Bellator 70: Live Results, Discussion & Play By Play Thread

It's the final event of Bellator's sixth season, capped by a heavyweight title fight, the finals of the lightweight tournament and the promotional return…

By: Josh Nason | 11 years ago
Bellator 70: Live Results, Discussion & Play By Play Thread
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It’s the final event of Bellator’s sixth season, capped by a heavyweight title fight, the finals of the lightweight tournament and the promotional return of a former UFC talent.

Bellator 70 is live at Harrah’s in New Orleans, LA, and you can follow along with all the main card action here on Bloody Elbow at 8 PM EST while watching on MTV2.

In the main event, Bellator Heavyweight Champion Cole Konrad (8-0) defends against season five tournament winner Eric Prindle (7-1-0-1), while Rick Hawn (13-1) battles Brent Weedman (20-7-1) in the 155-pound finals.

The main card also features a bantamweight tournament semifinal with Hiroshi Nakamura vs. Luis Nogueira while former UFC fighter Rich Clementi fights Derek Campos in lightweight action.

Get the down low on the prelims and the main card after the jump.

SBN coverage of Bellator 70

Main Card

Rick Hawn (14-1) def. Brent Weedman (21-8-1) by unanimous decision
Lightweight Tournament Final

R1: Feeling out process early with Weedman throwing some kicks to the leg and midsection. Hawn is throwing the jab frequently and landed a good straight right. Weedman landed a good right of his own and both guys are loosening up. Hawn gets a trip takedown but Weedman is back up. Close round, but I give it 10-9 Hawn.

R2: Weedman throws a kick and Hawn is countering. Both guys are warming up as the round progresses, but still seem hesitant to make a mistake. Hawn attempts an over the back judo takedown but Weedman balanced his way out of it. Hawn looks to have a cut on the bridge of his nose. This is a razor close round. I give it to Hawn 10-9 as he seems to be connecting with more counter shots when Weedman throws over the top.

R3: Weedman is very active to start the round, but Hawn gets the takedown with four minutes to go. Hawn working ground and pound, but Weedman is defending well from the bottom. Fight is back standing with one minute to go with neither man getting a clear advantage. I give this to Hawn 10-9 thanks to the takedown.

Judges score it 29-28 Hawn, while two had it 30-27 for Hawn. He earns the next shot at current champ Michael Chandler.


Heavyweight Champion Cole Konrad (9-0) def. Eric Prindle (9-2) by 1st round submission – :60

It took 22 seconds for Konrad to get the takedown, working quickly to get the kimura for the quick submission. Prindle held on but as his arm cranked behind him, he grimaced and grunted for the tap. This was Konrad’s first defense of his belt and unfortunately, there’s no depth in the division for any significant challenger anytime soon.


Luis Nogueira (14-2) def. Hiroshi Nakamura (15-6-4) by 3rd round TKO – 1:58
Bantamweight Tourney Semifinal

R1: Both men were patient early, looking for any opening without making a big mistake. Nogueira landed a few power rights, but Nakamura got out of the danger zone quickly. Nakamura went for a takedown halfway through the round but was stopped easily. He went for another but Nogueira quickly went for a leg lock which Nakamura got out of. Nakamura eventually got his takedown but didn’t do much with it. This was a dead even round, which this writer scored 10-10.

R2: After more dancing, both guys finally started to take some risks and swing a bit. Nakamura went for another takedown but was blocked. Nogueira hits a big slam halfway through the round, but Nakamura was back up quick. Nakamura has cut above his right eye. Nogueira is starting to hit more shots, but Nakamura is landing some counter shots. Nakamura has another cut on his right eye as well. Nakamura looks intimidated to initiate any offense. 10-9 Nogueira.

R3: Both men trading punches early, but Nakamura’s have no steam on them. Nogueira’s shots eventually caught up as a straight right knocked Nakamura down and some follow-up punches finished him off. He now moves onto the 135-pound finals against Marcos Galvao and in good shape, taking little to no punishment tonight.


Rich Clementi def. Derek Campos via 1st round submission – 4:18
(157-pound catchweight)

Campos pushed the pace early, but Clementi avoided any damage. Midway through the round, Clementi went for a lazy single leg but Campos countered with some good takedown defense. Eventually, he got the takedown after a long time up against the cage. Clementi got on top, but wasn’t doing a lot. Campos went for his own takedown, but fell into a deep arm-in guillotine for the tap. The referee missed the initial tap as he was out of position.


  • Kelvin Tiller def. Jeremiah Riggs via 3rd round submission (3:38)
  • Kyle Bradley vs. John Harris
  • A.J. Matthews def. Charlie Rader via 2nd round KO (3:34)
  • Keith Schneider vs. Josh Shockley
  • Derek Arcement def. Blake Dufour via unanimous decision
  • Jonas Billstein def. Mike Seal via 1st round submission (2:55)

Talk about the prelims, the main card and what’s next for Bellator in the comments below.

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