UFC on Versus 6 Results: Fights to Make After the Fights Last Night

Well the Dogfish Head Punkin is helping with the hangover. It's pretty much gone. But now I'm starting to get drunk and that was…

By: Matthew Roth | 12 years ago
UFC on Versus 6 Results: Fights to Make After the Fights Last Night
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Well the Dogfish Head Punkin is helping with the hangover. It’s pretty much gone. But now I’m starting to get drunk and that was not the plan. Whatever, I’ll go with the flow and let this day go where it’s gonna go. Last night had several relevant fights besides the championship bout at the top of the card. Let’s take a look at the fights that Joe Silva should put together after the results are in. 

Dominick Cruz – He’s set to face the winner of Urijah Faber vs Brian Bowles. Both will be a rematch. Cruz looked dominant in his win over Bowles which ended when Brian couldn’t continue due to a broken hand. The Faber/Cruz match was a lot closer but there was still a definitive winner. Dominick is quickly becoming Anderson Silva/Georges St. Pierre making his division look weak. 

Demetrious Johnson – He had a good showing and with Dana White and the UFC talking about adding Flyweight next year he’s definitely going to be considered one of the best at that weight. Until then he’s going to beat a lot of fighters at 135 with his speed and superior wrestling. I’d like to see him vs the loser of Bowles/Faber.

Stefan Struve – Struve has shown he can beat the lower end of the division and that he gets destroyed by the better fighters at heavyweight. His chin is a question. His inability to use his reach is annoying. His grappling is solid. I’d love to see him against Ben Rothwell who still has a name from the IFL. I think it’s a good fight for both fighters and Rothwell has skills that can push Struve.

Pat Barry – Yes, the UFC doesn’t match up winners and losers. You know what? I don’t care. I want him fighting Mark Hunt next. Hunt is on a winning streak and has started to establish himself in the UFC’s heavyweight division. We’ll get to see some really good striking and see how Barry can handle a K-1 champion. Not all “K-1 level” kickboxers are created equal.

Anthony Johnson – Things no one thought we’d be saying: Anthony Johnson – Top 10 welterweight. We’re saying that today. He was ginormous last night and Brenneman looked tiny in comparison. There will always be question on if he can make the weight or if he’ll move up to 185. While he’s at welterweight a fight with Paulo Thiago would be incredibly fun to watch. 

Charlie Brenneman – Every feel good story has to come to an end. His ended last night. It’s a shame it only last one fight. He falls out of the top 10 and will need to reestablish himself in the division. He’s still talented but isn’t who we thought he was. A rematch with Rick Story when they both have had a camp to train for one another would be awesome. 

Matt Wiman – This was a great win. He looked great and his fighting from the clinch was top notch. Those inside elbows were brutal. I’d love to see him fight George Sotiropolous or Rafael Dos Anjos should he defeat Gleison Tibau at UFC 139. 

Mac Danzi – He’s undersized for 155. A spot awaits him at featherweight if he chooses to drop. I hope he does because he definitely has some great boxing. If he does maybe a fight with Josh Grispi or George Roop if he loses to Hatsu Hioki. 

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Yves Edwards – Yves is reestablishing himself in the division. He looked good. The loss to Stout hurts his placement though. Why not a fight with Mac Danzig who has solid boxing and was ranked higher. I’d love to see that fight. 

Rafaello Oliviera – He looked awful. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got cut. If he doesn’t then maybe a fight with Cole Miller or Paul Sass. But he’s probably getting his walking papers. 

Paul Sass – He’s so one dimensional. It just happens to be that his single dimension is good enough to win him fights. He lucked into a win because Johnson is still developing as a defensive grappler. He needs to work on takedowns because he couldn’t get the fight there on his own. Oliviera (Charles or Rafaello) or T.J. Grant would be fun.

Michael Johnson – He’s still young and has plenty to learn. He shouldn’t have followed Sass to the ground. He looked great on his feet. He’s in a weird situation because he’s just so new to the UFC. Maybe a fight with Anthony Ferguson? Yeah that sounds radical. 

Mike Easton – Easton looked like a Beaston (I’m sorry). He’s got a long way to go but that was a great way to kick off his UFC career. There are a ton of matchups at 135 for him and the one I want to see most is Charlie Valencia or Damacio Page. 

Byron Bloodworth – Cut. 

T.J. Grant – Getting takedowns on a great wrestler from OSU? WOW. Grant looked good. It’s a shame that he won the fight because the referee was incompetent because it tarnishes his performance. I’d love to see a rematch with Shane Roller to be honest. I think both fighters deserve to finish what they started. 

Shane Roller – See above. I think they deserve a rematch and finish the fight that was prematurely ended last night. It’s only fair. 

Josh Neer – What a way to come back to the UFC. Nice inside elbows and butchering up Wisniewski’s face. What does this mean for the future? I dunno. He looked good against someone that clearly didn’t belong in the UFC. No idea where to book him since he took the fight on short notice. 

Keith Wisniewski – Cut.

Walel Watson – Nice win. Another one that was kinda tarnished because of an early stoppage. He’s huge for the weight class and looked a good 20 pounds bigger than Sandoval in the cage. No clue what they do with him. 

Joseph Sandoval – Cut. 

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