Ring of Combat 39 Live Results And Play-By-Play

Ring of Combat 39 will take place on Friday, February 10 from the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The main…

By: Leland Roling | 12 years ago
Ring of Combat 39 Live Results And Play-By-Play
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Ring of Combat 39 will take place on Friday, February 10 from the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The main event will feature highly-touted light heavyweight Scouting Report prospect Tom DeBlass as he battles late replacement Randy Smith at a 240 lb. catchweight. Also on the line is the Ring of Combat featherweight crown, lying vacant for either The Ultimate Fighter 14 contestant Jeff Lentz or Illinois’ Giovanni Moljo to take. UFC veteran Pete Sell and 2011 Scouting Report prospect Uriah Hall will also make appearances alongside a bevy of great prospects in James Jenkins, Frankie Perez, Ed Gordon, and Jarred Mercado.

The card will air live on GFL.tv at 8:30 PM ET, cost is $14.99. If you’re unable to follow along with the action on GFL.tv, join our live discussion in the comments and follow the play-by-play right here at BloodyElbow.com. The card is as follows:

Quick Results
Anthony Harrison def. Carlos Fonseca via unanimous decision (20-18, 20-17, 20-18)
Whitney Francois def. Pat Defranco by KO at 2:31 of Round 1
Frankie Perez def. Jeremy Uy via unanimous decision (20-16, 20-17, 20-17)
James Jenkins def. Dwayne Shelton via TKO, 1:51 of Round 3
Munah Holland def. Pearl Gonzalez via majority decision (29-29, 29-28, 29-28)
Jarred Mercado def. Rafael Fagundes Machado via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-27, 30-27)
Ed Gordon def. David Tkeshelashvili by majority decision (29-29, 29-28, 29-28)
Duane van Helvoirt def. Lester Caslow via submission (triangle choke) at 1:49 of Round 1.
Uriah Hall def. Daniel Akinyemi via submission (heel hook) at 3:58 of Round 1.
Pete Sell def. Mike Whitesel via unanimous decision
Jeff Lentz def. Giovanni Moljo via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-25).
Tom DeBlass def. Randy Smith via submission (heel hook) at 0:41 of Round 1.

More play-by-play after the fold…

Catchweight (240 lbs.): Tom DeBlass (6-0) vs. Randy Smith (14-9-1)

Round 1: Randy is noticeably bigger than DeBlass. Wow. Tom throws the first combination, landing on Smith, but not affecting him at all. DeBlass clinches, then pulls guard, immediately moving to the heel hook. He taps Smith instantly. Wow. Tom DeBlass def. Randy Smith via submission (heel hook) at 0:41 of Round 1.

Vacant Featherweight Title: Jeff Lentz (8-2-1) vs. Giovanni Moljo (4-4)

Round 1: Lentz throwing a steady diet of kicks early as expected. He’s clearly making Moljo uncomfortable, and right on queue — Moljo jumps on Lentz and tries to pull guard. Lentz defends, pushing Moljo into the fence and working from the clinch. Moljo won’t let go, and Mulhall separates them. Back at center, Lentz is sizzling kicks into Moljo’s legs, body, and head. He’s using his lengthy frame to keep Moljo on the outside, and it’s working brilliantly. Moljo is covering up quite a bit, so much that Lentz is getting free shots at his legs because he isn’t looking at the incoming head kicks. The round ends. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Lentz

Round 2: Lentz picks up where he left off, although Moljo attempted to reverse roles with a flying knee and kicking combination. Lentz avoided the shot and continued to batter Moljo’s legs and body. Lentz is unloading heavy shots as the round progresses, crushing Moljo with leg and body kick combinations. Moljo seems to be hurt, and Lentz smells blood. Moljo’s mouthpiece falls out, Mulhall stops the fight for a second and restarts it. Lentz immediately flips the switch and goes into full beast mode, running at Moljo with a flying knee attack. Moljo drops his mouthpiece again. They restart and Lentz continues the onslaught. Moljo miraculously survives. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-8 Lentz.

Round 3: Lentz is styling on Moljo now, throwing a variety of kicks. At this point, Lentz is clowning Moljo, landing punches and kicks at will, although nothing stunning as of yet. Lentz lands a head kick halfway through the round that looks like it may have hurt Moljo. Moljo, for most of the fight, has been touching his mouthpiece after each exchange. Very strange. I don’t know what else to say here. The round ends as it started with Moljo eating kicks over and over without countering. Easy win for Lentz. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-8 Lentz. 30-25 Lentz. Jeff Lentz def. Giovanni Moljo via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-25).

Catchweight (180 lbs.): Pete “Drago” Sell (9-6) vs. Mitch Whitesel (17-20)

Round 1: Whitesel looking good early with his feet, moving around quickly and jabbing at Sell. Whitesel takes down Drago, but Drago catches his leg. He can’t lock in the leg lock, but he uses the transition to follow Whitesel to his feet. There, he takes the back and dumps Whitesel, gaining side control immediately. Drago works from top control for the rest of the round, taking shots at Whitesel while also positionally dominating his opponent to the end of the round. BloodyElbow.com scores it 10-9 Sell

Round 2: Drago starts off where he finishes round one, immediately taking down Whitesel and transitioning to full mount. He postures up and rains down heavy blows. Whitesel is panicking, bucking up and using the fence to try to escape. Sell defends the escape, maintaining mount. Whitesel is eating punches badly, and the fight may be close to ending here. Whitesel survives the onslaught miraculously. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-8 Sell.

Round 3: Sell beats up Whitesel for the opening minute-and-a-half of the third, landing leg kicks and punches to keep Whitesel backpedaling away. Whitesel eventually shoots with Sell defending with the threat of a front choke. Unfortunately for Sell, Whitesel avoids the attempt and pushes through, gaining top control inside half guard. Sell latches onto a kimura, but can’t do anything with it. He lets go, scrambling to his feet with 20 seconds left. Sell reverses the action, taking down Whitesel against the fence. Easy win for Drago. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Sell. 30-26 Sell. Pete Sell def. Mike Whitesel via unanimous decision

Middleweight: Uriah Hall (5-2) vs. Daniel Akinyemi (2-0)

Round 1: Akinyemi tries to start quickly by taking a shot right after the glove touch. Hall evades the shot, then evades a rush from Akinyemi that ends in the fence. Hall lands some knees in the clinch before they separate. Back to center, both men are throwing with Hall landing a few leg kicks and glancing some shots off Akinyemi’s head. Akinyemi lands a few of his own, then finds a way to gain top position. Hall tries to wall walk, but Akinyemi foresees it and dumps his back to the canvas. Akinyemi lands a few heavy blows from the top before transitioning to a choke attempt. Then Akinyemi throws knees to the shoulder. Hall suddenly explodes through Akinyemi, regains his feet, then briefly takes down Akinyemi. Akinyemi bounces back to his feet, running at Hall and changing levels. After briefly stalling on the fence, Akinyemi dumps Hall, following it up with ground and pound. WOW! Akinyemi leaves his leg close to Hall, and Hall takes it, transitioning to the heel hook and tapping Akinyemi immediately. Uriah Hall def. Daniel Akinyemi via submission (heel hook) at 3:58 of Round 1.

Catchweight (150 lbs.): Lester Caslow (7-5) vs. Duane van Helvoirt (8-4)

Round 1: Helvoirt pressing the action early with aggressive striking. Caslow is countering nicely, landing a couple of leg kicks and a solid straight left. Helvoirt presses the action to the cage and gets the takedown, moving to half guard. Caslow eventually scrambles, gaining top control. Unfortunately, he is stuck in a triangle choke, and van Helvoirt traps the arm and squeezes. Caslow can’t even tap, he’s out so fast. Duane van Helvoirt def. Lester Caslow via submission (triangle choke) at 1:49 of Round 1.

Light Heavyweight: Ed Gordon (2-0) vs. David Tkeshelashvili (8-4)

Round 1: Gordon shoots early, missing the takedown and clinching with David. David tosses Gordon over his back, nearly landing in top control. Gordon continues to roll and both men scramble to their feet. David pulls guard, attempting a guillotine choke, then transitioning to an armbar. He misses. Gordon settles into David’s guard, landing short elbows and heavy shots. David is evading most of the shots. The referee stands up the fight. Gordon throws hooks over the top, then clinches up. David pulls and tosses Gordon to the mat, but he can’t gain control. They scramble to the feet where Gordon continues to attack, landing a couple of body shots, but missing often with the heavy overhand. Fortunately, David’s stand-up is terrible. The round ends as David attempts to pull guard once again. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Gordon

Round 2: Gordon comes forward to start, clinching up with David in the fence. He lands a few knees before David pulls to toss Gordon to the mat. Gordon loses the clinch and David scrambles to press Gordon to the fence. Both men jockey for position with Gordon landing a few knees. He separates to avoid David pulling him down. Back at center, Gordon shoots underneath David’s attack, but he’s easily stuffed by the stronger David. David tries to throw Gordon over his body. Unfortunately, he slips. Gordon scrambles to take advantage, but he can’t, David lands a counter left as they separate, and Gordon is hurt. David moves to sink in a front choke. Gordon defends. He regains his feet, but he’s wobbled and being busted up by David. Gordon survives the round, but definitely a losing one. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Tkeshelashvili

Round 3: Opening minute is close as both men are attempting to take over the stand-up game. Gordon is the fresher fighter with more movement, but David is landing shots in close quarters after Gordon misses. Gordon is trying to land leaping hooks, but he consistently misses as he isn’t fully committing. He’s scared of David’s power. Gordon presses as we near the final minute, throwing jabs. Gordon chucks a huge overhand over the top and David shoots in with a solid takedown attempt. Gordon makes him pay for it with a knee. David presses forward, unaffected by the damage. David presses and throws knees himself. The referee separates them with 10 seconds left.. tough round to call. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Gordon, 29-28 Gordon. Ed Gordon def. David Tkeshelashvili by majority decision (29-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Featherweight: Jarred Mercado (4-0) vs. Rafael Fagundes Machado (4-8)

Round 1: Mercado shoots underneath Machado’s strikes immediately, beautifully tying up Machado’s legs and transitioning to half guard. Machado is defending with a guillotine choke, but there isn’t anyway he can finish in half guard while Mercado is trying to pass. Mercado eventually passes and moves to back control after attempting to hold down Machado’s arm with his knee. Mercado locks in one hook, then in B.J. Penn fashion — tries to lock down Machado’s arm with the other hook. He can’t maintain, but that doesn’t stop him from beating on Machado and scrambling to mount briefly. Machado defends, escaping the mount. Mercado lands in side control, the round ends. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Mercado.

Round 2: More of the same from Mercado in the second as he batters Machado from the top after an initial takedown early. This time around, he showcases his ground and pound, beating on Machado along the fence. Machado briefly escapes at the halfway point in the round, but Mercado compensates, moving to side control, then mount with 45 ticks left. Machado gives up his back, and Mercado sits with hooks in to sink in the rear naked choke. Time expires. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Mercado.

Round 3: Mercado with… guess what? A takedown. He moves to side control, blasting knees into Machado’s body. Machado has to roll over to avoid more shots, and Mercado is nearly on his back. He can’t finish the transition, but it doesn’t matter. He moves to side control and beats up Machado with knees to the body. Mercado dominates the round, similarly to the first two. Round ends. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-8 Mercado. Jarred Mercado def. Rafael Fagundes Machado via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-27, 30-27)

Women’s: Munah Holland (2-1) vs. Pearl Gonzalez (0-0)

Round 1: Gonzalez presses Holland to the fence immediately, clearly wanting to bring this fight into her wheelhouse on the ground. Holland spreads out her base on the fence and maintains her feet briefly. Gonzalez gains position from the top, clasping onto Holland’s head in a headlock while landing punches. She maintains that position for most of the round, repeatedly landing blows while Holland attempts to buck off the fence to escape. She can’t move, and the referee isn’t going to help her. Gonzalez finally gives up the hold with 45 seconds left in the round, but Pearl grabs the body lock along the fence again. She can’t get the takedown, but Munah can’t put any offense together. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Gonzalez

Round 2: Roles reverse in the second as Munah presses to the fence to start and takes down Gonzalez. Holland trying to land some strikes, but Gonzalez is trying to squirm free to get to her feet. She’s unsuccessful, but gives up her back in the process. Munah sinks in both hooks and goes for the choke. Gonzalez is in trouble. She defends the first attempt, but Holland is relentless. Gonzalez eventually twists and causes Holland to fall off to the side. Gonzalez takes advantage and reverses her position. Before she can gain top control, Holland lets go and tries to get to her feet. With seconds left, Gonzalez tosses Holland over her hip, back into the headlock position from the first round. Round ends. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Holland.

Round 3: Holland begins the third like the second, pressing the action immediately into the fence. Gonzalez slips the arm under the neck to threaten with a guillotine. It doesn’t work as Holland slams Gonzalez into the ground violently. After a little ground and pound, Gonzalez escapes the position briefly, but Holland is waiting for her. Holland gains back mount, beating up on Gonzalez and threatening with a rear naked choke. Holland showing exceptional grappling here despite her opponent being the alleged better grappler. The round ends. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Holland, 29-28 Holland. Munah Holland def. Pearl Gonzalez via majority decision (29-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Featherweight: James Jenkins (4-0) vs. Dwayne Shelton (9-9-1)

Round 1: Shelton starts off the action with a leg kick, and quickly gets put to his back by Jenkins. Shelton throws up his legs, tries to catch Jenkins with a triangle, and Jenkins easily evades the attempt and starts bombing on Shelton near the fence. Jenkins continues his onslaught before nearly getting armbarred by Shelton with two minutes left in the round. Jenkins maintains his composure and escapes, moving back to top position to control and batter Shelton. Shelton attempts a kimura off his back next, but Jenkins easily evades and lands more punches on Shelton. With fifteen seconds left, Shelton throws his legs up and transitions to an armbar. Jenkins, once again, evades. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Jenkins.

Round 2: Shelton comes out firing, but Jenkins walks him down and lands some nice shots and a heavy body blow. Shelton is attempting to counter as he backpedals, and Jenkins gets way too aggressive, eating a heavy shot from Shelton. Jenkins is hurt. As Shelton presses, Jenkins ties up, lifts Shelton off his feet, and slams him. Jenkins works from top control, eventually posturing up and regaining his feet. He attempts to land a few shots over the top to a downed Shelton, but decides to let him back to his feet with one minute left in the round. Jenkins dirty boxes Shelton along the fence, landing some short punches and elbows to the end of the round. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Jenkins.

Round 3: Shelton is bringing a lot of power in his punches to open the third, likely realizing he’s down on the scorecards. Shelton is landing well here, glancing a head kick off Jenkins’ head and putting a few solid shots on the chin. Jenkins finally responds, hitting Shelton over the top and blasting Shelton in the clinch. Shelton is hurt badly. He’s running from Jenkins, and Jenkins lands the hammer as he runs down Shelton. Shelton is out. James Jenkins def. Dwayne Shelton via TKO, 1:51 of Round 3

Lightweight: Frankie Perez (2-0) vs. Jeremy Uy (0-0)

Round 1: Uy comes out firing, throwing a punch over the top and landing on Perez. Perez falls to his back, and Uy falls prey to Perez’s long limbs and active guard. He grabs the arm and sets up a triangle, then transitions straight to the arm, nearly tapping Uy. Uy jumps over the top to save his arm and Perez rolls, latching on and nearly finishing it again. Uy survives, but he’s stuck in a triangle. He won’t tap, and Uy powers out of the hold., Amazing. Uy continues to work from the top, then gets reversed. Perez gets mount, Uy turns to give up his back and Perez takes back control while battering Uy with strikes. Perez works to get both hooks in and hammers Perez with punches from the back. Uy is tough and controls one wrist to avoid the rear naked choke. Perez continues to hammerfist Uy’s dome. Uy won’t let go of the wrist though. Uy falls to his butt and Perez goes for the rear naked, trying to power through Uy’s forearm. Uy survives to the bell. Incredible. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-8 Perez.

Round 2: Uy comes out swinging for the fences. Throws a couple of heavy shots while pressing Perez to the fence. Perez reverses the position and presses Uy to the fence, then changes levels to attempt the takedown. He trips up Uy and ends up in side control along the fence, moving knee-to-belly and trying to gain mount. The fence is in his way and Uy takes the opportunity to get back to his feet. After a brief scramble, Perez trips him up again, mounting him quickly. He postures up and bombs on Uy. Uy gives up his back, but Perez has both hooks in and is crushing Uy with heavy shots. The punishment continues with Perez locking in a body triangle, and Uy has nothing to offer. Easy victory for Frankie Perez. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-8 Perez. 20-16 Perez. Frankie Perez def. Jeremy Uy via unanimous decision (20-16, 20-17, 20-17)

Featherweight: Andre Harrison (1-0) vs. Carlos Fonseca (2-4)

Round 1: After a short feeling out period, Harrison plows through Fonseca for a takedown into the closed guard. From the top, Harrison is working to free his hands, but Fonseca is doing a nice job of bucking up his hips and controlling Harrison’s posture. Harrison is sneaking in some short hooks from the top, hitting Fonseca with a few heavy elbows. He’s maintaining enough activity to keep a stand-up from happening, and he finishes the round defending an armbar set-up from Fonseca. Easy 10-9 for Harrison. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Harrison.

Round 2: Fonseca firing off jabs and two punch combinations to start. Harrison eats a few jabs, but evading most of the shots with good head movement. Fonseca attempts another flurry and Harrison explodes through the hips and takes down Fonseca easily. Fonseca kicks Harrison out from top control and regains his feet moments later. Back on the feet, Fonseca walks down Harrison, then gets slammed to the ground by a takedown attempt. Harrison settles into the closed guard near the fence, similarly to the opening frame. Harrison postures back up to his feet, then lands a heavy right over the top of Fonseca’s kicking legs. The crowd is in awe of the shot, but Fonseca seems to be alive. Fonseca gets his legs back with thirty seconds left, and he’s trying to do anything to land a game-changing shot. Harrison avoids and ties up Fonseca to the bell. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Harrison, 20-18 Harrison. Andre Harrison def. Carlos Fonseca via unanimous decision (20-18, 20-17, 20-18)

Welterweight: Pat Defranco (1-0) vs. Whitney Francois (1-2)

Round 1: Francois lands instantly and wobbles Defranco, and Defranco answers back, wobbling Francois himself. A scramble ensues and Francois throws Defranco impressively over his hip and to the ground. Defranco scrambles to his feet, and Francois presses him to the fence. He attempts to work toward a takedown from the clinch, but Defranco does a nice job of stopping him. They separate and Defranco takes a poke to the eye. Action resumes after a pause to check the eye. Back to action, and both men are firing heavy shots. Francois tries to neutralize the shots by pressing the fence, but eats a shot as he separates. Wow… a crazy exchange of back-and-forth action ends when Francois destroys Defranco’s chin with two heavy rights. Defranco goes flat to his back, but he seems to be trying to tie up his leg. Referee Kevin Mulhall stops the fight. Whitney Francois def. Pat Defranco by KO at 2:31 of Round 1.

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