordan Breen deems Rosales’ performance “one of the most embarrassing in MMA” and it’s unfortunate that he’s correct.

Andre Fili defeats Ricky Wallace by submission (armbar ), Round 2.

Jason Drake vs Poppies Martinez

Round 1: Drake attacks early with double left hands and roundhouse kicks to the body. Martinez catches the third kick and puts Drake on his back. Drake gets dragged across the floor in butterfly guard with two overhooks but defends well once Martinez starts punching. Martinez slips a few through, then disengages to fire standing punches. Drake pings him with an upkick and he dives back into guard. Martinez postures up, snares a leg and falls back into a loose foot lock but elicits the tap by switching to a heel hook.

Poppies Martinez defeats Jason Drake via submission (heel hook), Round 1.

Preliminary Card Results:

  • Rolando Velasco defeats Antonio Duarte via submission (guillotine choke), Round 1
  • Anthony Avila defeats Sergio Quinones via submission (guillotine choke), Round 1
  • Angel DeAnda defeats Drew Montgomery via TKO (punches), Round 1
  • Zeth Martin defeats David Bollea via TKO (punches), Round 2
  • Jessica Rakoczy defeats Kristen Gatz via KO (punches), Round 1
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