Asian MMA Update: Tuck vs. Arenal PXC 28 Video, Striegl vs. Mashamaite in Taipei, RUFF 2 China Card

There are a bunch of news and tidbits coming out of the Asian MMA scene, so let's get right through it: ONE FC and…

By: Anton Tabuena | 12 years ago
Asian MMA Update: Tuck vs. Arenal PXC 28 Video, Striegl vs. Mashamaite in Taipei, RUFF 2 China Card
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There are a bunch of news and tidbits coming out of the Asian MMA scene, so let’s get right through it:

  • ONE FC and DREAM have officially announced their partnership. Not much additional details were added from our earlier reports, but they confirmed that they’re going to be sharing the fighters from their rosters, and they’re going to have the first co-promoted show on March 31st at the Singapore Indoor Arena.
  • Mark Striegl, who is one of the top rising stars in the region, was supposed to fight at last weekend’s PXC event, but his opponent had to pull out at the last minute. He got another fight in less than a month though, and is booked for Dec 18, at PRO Fighting MMA in Taipei. His opponent will be Muay Thai champ and ONE FC vet, Daniel Mashamaite.
  • Striegl and Will Chope had trained together with Eric Kelly in Baguio, Philippines, but they’ve made the trip to Manila, and have recently trained together with the guys from DEFTAC Makati.
  • Speaking of Will ‘The Kill’ Chope, he recently won two URCC bouts in two weeks, but if that wasn’t enough, he has already stacked his schedule once again. It looks something like this: Dec. 10 – Muay Thai event in Philippines, Dec. 17 – K-1 in China, and Dec. 21, Bareknuckle Muay Thai in Thailand. That’s going to be five bouts, three countries, in just a little over seven weeks. Yes, I think he’s a bit crazy.
  • Here’s the fight video of the headlining PXC 28 bout between Jon Tuck and Tristan Arenal. Check it out:

  • As always, follow me on twitter, and stay tuned for photo galleries from PXC 28, the URCC Black Tie Brawl, and BJ Penn’s public work out.

    Much more stuff after the jump including the story behind Legend FC’s logo, and the upcoming RUFF 2 fight card.

  • I’ve always liked the logo of Legend FC, and it’s pretty cool that they decided to explain the story behind it’s creation on their website.

    It started out as calligraphy made by tattoo artist and Chinese calligrapher, Joey Pang:
    “I typically write out each character around 100 times according the client’s requested calligraphy style and period of history [since] each character is written differently according the time in Chinese history.”

    After hundreds of tries, she ended up submitting these 5 designs:

    They used these calligraphy, and gave them to graphic artist, Lun Wong. They wanted it to be bi-lingual, and had these as the first few iterations of their logo:

    They eventually ended up with their current logo, which was from inspired by the traditional Chinese seal:

  • RUFF in China, released a promo video for their 2nd event on December 17. Check out the video that also highlights the fights from their first card:


  • Here’s the full fight card (click the photo to enlarge), which includes some of the best Chinese fighters such as Wang Guan, and Jumabieke Tuerxun, who has been rumored to be scouted by major US promotions:

  • UFC contender, Ben Henderson went to Korea before that UFC on Japan press conference, and visited relatives from his mother side. Here’s a photo. (HT: Nightmare of Battle)

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