Bellator 69: Falcao Vs. Spang Live Results, Play By Play And Discussion

The main card fights of Bellator 69 start at 8:00 PM and can be seen on MTV2 or on The headliner between Maiquel…

By: Ben Thapa | 11 years ago
Bellator 69: Falcao Vs. Spang Live Results, Play By Play And Discussion
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

The main card fights of Bellator 69 start at 8:00 PM and can be seen on MTV2 or on The headliner between Maiquel Falcao and Andreas Spang caps off the Middleweight tournament and may be a fireworks-filled event due to some pushing and shoving the first time they met in the post-fight talks after Spang’s victory over Brian Rogers.

The preliminary fights start at 7:00 PM and can be viewed either by actually being there or viewing the live stream on Tune in there and enjoy your time in the comments. Due to the live updating, we ask that GIFs not be used, as to allow our readers to reload the page quickly.

Enjoy the night and have fun here with us.

Main Card (subject to change):
Maiquel Falcao vs. Andreas Spang
David Rickels vs. Karl Amoussou
Megumi Fujii vs. Jessica Aguilar
Mark Holata vs. Abe Wagner
Preliminary/Postliminary Card:
Shanon Slack vs. Booker Arthur
Josh Quayhagen vs. Cliff Wright
Josh Burns vs. Richard Hale
Emanuel Brooks vs. Kelvin Hackney
Ron Sparks vs. Kevin Asplund
Andrey Koreshkov vs. Derrick Krantz

Holata vs. Wagner:

Round 1: After some striking, Holata wades in and the two hit the ground. Holata stands up in guard and a slow-paced leglock battle ensues. Holata actually gets the tap, by verbal submission, with a straight ankle lock. Pretty rare and Wagner is still kicking his foot and wiggling it around many minutes later during the official announcement. Mark Holata, straight ankle lock, Round 1.

Jessica Aguilar vs. Megumi Fujii (Strawweight):

Round 1: The two hesitantly touch gloves to start. They bounce around a bit and test range. Fujii lands a light left straight through the defense of Aguilar. Fujii snaps a front kick to the body, lightly though. A light leg kick from Fujii leads to a nice cracking right hook from Jag. Fujii gets her game face on and shoots a nice double. Jag tries to stand or fight it off, but she’s down. Jag is on one knee and trying to stand. Fujii is controlling, but not successful in preventing the stand-up. They work from the clinch. Fujii fires light knees and Jag fires several back as she spins the clinch. Fujii tries a trip to no avail and the two separate. More range testing from both. Jag tries a right straight and Fujii a jab, but both miss. Head kick for Fujii misses, as does a front kick and another kick. A caught kick by Jag and Fujii uses it to drop her with a left straight. Jag recovers and Fujii shoots a double. Jag fends it off and the two return to range testing. Fujii getting tagged each time she tries a snapping front kick to the body. Jag catches a high left kick and tosses Fujii down. Fujii scrambles and Jag gets a front headlock. A knee to the body and Jag spins around back. Fujii works an armbar and it looks decent. Jag stacks her up and has her other hand preventing the extension of the arm. Fujii rolls jag and nearly gets it! Great defense from Jag! Now Mega Megu has a weird position and is thinking. Jag gets the heck out of there and they stand, only for the round to end. 10-9 Fujii for the more significant offense.

Round 2: A scratch is visible on Fujii’s nose during the round interval. They circle briefly and Fujii paws out jabs. Slow, snapping front kicks by Fujii miss, but they weren’t designed to land. Jag misses with a pawing jab. Fujii throwing out several front kicks and jabs. They trade straights and Fujii drops for a TD. Jag circles out and they go back to standing. Jag circling left and Fujii following while trading strikes now and then. Fujii being more aggressive, but taking harder rights than she’s landing. A high kick is blocked by Jag. A right straight lands for Jag. Fujii tries another left high kick followed by a lunging left straight. The latter lands and Fujii is feeling good, for she fires more punches off and lands. Jag comes back and lands a couple punches of her own. Fujii tries a body punch, but misses. A left straight lands for Fujii. Jag landing jabs as Fujii tries to wade in, but takes a punch in return. Jag looking to counter now. Fujii getting nowhere with the kicks and taking punches in return. Fujii trying to work some punches, but doesn’t land more than two or three out of seven or eight. Fujii trying more punches in bunches and a couple are landing, and Jag lands a couple herself too. Fujii generating more offense still. A flying knee attempt from Jag goes nowhere. Fujii sparked into action and starts landing better, although her kicks are blocked. Fujii gets the better of the late round flurry, despite most of the two fighters missing for the greater part of it. 10-9, Fujii for landing more. Could see this round going either way though.

Round 3: Coach da Matta talking urgently to Jag during the round break. The fighters circle and a head front kick attempt causes a slip for Fujii, but nothing happens on either end. Fujii trying to come in with rear hand straights, but misses. Jag misses with some jabs and looks to be trying to counter again and again. A series of jabs miss for Jag. Fujii lands a rear straight and tries a left head kick. They trade lefts. Jag firing out “keep-away” jaabs. Fujii tries more kicks, but takes a punch inr eturn. Fujii gets a body kick, but takes a body punch. Jag with an inside leg kick. Fujii shoots a nice single and Jag sprawls in defense. They are whizzered up and working to get an advantage. Fujii wins the whizzer battle and puts Jag down. Fujii in the top half guard and looking to pass. Jag trying to keep Fujii down and her arms controlled. Fujii postures up and punches down with verocity. Standing in full guard and trying to do damage with elbows and short punches as Jag gets closed guard. Jag breaks down Fujii’s posture and controls the head. Fujii staying active, as Jag gets a high guard. A knee to the butt and another for Fujii. An armbar attempt by Jag looks likely and it fails. Fujii gets out and in the scramble gets top position again in the guard. Jag firing short elbows to the head while Fujii punches away. Jag with the high guard once more, tries an armbar, Fujii postures up and goes nuts with punches as Jag works short hammerfists. Fujii doing more damage, but looks tired. To the half guard for Fujii as Jag stays flat on her back. Fujii looking to work a pass, but gets pushed back to closed guard. Fujii stands and fires away lefts as Jag controls. 10-9 Fujii and 30-27 on this unofficial card, although 29-28 would also be OK with me.

Official Decision: Jessica Aguilar, Unanimous Decision

Notes: Aguilar has a somber-looking walkout with her coach, Marcos da Matta walking behind her, as well as a pair of women who look like a teammate and a family member. Mega Megu looks serious as heck too and gives fist bumps to her corners before getting the referee’s check-up. Slick promo package for both fighters depicts Zoila Gurgel as the bad girl who stole wins from both. Hah. I do not agree with the official decision at all. That’s a clear Fujii card for me, with at least two rounds going her way (R1 and R3) with R2 being debatable.

Karl Amoussou vs. David Rickels (Welterweight tournament semi-final):

Round 1: Near instantaneous action. Psycho with a big body kick as Rickels retreats. Some wild strikes from both and Amoussou takes a push kick direct to the nuts. Yow. Amoussou taking time to recover. The cutman comes out to help adjust and so on. A cup strap is broken and they are taping it up. ALright, they’re done and the referee is starting things up anew. Ok, another wait for commercials, I suppose. Rickels tries another push kick amazingly and Psycho punishes him. A trip brings Rickels flat to the ground and Amoussou fires from side control, as Rickels reguards. Amoussou trying a can opener from guard and Rickels nearly sweeps. Amousso explodes back to top guard and Rickels controls the head and arm. Rickels firing short punches from guard and Amoussou kinda doing nothing. Referee stands them both up. Amoussou appears to knee Rickels in the balls exactly as Rickels flies up in the air for a flying knee. They hit the ground once more and then get back up. Another trip lands Amoussou in top of side control on Rickels. RIckels blocking punches as Amoussou stays tight and slowly works some punches to stay active. Rickels chilling out and appears to be unconcerned. Psycho shoved back to guard and stands up and out, but comes back in firing. Rickels pulls a high guard then goes back to regular closed guard as Psycho punches away a bit. Rickels pokes Amoussou in the eye and the referee stops things briefly to warn Rickels. They resume and Amoussou lands more punches. Rickels staying mostly damage free though and starts double clapping Psycho’s ears. A high guard to rubber guard attempt is stopped by a stand-up inside the guard and they reset to closed guard with Karl punching away. Rickels trying to work his hips better and tries rubber guard halfheartedly before abandoning it as Amoussou stands. Amoussou trying a weird can opener thing again and Rickels sort of swivels for an armbar. That opening of the guard makes Psycho feel comfortable and he punches away. A last second dropback for a leglock for Amoussou. Rickels hangs out and punches the thigh until time ends. 10-9 Amoussou.

Round 2: Rickels tries a slow head kick and then fires a quick outside leg kick before dancing away. Rickels doing more leg kicks, as Amoussou steps in to fire punches and clinch. Rickels backs away, they clinch again and Amoussou lands a sweet foot sweep into top of Rickel’s guard. The Caveman is slapping away at Amoussou’s head trying to offput him and Amoussou keeps base and postures up to punch away. Rickels opens up guard and Amoussu moves with him to stay in good position to punch away. Not much action from Amoussou right now as Rickels is shifting constantly. The referee stands them up. Amoussu tries a high kick and a lunging knee to little effect. Rickels fires back with a high kick. Psycho lands with a big punch. Rickels gets a nice straight that snaps Psycho’s head back. They circle and Amoussu dashes in again. Clinched up against the fence as both guys work for underhooks and short uppercuts. Amoussou looks visibly bigger, but Rickels is landing knees and uppercuts of his own. A slugfest here, with Rickels winning the flurry. Amoussu looks rocked and backs away. Push kicks from Psycho and a big punch backs Rickels off. Slugfest again! Rickels winning! Amoussu goes for a single leg and lands himself in an omoplata! Rickels working a gogoplata, but Amoussu works free. Little action from Psycho as he is still visibly stunned from RIckels’ punches. Rickels staying active and tries a hip bump, but gets shoved back down. Armbar attempt! Amoussu spikes RIckels down twice! Nothing doing for either guy! They go back to guard and the round ends. 10-9, Rickels. One of the best rounds of the year.

Round 3: Psycho smiling. Rickels more serious. Strikes miss for both and Amoussou takes another shot to the groin. He’s visibly in pain this time. Another push kick to the nuts from Rickels. This is probably worthy of deducting a point for doing that two times in a fight at that range. No point is deducted. They reset. Rickels gets an outside leg kick and fires back with punches as Amoussu lunges in. Leglock off some kind of mutual guard pull for Psycho! Still working leglocks! Rickels lands in top of guard. Amoussou has tight control of head and arm. Rickels slowly swims a hand mostly free. Punching away at the body. Amoussu punches back to the head and lets Rickels go free. Rickels postures up and then back down tight and then back up. Hammerfists from Rickels. Amoussu keeping a tight closed guard. Rickels punching away and landing to the body and the face. Amoussu looks out of it. Referee warns Rickels. More slight punches to the body from Rickels as Amoussu fires back ineffectively while keeping wrist control. Still working from the top and Rickels goes for a Caveman smash with both hammerfists. Doesn’t land. Amoussu still controlling a wrist and punching upwards. Rickels landing hammerfists when he tries them. Trading hammerfists. Amoussou’s left eye is visibly swollen. Illegal upkick lands, but it’s not enough to stop the fight. Amoussou works a heelhook, but loses it, grabs it again and loses it again. Rickels standing up in guard and dives back in. Amoussou still on his back and doing little to stand up himself. Rickels punching away to stay active. Amoussou puts a foot on the hip, but goes back to closed guard as Rickels works little punches here and there. Another Caveman Smash fails. Rickels working the body and head. Several Caveman Smashes in a row, with some landing to the body and one to the head. 10-9 Rickels and 29-28 Rickels on this unofficial card.

Official Decision: Karl Amoussou by Split Decision. Rickels throws down a water bottle and goes storming away and interacting with the crowd.

Maiquel Falcao vs. Andreas Spang (Middleweight tournament final):

Round 1: Some fairly good trash talk between these two in the pre-fight promos. Intense stares from Falcao everywhere. Spang hamming it up more. Jason Herzog is the referee and we start off. Falcao gets two punches off to Spang’s one. Spang working a lunging left jab early. Falcao looking to step in and counter. Spang goes for an overhand rightand misses clean. Falcao still stalking forwards and fires off knees. Spang hits Falcao hard and staggers him back to the cage. Falcao clinches up to recover. Spins Spang to the cage and starts working the cage stall. Knees to the thigh by Falcao and Spang works for underhooks. Falcao takes some knees to the gut ans he keeps the clinch. Spang takes a knee to the nuts but doesn’t flinch. Falcao knees to the gut. Spang working head control and an underhook, but still has back to the cage. Falcao takes a knee to the upper thigh and throws a vicious dig to the lower belly of Spang. Falcao has a rear body lock on Spang. Spang covers his head and Falcao wants to punch the face of Spang. Falcao slams Spang to the ground and continues to control him. STill controlling him from behind and trying to stay tight to avoid backwards elbows. Hammerfists from top of turtle for Falcao. Spang crawls to the fence while Falcao stays on top. A knee to the body for Falcao. Spang still on his knee and looking to get up. Falcao punching to the face while keeping the body lock from behind. Another lift and dump to the ground. Spang crawls away and Falcao keeps the body lock. Spang is leaning over trying to keep balance. Falcao punches to the face and keeps the body lock position intact. Spang goes down to a knee and Falcao lands a hard illegal knee to the face and punches away. Spang does down. Herzog steps in right away and stops the fight.

Herzog talking to Spang. Doctor checks him out. One point deduction taken from Falcao.

They square off again. Spang gets an outside leg kick. Misses with a head kick. Falcao clinches up on the fence. Spang working a standing guillotine. Falcao pushes the hips away and tries a sacrifice sweep. Spang scrambles away and Falcao clinches up again. Spang lands a spinning elbow, but Falcao looks fine and dodges all the follow up blows while looking for a counter of his own. 9-9, due to point deduction for Falcao.

Round 2: Range testing for both. Falcao lands nice left straight and backs out. Then comes in again and gets a spin around takedown/trip. Working from top guard. Slithers his way to quarter-guard. Falcao wants to grind Spang down and is staying heavy and tight. Moves into a quasi deep halfguard after a punch to the exposed head of Spang. Falcao working to top of turtle. Spang covers up and takes a hammerfist to the back fo the head. Falcao gets warned and looks to go under the arm. Still on top of turtle. Spang gives up a near-side hook. Falcao staying patient and trying to punch until Spang gives up the second hook. Spang talking to Herzog about punches to the back of the head to no avail. Falcao tries a slide into rear mount, but gets bucked off. Top of turtle again. Spang tries a Diaz-brother style kimura, but Falcao gets out easily and keeps top turtle. Spang trying backwards elbows but takes a nasty punch in return. Spang crawls to the fence and stands, but Falcao still has a rear body lock and throws knees and punches. Then tosses Spang to the ground once more. WOrking from top of turtle. Spang crawls to the cage again and looks to stand. Falcao keeps the body lock and just pushes Spang back down. Falcao punches to the body and avoids the back to the head punches. He’s being judicious with the punches. A big move by Falcao to try for something lets Spang back to the feet. Falcao scoops Spang up and dumps him on his back. Spang rolls to trutle and stays there. Falcao controlling him again. 10-9 Falcao for a 19-18 card through two rounds.

Round 3: Outside leg kick is first significant offense and it is done by Falcao. In a mutual exchange Falcao lunges low and gets the double leg. Spang scrambles after a couple seconds, but ends up in turtle position with Falcao behind him and punching away. Falcao switching sides to try and find an exposed head to punch at. Spang doing little. Falcao getting close to the danger zone with back to the head punches Spang crawls to the fence again and covers up. back to the feet with Falcao working a single leg from the clinch. Spang has head control and is trying the standing guillotine. Again the sacrifice throw to get loose from Falcao and the two scramble. Spang again in turtle. Falcao punching away and lads a big knee to the body. Spang looking beaten, but is still covering up his head. Falcao takes a bit of a breather, but goes back to kneeing the body and leg of Spang. A scramble sees Spang try for a leglock, but Falcao hops out and back to turtle with Falcao on top. Falcao punching away and lets Spang back to the cage. More knees to the leg and Falcao lets Spang up. Spang goes back down and tries to stand up again. Back to the feet and they clinch against the fence. Spang tries another guillotine and Falcao rolls forwards to escape. Spang back to the feet and they two break after a sloppy exchange. Falcao backing away and landing an outside leg kick. An exchange sees Falcao get the better and he catches a body kick from Spang and dumps him. Spang tries a reversal from mount and nearly gets it, but they go back to turtle. Spand has quarter guard and covers up from punches as Falcao strikes away. The round ends. 10-9 Falcao for a 29-27 card as I have it. Probably going to be 28-28 on plenty of cards if people gave Spang the first.

Official Decision: Maiquel Falcao by Unanimous Decision.

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