W-1 MMA Reloaded Live Results and Commentary

Join us tonight at 8 PM ET for W-1 MMA Reloaded, taking place at the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, Florida. In the main…

By: Leland Roling | 12 years ago
W-1 MMA Reloaded Live Results and Commentary
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Join us tonight at 8 PM ET for W-1 MMA Reloaded, taking place at the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables, Florida. In the main event of the evening, UFC veteran Marcus Davis will aim to extend his winning streak to three as he battles The Ultimate Fighter 13 contestant Chuck O’Neil. James Edson Berto, Luis Palomino, Nathan Coy, and Kim Couture will also appear on the card. 

W-1 MMA Reloaded is available through GFL.tv for $9.99. Click here to order and join in on the action. Otherwise, join our discussion and follow the live results and play-by-play right here at BloodyElbow.com. As always, follow me (@lelandroling) for instant analysis.

W-1 MMA Reloaded – October 15, 2011
BankUnited Center, Coral Gables, Florida

Chuck O’Neil def. Marcus Davis via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Luis Palomino def. James Edson Berto via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
John Manley def. Sabah Homasi via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Alan Arzeno def. Tom Waters via TKO, 3:12, R2.
Nathan Coy def. Patrick Mikesz via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Kenny Moss def. Bruno Reis Da Maria via submission (shoulder choke), 1:46, R2
Frank Carrillo def. Joseph Watson via KO (uppercut), 2:37, R1
Suzie Montero def. Kim Couture via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Giovanni Brugnoni def. James Wynn via submission (guillotine choke), 0:57, R1
Michael Trujillo def. Eric Raposo via TKO, 0:55, R1
Anthony Garavito def. Davaun McKoy via submission (keylock), 2:57, R3.
Michael Quinones def. Denis Sejdievski via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Play by play from previous fights after the fold…

WelterweightMarcus Davis (20-8) vs. Chuck O’Neil (8-4)

Round 1: Short feeling out period, but O’Neil initiates the clinch after thirty second of pawing. Davis presses him into the fence, and O’Neil turns to land knees. O’Neil topples Davis to the ground, and Davis regains his feet immediately. Back to the clinch, and Davis turns O’Neil into the fence, looks like he’s attempting to set-up a takedown. O’Neil defends, maintaining his position against the fence. More jockeying for position from both fighters, dancing with each other in the clinch. They separate, back to center. Davis landing straight, overhand combos multiple times, although he doesn’t land clean. O’Neil clinches to tie up Davis’ hands, but can’t maintain. Back to center. Davis throwing huge punches against the fence, just narrowly missing the mark. He moves into the clinch, then dumps O’Neil and moves to side control. O’Neil sweeps, landing in Davis’ closed guard. O’Neil working the body-body-head, then postures to his feet and lands some straight punches to the body and head of Davis. Davis, as usual, is cut. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Marcus Davis

Round 2: O’Neil with confidence now, throwing aggressive attacks on the feet. Davis trying to come in hard and getting battered a bit early. O’Neil’s length is working to his advantage in this round. He flurries at Davis, landing a body kick and punches. Davis clinches to avoid damage, then dumps O’Neil to his back. O’Neil throws up his legs, threatening with the triangle choke. He can’t pull it off, and Davis strongarms his way out. O’Neill escapes to his feet after Davis gives him a little space, but Davis dumps him again. Davis working from half guard, landing body blows and punches. Davis gets kicked off from a moment, and O’Neill nearly catches him in a triangle when he attempts to land back in guard. Davis explodes out of it, then falls into guard after eating a couple of heels to the face.BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Marcus Davis

Round 3: Fight is pretty close. O’Neil could get round 1 or 2 due to how he neutralized Davis. Not sure how this will go down. Davis gets the takedown early in round 3, not doing a whole lot from the top though. No offense from Davis.. and the referee has had enough. He stands it up, and O’Neil takes down Davis. Now full mount, and O’Neil lands a huge elbow. Davis is gushing blood badly. Davis turns and O’Neil takes the back. He’s working for the choke. Forty-five seconds left, O’Neil will have a hard time finishing. What the hell.. Ref stands it up to check the cut. Why? There is barely any time left. Ref restarts them in the same position. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Chuck O’Neil

Chuck O’Neil def. Marcus Davis via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

LightweightJames Edson Berto (16-8-1) vs. Luis Palomino (16-7)

Round 1: Palomino with a couple of hard leg kicks to start, then nearly lands a head kick. Berto is very slow to start and Palomino is sizzling kicks at Berto. Stevenson says Berto should be the heavy favorite. He’s on crack. Palomino blasts a leg kick into Berto’s thigh. As Palomino kicks, Berto shoots. Palomino falls a bit, then transitions to a flying armbar. Berto evades, and they scramble back to the feet. Palomino lands a leg kick, then a quick combination. Berto throws a high head kick, and Palomino kicks out his leg. Palomino beating him with quickness everywhere. Wow… Palomino launches himself off the cage with a superman and clips Berto in the ensuing flurry. Palomino presses him into the fence now, attempting to bring Berto the ground. Berto’s length stops him. Back to center, and Berto backs Palomino to the fence. Ten seconds left, Berto throws a roundhouse, misses badly. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Luis Palomino.

Round 2: Palomino busting up Berto with more kicks and punches, speed is killing Berto. Commentary team says the first round was even. Idiots. Berto hasn’t produced any damage at all, yet keeps eating kicks and glancing blows. Berto nearly lands a brutal overhand right. Misses, and Palomino is jawing at Berto, Diaz style. Palomino comes forward and gets eye poked. Berto acknowledges he did it, yet the referee does nothing. Good stuff, Florida. Berto lands a punch, then a kick, and Palomino has to shoot to avoid being taken advantage of while he’s blurry eyed. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-10.

Round 3: Palomino lands a superman punch to start his attack. Berto evades the ensuing flurry, and both men go to work toe-to-toe, exchanging kicks and punches. Berto shoots at the three minute mark, and Palomino reverses the shot and takes the top, bruising Berto with elbows from half guard. Berto gets back to his feet, and he’s using his reach to his advantage with outside kicks. WOW! Palomino just explodes from a dead stance with a flying knee and a two-punch combo, hurting Berto briefly. More toe-to-toe exchanges, but nothing significant. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Palomino.

WelterweightSabah Homasi (4-2) vs. John Manley (6-1)

Round 1: Manley shoots for the takedown immediately, and Homasi defends with an underhook. Manley powers through it, and then pulls out Homasi’s legs and off the fence to complete the takedown. Manley works from the top, but he can’t maintain control. Homasi eventually escapes, getting back to his feet briefly. Manley tries to sink in a guillotine choke and bring down Homasi. He succeeds in bringing him down, but loses the choke quickly. Homasi now working from top control, ground and pounding Manley. Round ends with Homasi flurrying with hammerfists.BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Sabah Homasi.

Round 2: Manley implements the same strategy in the second, shooting for the takedown early and getting top control near the fence. Working in Homasi’s closed guard, Manley throws down elbows and punches. Manley works from there for most of the round, but an escape attempt by Homasi with a minute left put him into some danger of a guillotine. Manley escapes, and works from the top till the end of the round. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 John Manley.

Round 3: Homasi’s takedown defense fails him again at the start of the third, succumbing to Manley’s shot and landing on his back. Manley controls and attacks for a majority of the round, although Homasi regained his feet with a minute and a half left. Manley immediately pressed to the fence, inevitably dumping Homasi once again, securing the win. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 John Manley. John Manley def. Sabah Homasi via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

LightweightTom Waters (4-2) vs. Alan Arzeno (4-4)

Round 1: Arzeno fires off some quick punches and kick to start. Waters evades the shots, checks a kick, then shoots, getting a brief takedown. Arzeno wall walks, then gets dumped again. Arzeno uses a kimura lock to turn Waters and escape back to the feet. Waters shoots again, taking down Arzeno. Arzeno on the fence, squirming his way up the fence to his feet. Again, Waters dumps him. Waters eventually works to a better position and controls Arzeno, getting off some ground and pound and threatening with submissions. As he gets to mount, Arzeno bucks him and flips to his feet with seconds left. He immediately lands a nice overhand, and Waters has to shoot to avoid damage. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Tom Waters.

Round 2: Waters works for the takedown immediately in the second, pressing Arzeno to the fence. Two minutes of the round is spent in the clinch with Waters pressing Arzeno’s legs. He finally flips Arzeno over his hip and to the ground. Arzeno immediately scoots to the fence. Referee separates them. Arzeno comes forward, drops Waters. It is uncertain whether it’s an eye poke or not, but Waters is holding his eye. Arzeno follows the shot up with more blows, and the referee stops it. Alan Arzeno def. Tom Waters via TKO, 3:12, Round 2.

WelterweightNathan Coy (8-4) vs. Patrick Mikesz (8-8)

Round 1: Coy shoots after a brief feeling out period. Mikesz has some impressive flexibility and threatens with a triangle. Coy powers out of it, and begins to put the ground and pound on Patrick. I won’t bore you with the details, but Coy is just burying punches into Mikesz’s body and face. Smothering ground and pound from Coy. Mikesz gets dominated for the majority of the round. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Coy.

Round 2: Take a wild guess what’s happening… yep, Coy got a takedown and is beating the crap out of Mikesz. Mikesz trying to transition to armbars, but Coy just shucks them off. Mikesz bleeding all over the mat, getting buried by ground and pound. Nothing to describe except destruction. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Coy.

Round 3: Mikesz can’t maintain his feet for long, gets taken down a minute in. Coy grounding and pounding now, HULK SMASH!! Coy moves to a north-south position, tries to choke out Patrick, no dice. Back to side, more punching to the face. Mikesz is scrambling with his back to the sky, but he can’t seem to escape Coy’s grip. He’s dumped onto his back again, and Coy returns to smashing Mikesz. Round ends in that manner. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Coy.

Nathan Coy def. Patrick Mikesz via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

WelterweightBruno Reis Da Maria (1-0-1) vs. Kenny Moss (3-2)

Round 1: Maria lands the first blow, a big straight right. Moss smiles, then eats another straight right. Smiles again, and he’s bleeding. Moss gets more aggressive and wildly throws a combo as he presses forward. Maria defends, grabs a leg as Moss tries to kick, and almost takes him down. A scramble ensues, and Maria dumps Moss moments later. Maria, now in Moss’ closed guard, attempts to posture up by rearing up on his legs. Body punches from Maria, but that’s about it. Not a lot of action. Maria gets to his feet and breaks the guard, blasting Moss with blows from the top. Moss explodes and escapes to his feet. Moments later, Moss eats a hard straight right. Maria’s boxing is paying off. Moss with a nice front kick, then a leg kick to follow. More of the same, but then he eats a straight punch for his efforts. Moss evades a straight right and times a perfect counter right onto Maria’s chin. Maria is hurt by the blow, and Moss attacks, taking down Maria with ten seconds left. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Maria.

Round 2: Moss has the momentum coming into round 2, although Maria landed more often in the first and had some brutal ground and pound from the top. Moss is confident though, aggressively going after Moss to start. He presses too deep however, allowing Maria to slam him to the ground. Maria in half guard, and Moss tries to sweep. Maria hangs loose and takes the back. Moss explodes out of the position, gaining top position. Wow. What the hell… Moss drives his shoulder into Maria’s throat, causing a tap. Kenny Moss def. Bruno Reis Da Maria via submission (shoulder choke), 1:46, Round 2

MiddleweightJoseph Watson (4-1) vs. Frank Carrillo (4-2)

Round 1: Ninety seconds has passed, and neither fighter has really laid into a punch or kick. Minimal offense so far from both fighters. More of the same, Carrillo landing more offense, although it’s barely any at all. BOOM! Wow, all of the sudden, Carrillo blasts Watson with an uppercut, knocking him out in one punch. Watson falls to his back, crippled. Carrillo just walks away victorious before the referee stops it. It’s over. Frank Carrillo def. Joseph Watson via KO (uppercut), 2:37, Round 1

Women’s Bantamweight: Kim Couture (3-5) vs. Suzie Montero (0-0)

Round 1: Short feeling out period in the opening minute before Montero throws, glances a shot off Couture’s dome, and initiates the clinch. Couture tries to overpower her, but Montero falls on top of her. Full mount looking for the armbar, but she badly misses the attempt. Couture evades and regains her feet. Montero presses back to the clinch, lands a couple of nice knees to Couture’s midsection, then jockeys to take Couture down. Couture defends, buries Montero’s head under her arm, and begins to strike with knees. Grinding fight along the fence, both fighters doing small damage along the fence. Referee has had enough of the stalemate, and separates the two. Montero body kicks Couture to the floor, but Montero couldn’t take advantage. Couture gets back to her feet, and stalls out the remainder of the round on the fence. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 for Suzie Montero.

Round 2: Couture gets a takedown to start the second. Montero gets a closed guard, but she’s cramped into the fence. Couture attempting to put some offense together while Montero tries to throw her legs up to threaten with submissions. Kim defending and countering with punches. Terrible offense from Couture. Montero eventually escapes with one minute left in the round. Couture throws a massive right, missing the water as she falls out of the boat. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-10 draw.

Round 3: A minute and a half passes, neither fighter landing significantly on the feet. Montero landing kicks, but Couture actually connects with an overhand. Montero initiates the clinch after getting tagged. Nothing comes to fruition from the fence battle. Back to center, Couture has a lot more confidence now, landing a few blows over the top. Couture’s chin is very high as she throws though. Couture fires off a push kick, but Montero grabs it, then slings Couture into a brief clinch. Montero climbs up onto her back. Couture walks to the fence, and now tries to turn Montero into the fence to gain the advantage. She completes the turn, then gets the takedown. Montero attempts a guillotine choke as the bell rings. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Kim Couture, a draw.

Suzie Montero def. Kim Couture via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

FeatherweightGiovanni Brugnoni (3-0) vs. James Wynn (3-15)

Round 1: Nobody wants to fight Brugnoni due to his prospect status with ATT, so they found Wynn. Brugnoni fires off a kick, gets taken down, but threatens with a guillotine choke. Wynn evades, then tries to move past half guard. He can’t pass, and Brugnoni gets full guard and yanks on the choke. Wynn immediately taps. Giovanni Brugnoni def. James Wynn via submission (guillotine choke), 0:57, Round 1

WelterweightMichael Trujillo (0-0) vs. Eric Raposo (0-1)

Round 1: Trujillo starts aggressive, bending down and boxing his way inside on Raposo. Raposo eats a few blows, then clinches, attempting to press back at Trujillo. Trujillo isn’t having it, and he comes back, backing up Raposo with punches. Trujillo blasts Raposo, and down he goes. He’s got one hand down on the mat, and the referee allows it to continue. Trujillo hits Raposo a few more times for good measure. It’s over. Michael Trujillo def. Eric Raposo via TKO, 0:55, Round 1

Catchweight (175 lbs.)Anthony Garavito (0-0) vs. Davaun McKoy (0-0)

Round 1: McKoy comes out strong, tossing Garavito over his hip to the ground. Garavito regains his feet, then shoots for the takedown. McKoy can’t stuff it, sitting deep into the cage and attempting to wall walk. McKoy eventually walks up the fence, but Garavito clamps on a D’Arce choke. He threatens for a good minute as McKoy strategically moves to avoid being choked out. He escapes, giving up position in the scramble and falling to his back. Garavito takes full mount along the fence, beating on McKoy while McKoy tries to buck him off by pushing the fence. Somehow, McKoy reverses the position by posturing up off his back. That should never happen. Some more jockeying for position, but neither man comes away with anything in the late minute. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-9 Anthony Garavito.

Round 2: McKoy fires a leg kick to start the action in the second, followed by a takedown into top control. Garavito quickly escapes to his feet and presses McKoy to the fence. Clean double leg to the ground, and Garavito moves to side control along the fence. Garavito works hard to transition, although he’s shoving elbows into McKoy’s face more than actually attempting to better his position. He eventually moves to full mount more toward the center of the cage, posturing up and pummeling McKoy. With seconds left, McKoy sweeps, and the bell rings. BloodyElbow.com scores the round 10-8 Anthony Garavito.

Round 3: McKoy lands a front kick to Garavito’s chin to start the third, but it doesn’t affect him at all. McKoy landing some nice body and leg kicks over the course of the opening minute, then lands a left hook to Garavito’s chin as he shoots. Crowd oohs and ahhs at the blow, but Garavito clinches and dumps McKoy. Garavito dominates from the top, working the arm and eventually tapping McKoy with a keylock. Anthony Garavito def. Davaun McKoy via submission (keylock), 2:57, Round 3.

Lightweight: Michael Quinones (1-0) vs. Denis Sejdievski (1-2)
Michael Quinones def. Denis Sejdievski via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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