FREE $100 UFC 150 Kountermove Fantasy Cash Tourney

Disclosure: Steph Daniels is a paid brand ambassador for KounterMove. It's almost time for another Saturday night filled with UFC fights, and with UFC…

By: Stephie Haynes | 11 years ago
FREE $100 UFC 150 Kountermove Fantasy Cash Tourney
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Disclosure: Steph Daniels is a paid brand ambassador for KounterMove.

It’s almost time for another Saturday night filled with UFC fights, and with UFC 150 featuring a clash of the lightweight titans, I figured I’d have my good buddies at Kountermove give my favorite people (that would be you) a new tourney. $100 is up for grabs again, so get in quick. Good luck BElitists and play hard!

Here’s a pretty good description of the way you play Kountermove’s games and tourneys:

Players use a $25,000 artificial salary cap to draft 5 fighters from the card before each event begins. Eachfighter has a salary designated by Kountermove — salaries range from $3,000 to $8,000. The winners are determined based on how the fight plays out rather than simply a fight’s outcome (pick’em format). Kountermove calculates a fighter’s fantasy score based on the number of strikes, takedowns, submissions, dominant positions, and rounds won. Scoring data from the fights flows into the site in near real-time, so players can monitor their teams as the event happens. The data used in calculating a fighter’s score is provided by UFC’s official stats provider, FightMetric.

The site was started with the idea that MMA in general must market “up and coming” fighters to become a truly mainstream sport. “There are many great fighters out there that no one knows about because so much of marketing in MMA is geared toward the top fighters” said Aaron Ard, a co-founder of, “we wanted to create a game that would create interest and engagement in preliminary fights as well as the headliners.” Statistics are bearing this out; over 85% of Kountermove players’ teams have at least one fighter competing on the preliminary card. No Kountermove player has won a major tournament without a preliminary card fighter on their team.

I’ll be doing the official Kountermove card breakdown sometime in the next few days, so this post will be updated with a link so you can listen to the “money picks”. Here’s the newest link to play:

You can follow Kountermove via their Twitter, @Kountermove

Disclaimer: Kountermove is not an advertiser on Bloody Elbow, nor are we being paid to advertise the contest. They offered to provide Bloody Elbow readers with the free tournament and are fully responsible for the contest and any associated prize payouts.

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