NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship Session 2 Results: Penn State & Minnesota Go Back And Forth

By the end of the first day of wrestling, Penn State amassed a 5.5 point lead over the University of Minnesota at the NCAA…

By: KJ Gould | 12 years ago
NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship Session 2 Results: Penn State & Minnesota Go Back And Forth
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By the end of the first day of wrestling, Penn State amassed a 5.5 point lead over the University of Minnesota at the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship at the Scottrade Center in St Louis, Missouri. However Minnesota’s ‘Golden Gophers‘ still have everything to play for and are hanging in there.

Both PSU and UM went back and forth as the team points leaders during Session 2 on Thursday evening, with Minnesota winning all of its matches and Penn State losing just one.

That sole loss came at the hands of Cam Simaz (Cornell, #1 seed) who took down and punished Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) with an ankle-pick over-leg ride that verged on toehold illegality, torquing the knee and making McIntosh’s life miserable. At a couple of points in the bout the action had to be paused for injury, though it would be because of bleeding from McIntosh’s nose (NB: when a match pauses like this, it’s known as ‘Blood Time’). The match was mercifully over as Simaz scored a 22-7 points tech fall, much to the chagrin of PSU coach Cael Sanderson. Simaz remains the one to watch at 197 lbs.

PSU’s David Taylor (165) and Ed Ruth (174) continued to dominate, needing less than three and a half minutes between them to pin Brandon Wright (Chattanooga) and Dorian Henderson (Missouri) respectively. Another Major Decision from Quentin Wright (184) beating Ben Clymer (Hofstra) 10-2, and the rest of their team going through to the Quarter Finals by Decision keeps the ‘Nittany Lions‘ masters of the mat, for now.

UM’s Zachary Sanders (125), brothers Chris and Nick Dardanes (134, 141), Dylan Ness (149), Logan Storley (174), Kevin Steinhaus (184), Sonny Yohn (197) and Anthony Nelson (285) chipped away with decision wins by a margin as little as 2 points in most cases, but a win’s a win and it only gets more competitive here on out.

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Iowa’s Matt McDonough beat North Dakota State’s Trent Sprenkle at 125 lbs with just 4 seconds left of the first period, when McDonough scored a sweet Head & Arm (headlock) hip-toss he was able to parlay into a Head & Arm pin. McDonough is young, athletic and relentless and seems to have the attitude to do well at Flyweight should he ever consider trying MMA in the future. Tony Ramos (133), Montell Marion (141), Derek St. John (157) and Ethen Lofthouse (174) won by decision and progress to Session 3 later this morning.

As for potential future MMA Bantamweights, defending NCAA champion Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State) continued to show his technical brilliance by dominating Shelton Mack (Pittsburgh) at 134 lbs en route to a first period pin, again by cradle. In Session 1 Oliver made excellent use of a Ball & Chain (Pumphandle) Ride to out maneuver his opponent into a cradle situation, but this time in Session 2 he swarmed all over his opponent giving him little chance to breathe as he cradled him for back points and the inevitable fall. Jamal Parks (149), Chris Perry (174) and Cayle Byers (194) of OSU also advance with decision wins.

Kyle Dake (157, Cornell) manhandled his opponent Joshua Kreimier (Air Force)by establishing a single leg ride early, before switching sides and working a Half-Nelson. Dake then began working a Far Side Chicken-Wing to go along with his Half-Nelson, before abandoning the leg and scoring a pin fall with ease.

Kellen Russell (141) continues to fly the flag for Michigan, winning a 10-2 Major Decision over Luke Vaith (Hofstra), and is only joined by team mates Zachery Stevens (134) and Eric Grajales (149) in the Quarter Finals. Ben Bennet of Central Michigan also goes through to the Quarter’s with a 9-0 Major Decision over Victory Avery (Edinboro) at 184 lbs.

A meeting of Zachery Rey (Lehigh) and Ryan Flores (American) is looking more and more likely as these two 285 pounders head through with a decision and pin respectively. Flores has looked the better wrestler in the tournament so far, and should he meet Rey in the semi-final, he should be considered a slight favourite.

Full results and team standings after the jump.

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Team Results

1. Penn State 38.5
2. Minnesota 33.0
3. Oklahoma St. 28.5
4. Cornell 27.5
5. Iowa 26.0
6. Illinois 23.0
7. Oklahoma 19.5
8. Ohio St. 19.0
9. Lehigh 18.0
9. Nebraska 18.0
9. Northwestern 18.0

125 lbs

– Matt McDonough (Iowa) 33-1 won by pin over Trent Sprenkle (North Dakota St.) 31-11 (Pin 2:56)
– Ryan Mango (Stanford) 27-5 won by major decision over Levi Mele (Northwestern) 31-7 (Maj 15-6)
– Nicholas Bedelyon (Kent St.) 31-4 won by decision over Steve Bonanno (Hofstra) 29-7 (Dec 10-7)
– Jesse Delgado (Illinois) 32-6 won by pin over Camden Eppert (Purdue) 13-16 (Pin 5:12)
– Anthony Zanetta (Pittsburgh) 29-4 won in overtime over Alan Waters (Missouri) 26-3 (OT 4-2)
– Frank Perrelli (Cornell) 32-5 won in overtime over Matthew Snyder (Virginia) 23-4 (OT 4-3)
– Nicholas Megaludis (Penn State) 26-7 won by decision over Jarrod Patterson (Oklahoma) 28-7 (Dec 7-3)
– Zachary Sanders (Minnesota) 27-3 won by decision over Jonathon Morrison (Oklahoma St.) 20-9 (Dec 2-0)

133 lbs

– Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma St.) 26-1 won by pin over Shelton Mack (Pittsburgh) 21-9 (Pin 1:30)
– Zachery Stevens (Michigan) 25-9 won by decision over Cashé Quiroga (Purdue) 21-7 (Dec 14-9)
– Joe Colon (Northern Iowa) 27-2 won by decision over Zach Horan (Central Michigan) 16-12 (Dec 9-2)
– Bernard Futrell (Illinois) 29-6 won by pin over Zach Zehner (Wyoming) 29-12 (Pin 1:06)
– Tony Ramos (Iowa) 30-3 won by decision over Aaron Kalil (Navy) 32-10 (Dec 3-1)
– Steven Keith (Harvard) 33-8 won by decision over Devin Carter (Virginia Tech) 31-4 (Dec 8-6)
– C. Dardanes (Minnesota) 25-10 won by decision over Aaron (A.J.) Schopp (Edinboro) 37-5 (Dec 7-3)
– Logan Stieber (Ohio St.) 30-2 won by pin over Jordan Thome (Army) 27-12 (Pin 1:19)

141 lbs

– Kellen Russell (Michigan) 30-1 won by major decision over Luke Vaith (Hofstra) 24-9 (Maj 10-2)
– Nick Dardanes (Minnesota) 21-8 won by decision over Darius Little (North Carolina St.) 34-11 (Dec 4-2)
– Hunter Stieber (Ohio St.) 27-4 won by decision over Tyler Small (Kent St.) 31-10 (Dec 7-4)
– Michael Mangrum (Oregon St.) 35-3 won by decision over William Ashnault (Rutgers) 25-15 (Dec 6-4)
– Montell Marion (Iowa) 29-3 won by decision over Mitchell Port (Edinboro) 28-9 (Dec 6-1)
– Borislav Novachkov (Cal Poly) 29-3 won by decision over Justin LaValle (Old Dominion) 26-15 (Dec 6-4)
– Zach Neibert (Virginia Tech) 22-10 won by decision over Nick Nelson (Virginia) 26-3 (Dec 4-2)
– Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) 30-1 won by major decision over Michael Nevinger (Cornell) 29-11 (Maj 13-2

149 lbs

– Frank Molinaro (Penn State) 30-0 won by decision over Scott Sakaguchi (Oregon St.) 34-6 (Dec 6-5)
– Eric Grajales (Michigan) 20-6 won by decision over Nick Brascetta (Virginia Tech) 22-5 (Dec 4-1)
– Justin Accordino (Hofstra) 25-11 won by pin over Ian Miller (Kent St.) 29-4 (Pin 3:33)
– Nick Lester (Oklahoma) 22-10 won by tech fall over Kevin Tao (American) 20-15 (TF 16-0)
– Cole VonOhlen (Air Force) 38-2 won by decision over Steve Santos (Columbia) 24-10 (Dec 7-4)
– Tyler Nauman (Pittsburgh) 29-5 won by decision over Bryce Busler (Bloomsburg) 27-11 (Dec 6-0)
– Dylan Ness (Minnesota) 22-8 won by decision over Corey Jantzen (Harvard) 10-3 (Dec 11-7)
– Jamal Parks (Oklahoma St.) 32-0 won by decision over Josh Wilson (Utah Valley) 20-10 (Dec 7-2)

157 lbs

– Kyle Dake (Cornell) 32-0 won by pin over Joshua Kreimier (Air Force) 24-15 (Pin 1:31)
– Frank Hickman (Bloomsburg) 31-5 won by decision over Justin Lister (Binghamton) 27-6 (Dec 7-4)
– Ganbayar Sanjaa (American) 24-3 won by decision over Steven Monk (North Dakota St.) 33-8 (Dec 3-2)
– Daniel Kolodzik (Princeton) 33-9 won by decision over David Bonin (Northern Iowa) 30-8 (Dec 10-5)
– Jason Welch (Northwestern) 25-1 won by decision over Tommy Churchard (Purdue) 19-19 (Dec 10-4)
– James Green (Nebraska) 32-7 won in overtime over James Fleming (Clarion) 28-3 (OT 8-3)
– Dylan Alton (Penn State) 26-5 won by decision over Anthony Jones (Michigan St.) 22-9 (Dec 2-1)
– Derek St. John (Iowa) 19-2 won by decision over Roger Pena (Oregon St.) 29-8 (Dec 8-4)

165 lbs

– David Taylor (Penn State) 29-0 won by pin over Brandon Wright (Chattanooga) 22-10 (Pin 1:52)
– Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) 30-5 won by decision over Patrick Graham (Oklahoma) 18-13 (Dec 5-4)
– Paul Gillespie (Hofstra) 30-5 won by decision over Michael Evans (Iowa) 26-7 (Dec 3-2)
– Bekzod Abdurakhmonov (Clarion) 33-4 won by major decision over Coleman Gracey (Army) 25-13 (Maj 11-3)
– Andrew Sorenson (Iowa St.) 28-2 won by decision over Marshall Peppelman (Cornell) 27-16 (Dec 4-2)
– Brandon Hatchett (Lehigh) 20-3 won by decision over Dallas Bailey (Oklahoma St.) 15-15 (Dec 4-2)
– Josh Asper (Maryland) 27-1 won by decision over Dominic Kastl (Cal Poly) 13-4 (Dec 5-2)
– Shane Onufer (Wyoming) 33-1 won by decision over Daniel Yates (Michigan) 24-9 (Dec 6-3)

174 lbs

– Edward Ruth (Penn State) 28-0 won by pin over Dorian Henderson (Missouri) 20-12 (Pin 1:26)
– Nick Heflin (Ohio St.) 25-8 won in overtime over Leroy Munster (Northwestern) 24-11 (OT 3-2)
– Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa) 27-7 won by decision over Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland) 25-5 (Dec 5-3)
– Logan Storley (Minnesota) 25-6 won by decision over Lance Bryson (West Virginia) 25-15 (Dec 2-0)
– Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford) 22-0 won by major decision over Tyler Koehn (Nebraska) 19-13 (Maj 8-0)
– Ryan DesRoches (Cal Poly) 26-3 won in overtime over Justin Zeerip (Michigan) 22-7 (OT 5-4)
– Jordan Blanton (Illinois) 27-7 won by decision over Ryan Leblanc (Indiana) 30-15 (Dec 6-1)
– Chris Perry (Oklahoma St.) 28-0 won by decision over Curran Jacobs (Michigan St.) 25-13 (Dec 6-2)

184 lbs

– Joe LeBlanc (Wyoming) 32-1 won by major decision over Erich Smith (Pennsylvania) 20-17 (Maj 11-3)
– Austin Trotman (Appalachian S.) 35-4 won by decision over Ryan Loder (Northern Iowa) 33-5 (Dec 8-2)
– Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) 29-4 won by decision over Jonathan Fausey (Virginia) 22-4 (Dec 7-6)
– Steve Bosak (Cornell) 30-4 won by major decision over Nathan Schiedel (Binghamton) 29-9 (Maj 10-0)
– Ben Bennett (Central Michigan) 32-3 won by major decision over Victor Avery (Edinboro) 24-14 (Maj 9-0)
– Quentin Wright (Penn State) 28-3 won by major decision over Ben Clymer (Hofstra) 30-7 (Maj 10-2)
– Josh Ihnen (Nebraska) 25-5 won by decision over Jacob Swartz (Boise State) 20-5 (Dec 3-2)
– Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) 31-1 won by decision over Tony Dallago (Illinois) 23-12 (Dec 8-3)

194 lbs

– Cam Simaz (Cornell) 28-1 won by tech fall over Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) 18-9 (TF 22-7)
– Alfonso Hernandez (Wyoming) 38-5 won by decision over Matt Powless (Indiana) 34-5 (Dec 7-6)
– Cayle Byers (Oklahoma St.) 25-3 won by decision over Joseph Kennedy (Lehigh) 22-6 (Dec 5-2)
– James Nakashima (Nebraska) 22-9 won by decision over Cody Reed (Binghamton) 24-17 (Dec 7-5)
– Matthew Wilps (Pittsburgh) 32-3 won by decision over A.J. Kissel (Purdue) 7-6 (Dec 11-6)
– Brent Haynes (Missouri) 25-6 won by decision over Micah Burak (Pennsylvania) 20-5 (Dec 6-0)
– Sonny Yohn (Minnesota) 28-5 won by decision over Mario Gonzalez (Illinois) 24-8 (Dec 8-5)
– Christopher Honeycutt (Edinboro) 38-1 won by decision over Daniel Rinaldi (Rutgers) 26-7 (Dec 6-3)

285 lbs

– Ryan Flores (American) 20-0 won by pin over Wesley Schroeder (Eastern Mich.) 18-17 (Pin 2:21)
– Andrew Delaney (Citadel) 29-2 won by decision over Steve Andrus (Michigan St.) 24-15 (Dec 9-6)
– Bobby Telford (Iowa) 27-7 won by decision over Peter Capone (Ohio St.) 15-16 (Dec 4-1)
– Zachery Rey (Lehigh) 24-2 won by decision over Brandon Williamson (West Virginia) 27-7 (Dec 2-1)
– Clayton Jack (Oregon St.) 37-1 won by tech fall over Kevin Innis (Boston U.) 22-6 (TF 17-2)
– Cameron Wade (Penn State) 27-4 won by decision over Maciej Jochym (Cornell) 20-16 (Dec 8-2)
– Michael McMullan (Northwestern) 25-10 won by pin over Jeremy Johnson (Ohio) 31-6 (Pin 4:05)
– Anthony Nelson (Minnesota) 29-2 won by decision over Peter Sturgeon (Central Michigan) 31-12 (Dec 6-0)

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