How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? MMA On Twitter – Arianny Celeste Poses For FHM Philippines, Amir Sadollah’s Awesome Mom

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse AMIR SADOLLAH'S MOM LECTURES HIM CAUSE OF HIS "TWEET LANGUAGE"…

By: Anton Tabuena | 12 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? MMA On Twitter – Arianny Celeste Poses For FHM Philippines, Amir Sadollah’s Awesome Mom
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A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


“This is why my tweets are *usually* pg 13… Love you mom…”Amir Sadollah ‏

Did you miss our “tweet of the day” for Monday? Jon Fitch had Epic Evolving Facial Hair.

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“Ok so draw something is fun! Hit me up if you want to play,but I have limited access to Internet here so bear with my delays.. AmirSadollah”Amir Sadollah, I actually just downloaded this game, and I think I’ll try to challenge Amir here.

“Dr. that wear their scrubs for traveling look idiotic. I wonder if I should walk around in my fight shorts, MMA gloves and no shirt.”Tim Kennedy ‏

“Just washed my head phones and they still worked #blessed” Joseph Benavidez ‏

“I just got added to a list called Ninja Assassins. That might be the best thing that has ever happened to me on twitter.” –Stipe Miocic ‏

“Riding a new BMW with 4 ppl and smelt that someone stepped in dog sh*t, and thought,”life is fair if it wasn’t me”. But it was me. It was.” Amir Sadollah

“I missed you mama speed!”Amir Sadollah


“My first video blog since winning the title – warning there’s adult humor and swearing in this one kiddies ;)” -Ronda Rousey


“Enjoying coconut juice with !!”Arianny Celeste, in the Philippines, that’s actually called “Buko Juice” or ‘BJ’ for short… I’m guessing you can guess how many jokes were being made about this right?

“Great interview with from balls sports channel… Nice live interview for Abs-Cbn news thanks 4 having me!Arianny Celeste, she was actually all over the TV and all the mainstream media outlets in the country. Kinda crazy.

“Manila!”Arianny Celeste

“What’s up HIN Manila!! Happy to be here!”Arianny Celeste, so thousands of fans flock to watch fighters such as GSP, Vera, Liddell and Penn… they do the same for an Octagon Girl… So why hasn’t the UFC hosted a Philippine show yet?

“When I’m with u I’m on top of the world! #manila”Arianny Celeste

“Hmmmm who am i thinking of?!? RT : Just a sneak peak of Shooting for Arianny Celeste, posed for FHM Philippines after a media tour.

“This just happened Arianny Celeste

“😚RT : Sometimes I have to tie models up n walk away. Just another day @ the office, ?”Arianny Celeste

“Last day in phillipines and only day off spending it at Boracay island! …Wow! Boracay Philippines! …Hello from Boracay island”Arianny Celeste, then flew to the world famous beach in Boracay, for her last day in the Philippines.

Life is beautiful Thankyou God! …I love the Philippines! People food culture nature its beautiful!”Arianny Celeste


“Some fighters move down a weight class when they’re losing – this contender is moving up on a win” UFC

“I was training with him tonight and there is no way he should be fighting middleweight… he’s like 190 right now… I’m gonna ask him why tommorow, he’s not a very big guy” Ryan Jimmo


“Why is it ppl are so fake they feel good about talkin sh** 2 me behind a computer when they don’t have 1/100th of the balls 2 do what I do? … swear I just don’t get it, I go out I fight hard & I let my arm snap in half in my best effort to win a fight, I came up short but…… …. I guarantee I’m tougher than ALL you keyboard warriors! Go ahead talk SH** Id like to see YOU do it better” -Miesha Tate

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