UFC On Fox 3: Diaz Vs. Miller Live Results And Play by Play

On the heels of the Facebook (4:00 p.m. ET) and Fuel TV (5:00 p.m. ET) preliminary cards, this will be our rendezvous point for…

By: Dallas Winston | 11 years ago
UFC On Fox 3: Diaz Vs. Miller Live Results And Play by Play
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On the heels of the Facebook (4:00 p.m. ET) and Fuel TV (5:00 p.m. ET) preliminary cards, this will be our rendezvous point for the UFC on Fox 3 main card. Your attendance is not requested, but mandatory. Join myself and the intellectuals of the Bloody Elbow community for live results and groundbreaking discussion on the fights that very well may change the sport of MMA as we know it.

The Fox broadcast begins at 8:00 p.m. ET from the Izod Center in New Jersey. The main attraction of the evening is a lightweight clash between Nate Diaz and Jim Miller. Anchoring down the Fox broadcast is a worthwhile assembly of bouts that includes welterweights Josh Koscheck vs. Johny Hendricks, middleweights Rousimar Palhares vs. Alan Belcher and heavyweights Pat Barry vs. Lavar Johnson.

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We’re live on Fox and poised for our first treat on tonight’s main card. Stay tuned. Current fight results will be up top; the rest are posted after the jump.

Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller

R1:There is definitely some intensity as our main event fighters are finally unchained in the cage. Miller wheels around a nasty low kick right off the bat. They collide and Miller clinches Nate on the fence with short knees and punches. Diaz circles off the fence; Miller circles him back. Short knees to the thigh from Diaz in the over-under clinch. Miller slips and they separate to re-engage in the center.

Miller following his punches into tie ups, Diaz becoming wary of it and pushing him away. Sharp counter hook while retreating lands from Diaz. Double one-twos from Diaz. The clinch again and trade spots on the fence. Miller ducks for a high single but Diaz goes to double underhooks, pulls his trapped leg free and drums a set of punches on Miller. Diaz grabs the single collar tie and throws liver shots, then drills Miller with a stretchy left hand that drops him. They scramble and Miller threatens to take Diaz’s back, who slips free. They collide again and end up on the canvas, where Diaz hits a sweep on the bell. 10-9 Diaz in a close one.

R2: It’s Diaz who initiates the early clinch, grinding into Miller with strikes but eating a short elbow as they break up. Diaz getting a rhythm with his step-in right hook. Diaz now taunting Miller and gaining confidence; Miller attacks with a flying knee in response. Diaz side-steps it and throws leather, now stalking Miller. Diaz goes to the clinch again and Miller puts a hand down to avoid knees to the head.

Diaz talking smack and walking Miller down now, slipping punches and owning the tempo. They lock horns again and Nate catches Miller with his head too deep on a takedown attempt, falling back with a loose guillotine that he tightens up quickly. Miller taps out.

Nate Diaz defeats Jim Miller by submission (guillotine choke), Round 2.lt

Additional results in the full entry.

Josh Koscheck vs. Johny Hendricks

R1: Koscheck busy with big punches early. He keeps the pressure on and might have wobbled Hendricks with one of the unending series of blows. Hendricks pawing at an eye as if potentially poked, standing far too still in front of Koscheck while he’s swinging. Hendricks bounces off the fence with a streaking straight left that pushes Koscheck back, then dives for a double leg and ends up in the clinch. The referee doesn’t wait long to separate them.

Hendricks attacks with a heavy combo, Koscheck comes back with a strong blitz of his own. They again take turns planting and trading. Kos with a nice right hook counter of Hendricks’ left. High kick from Kos is blocked, as is the spinning back fist that follows. I have it 10-9 Koscheck by a narrow margin.

R2: Kos doubles his jab up. Stomp kick to the knee from Hendricks, then a wild left hand but an uppercut that lands. They collide and Koscheck emerges from the spinning scramble behind Hendricks looking for back mount. Hendricks spins out with wrist control and they square off standing. Hendricks fires a double and Koscheck goes on his knees with his back to the fence while defending, then stands with Hendricks in the rear waist cinch, machine-gunning knees to the thigh.

The referee separates them, this time way too early in a position that gave Hendricks the advantage. They duel with mutual combinations; Koscheck’s high kick is blocked but Hendricks’ speed and activity is winning out slightly. Hendricks just misses with a high kick but connects on a leg kick. Hendricks shoots a double, then switches to a single when Koscheck defends. 10-9 Hendricks for more effective striking.

R3: Kos comes out jabbing. Hendricks waiting for Kos to commit and uncorking lunging lefts. Koscheck shoots and clings to Hendricks waist against the cage, and does nothing. The referee’s intervention is more acceptable this time. They restart and dig into each other with fiery combinations; Hendricks gets the better early but Kos returns fire well. Another reset after a short clinch stall.

Hendricks is able to cleave a knee during his approach but Koscheck wraps him into a takedown that he secures this time. He passes to half guard, lets a few strikes fly and thrusts forward for full mount. Hendricks stifles the intention but absorbs a volley of ground and pound. 10-9 Koscheck on my card, making my score 29-28 for Koscheck.

One judge sees it 29-28 for Koscheck, the other two have it the same for Johny Hendricks, who defeats Josh Koscheck by split decision.

Rousimar Palhares vs. Alan Belcher

R1: Big Dan Miragliotta is in charge once again. Tentative start with Palhares whiffing a snap kick. Palhares coils for a lightning-fast double leg and is pursuing a heel hook before Belcher’s back hits the canvas. Palhares rolls into the hold but Belcher calmly defends. He looks to counter with a Twister but Palhares spins out and transitions into a chain of leg lock attempts. Belcher showing absolutely spectacular submission defense on three different attempts. He ends up on top and, instead of disengaging from the Brazilian’s guard, he drenches down a nasty sequence of forearms and punches that freeze Palhares in place and eventually elicit the stoppage. An inspiring display from both fighters.

Alan Belcher defeats Rousimar Palhares by TKO (punches), Round 1.

Pat Barry vs. Lavar Johnson

R1: Big Dan Miragliotta will try to herd the heavyweight beasts. Johnson pushes Barry into the cage, but “HD” swings a huge high kick to back him off. Barry cracks a hard low kick from outside and Johnson clinches again, landing monster knees and then punches. Barry shoots a hard double but Johnson sprawls out. They scramble and Barry beautifully passes to full mount on the transition, then side control.

Barry goes across his body and goes 2-on-1 to attack Johnson’s right arm with an Americana. A battle ensues with Barry wrenching the hold, but Johnson breaks his grip. Heavy base from Barry in side control with complimentary elbows and punches to the body. Johnson rolls out with an underhook, takes a knee and stand up. Barry kisses him with an immediate low kick that cracks loudly. They clinch in the center and Johnson catches Barry with a knee, then buries him on the cage with literally 20-plus punches while Barry just covers. Too “Big,” too mean. Barry drops and the ref waves it off.

Lavar Johnson defeats Pat Barry by TKO (punches) Round 1.

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