Alistair Overeem Live NSAC Hearing Updates

Alistair Overeem will have his Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing today in his attempt to get his fighter's license despite testing positive for a…

By: Brent Brookhouse | 12 years ago
Alistair Overeem Live NSAC Hearing Updates
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Alistair Overeem will have his Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing today in his attempt to get his fighter’s license despite testing positive for a 14:1 testosterone level, well above the maximum allowed 6:1 ratio. The test result led to Overeem being removed from the UFC 146 main event title shot against Junior dos Santos.

We’ve talked about the situation a lot over the past weeks including looking at Dr. Johnny Benjamin shooting down the excuse Overeem gave for his elevated testosterone and a look at the full agenda for the meeting.

Inside MMA was going to stream the meeting, but given that it no longer has any impact on the actual UFC 146 event, they will not be doing so.

I’ll provide live updates after the jump once the meeting starts at 12 p.m. ET.

Live updates will be provided here at the start of the meeting:

– I have dialed in for the meeting, awaiting the scheduled 12 pm start. Will have updates once it begins.

– Meeting has started. Roll call has been taken and Mark Hunt joins via phone and talks over everyone.

– Licenses for the over 35 year olds being given out. Shane Mosley among those to get licenses thus far.

– Mike Thomas Brown gets his license (needed for hearing as over 35 years old)

– Mark Hunt also gets his license after joking that they appreciate his typing out of the application.

– They quickly move through a group of requests to hold events and a group of requests for amateur groups to get a grant for travel

– Shawn Fitzsimmons, MMA fighter, is trying to use low testosterone as an excuse for his positive test. They say that he isn’t appealing, just didn’t know he could get a TUE. Interesting micro-case of all this stuff.

– Commission is not impressed with Fitzsimmons’ defense that he has low testosterone. Now they’re saying that the commission has seen a large increase in fighters testing positive and then wanting an exemption. Commission points out that he tried to cycle off by stopping the usage 4 months before fight. They change fight to a no contest. his purse of $3,600 gets hit with fine for $1,500 (win bonus) and 30% of his show bonus and is suspended 9 months.

– Boxer Javier Flores up next. Positive result for nandralone after his last fight. They’re not contesting the test results, but explaining the “circumstances.”

– Flores defense is that he thought he was getting a B-12 injection.

– They don’t exactly believe his defense. 9 month suspension, win changed to no contest, 30% purse fine.

– MMA World Series of Fighting is up for a promoter’s license now. This could take a few minutes.

– Roger Huerta named as one of several fighters who will compete in the MMAWSOF events.

– Still waiting for Overeem item to start.

– 2 minute recess and then it’s time for Overeem.

– Overeem is up now. He is welcomed by the commission.

– Overeem tested positive for 14:1 (as we knew). Overeem tried to flee the building at time of random test, jumped into a car and sped off despite being told that he had to stay to give a sample. Claims he “didn’t realize” he needed to stick around and was going to an interview, then changed story that he was going to talk about his battery case, then changed story again that he was going to try to avoid Golden Glory serving him papers. UFC says they made it entirely clear that he needed to stick around.

– Overeem’s lawyer goes with the “avoiding Golden Glory making a public spectacle” version of the excuse.

– They requested a 45-60 day continuance.

– Lawyer says doctor gave Overeem a vial of medication in Dallas, Overeem took one injection from vial and still has one. They’re going to present the vial for examination but on it it says it is an anti-inflammatory.

– B-12, Texamethazone, keterolec and testosterone were in the injection according to lawyer

– Dr. Hector Molina is the doctor who the lawyer claims reached the “medical conclusion” that he could alleviate the pain and suffering of Overeem through multiple injuries with these injections.

– Commission asks what Overeem and representatives need that they don’t have today and why they claim they need a continuance. Laywer says he’s reading about testosterone and thinks that they can get experts who say the injection could have caused the spike.

– Commission says that they could have 5 experts tell them it could have caused the spike, but there still was a spike. And they must consider that most of all.

– Lawyer claims that they had Overeem tested again but don’t have the results yet and question why it took so long before he came up with a reason for the elevated levels.

– Commission asks what guarantee there is that Overeem would come back if granted a continuance. Lawyer says he will because he wants to continue fighting and that the lawyer will go get him if he has to.

– Overeem says he won’t take any fights, will work with the commission to prove that he is a “fair fighter” and will not apply in any other state for a license.

– Commission says they rarely grant continuances and can’t see a benefit to granting one.

– Continuance is going to be denied as there is no benefit to the fighter or otherwise, 45 days makes no difference and it’s in the public’s interest to bring the matter to end rather than drag it out.

– Overeem is being questioned about his injuries. Says he hurt his foot and ribs around the Werdum fight.

– Injuries continued to be aggravated through the Lesnar fight and Overeeem discussed that he was very sore for a long time. Got massages and ice for his ribs leading up to the Brock fight.

– Overeem questioning continues, basically a lot of asking about his injuries and if he took anything to deal with them. He is questioned for looking away after saying he didn’t take anything for his ribs before the Lesnar fight. He explains that English isn’t his first language and he was just thinking.

– Overeem continues to say he did not know the injection included testosterone.

– Overeem says he was told to take a shot a week (after getting one in the office) but the pain was gone. He took the second shot and took one later on when he got sore again.

– Overeem says that he was never informed by the UFC that he would be tested and was not running from the test after the press conference. That means that he’s either saying Keith Kizer is a liar or that the UFC’s claims to the NSAC that they informed the fighters are a lie. Iffy choice there by Overeem.

– Overeem says Tre Telligman is who told him to see Dr. Molina.

– Overeem says he isn’t upset with Dr. Molina as he had no ill intention and was just trying to help. If he’d done it on purpose he’d be upset.

– Again saying that no one informed him that there would be a test, which is why he left the press conference in a hurry when it was done rather than sticking around for a test.

– They stop questioning Overeem, now moving on to questioning Dr. Molina who says he has done testing for prior combat events and met Overeem once during a Strikeforce event but did not have a doctor/patient relationship at that point.

– Molina says Overeem said he had rib pain and thigh pain as well as left elbow pain and x-rays were negative.

– Molina says that Overeem told him he’d taken Motrin (remember, earlier Overeem said he never takes any pain killer including Tylenol..etc)

– Molina says that there was not enough testosterone in the injections to create an anabolic benefit for Overeem.

– Molina continuing to say the testosterone would only help Alistair heal, not give him an advantage.

– Molina continues saying he never told Overeem that there was testosterone in the injection.

– A lot of circling the same questions over and over. What WAS Overeem told? What DID the doctor give him? What DID he say on the forms that Overeem was given? And Overeem was NOT told that? ..etc.

– Molina now admitting that he prescribed non-steroidal options for Overeem and then mixed up the injection in house. Molina also doesn’t know the names of things he was injecting which is…scary.

– Doctor’s story is starting to fall apart as it changes a bit at a time and as he is reminded he is under oath he stumbles and gets silent. This is a disaster.

– In the end, it’s important to remember that EVERYTHING is Overeem’s responsibility. He admitted that he never asked Molina what was in the shot, Molina never really told him. “I didn’t know what was in the injection” will not be seen as an appropriate defense.

– Overeem clarifies that, of course he takes motrin. He’s a human being who does take over-the-counter medications, but not shots or more “serious” pain killers.

– UFC staff member clarifies that the camps were told that fighters could not leave, Overeem was not told directly but his camp was informed not to leave.

– After a brief recess we’re back and Overeem’s lawyer says the only options being considered should be a conditional license or a short suspension since Overeem didn’t get a benefit from the testosterone levels.

– Lawyer says that Overeem was injured entertaining thousands of people and that shouldn’t be overlooked. He should not be punished harshly because of how “honest” he has been.

– Overeem says that he gave up his title shot because he was no longer credible due to the media reports.

– Commission member says he believes Overeem today but that the overriding responsibility and burden is on an athlete to know what is in his body.

– “From what I’ve seen of Overeem he’s a champion, he fights like a champion and I have no reason to think he ‘juices’ himself with steroids. But I do know that I have a positive test in front of me.” says commission member

– They’re making it sound like a good enough case was not made for a conditional license. Motion is being made to make him wait 9 months rather than a full year.

– NSAC saying 9 month period before he can reapply for a license would have to include the fighter not applying anywhere else for another fight. Around December 26-27th would be the end of Overeem’s suspension from applying for a new license.

It’s official, Overeem will be unable to re-apply for a license until the end of December.

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