UFC on Versus 6: Cruz vs Johnson Facebook Undercard Play by Play and Results

Hey everyone. As with every major MMA event, Bloody Elbow is here for you with a live Play by Play and discussion post for…

By: Matthew Roth | 12 years ago
UFC on Versus 6: Cruz vs Johnson Facebook Undercard Play by Play and Results
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Hey everyone. As with every major MMA event, Bloody Elbow is here for you with a live Play by Play and discussion post for tonight’s UFC on Versus card. Headlined by a title fight between Dominick Cruz and Demetrious Johnson, the main card features 4 fights. However, the preliminary bouts will be shown live on Facebook beginning at 6:00p.m. ET/3:00 p.m. PT. Join us live to talk about the Facebook fights. Once they complete make your way over to the main card post to talk about the four remaining fights. 

Please Note: Bloody Elbow will be splitting up UFC play by play from now on among multiple posts. This is to provide easier reading for community members and also not kill the bandwidth. The normal rules regarding not posting gifs still apply. We have become more lax regarding posting pictures. Just don’t over do it. 

Joseph Sandoval vs Walel Watson

Round 1: Watson comes out with kicks early. Watson is enormous for this weightclass. Sandoval is having trouble getting inside. He takes a kick to the groin and there is a break in the action. When the fight resumes he is dropped by a head kick. He Sandoval recovers but Watson swarms and drops him again. Mario Yamasaki calls the fight a little early but Sandoval wasn’t going to recover. I’m okay with this stoppage. Watson with the knockout!

Official Result: Walel Watson by TKO (Referee Stoppage) in 1:17

Josh Neer vs Keith Wisniewski



Round 1: They come out and start trading at range. Neither fight is taking an advantage. Wisniewski starting to work the clinch but he’s not strong enough. Neer with a big knee and they break. Neer is starting to work the clinch but can’t land anything. Wisniewski is landing but doesn’t push forward. Neer with a punch to the head and body. Wisniewski starting to push forward and attack. Lands in the clinch. He’s looking good. Neer lands a left hook at the same time as Wisniewski. Neer with a kick and then jab. Wisnieski works a knee in the clinch. They are both extremely active in this first round. Big left to the body Wisniewsky. Neer with two uppercuts in the clinch. Working in the clinch and Neer is landing on Kieth Wisniewski. Dirty boxing from both fighters. Neer with awesome elbows from the clinch to end the round. Neer walks away holding his ribs. 10-9 Neer but this was extremely close. 

Round 2: Neer comes out and he’s looking pretty bad waiting for round to begin. Wisniewski is landing early on and Neer’s body is in rough shape. They start working in the clinch and Wisniewski is just letting Neer land those standing inside elbows. One of them opens up Kieth’s eye and he is GUSHING! Neer eats his own elbow and they start jawing in the clinch. It knocks out Josh Neer’s mouth piece. They start working in the clinch and Neer is landing some more elbows. Neer with a knee. It seems like Wisniewski is just letting him land on purpose. Neer works more elbows and the referee stops the fight to have the doctor check out Wisniewski. They lost Josh Neer’s mouthpiece. Alright fight is back on and is just landing those elbows whenever he wants. I need to emphasize how little Wisniewski is doing to block those. With a minute left Neer has found his range. He again lands elbows from the clinch. Hook to the body crumples Wisniewski. More clinch fighting and Neer is working to finish with a standing guillotine. Wisniewski survives but he also is bleeding badly from the head. 10-9 Neer.

Round 3: (My internet gets funky I missed the 3rd round) Josh Neer by Doctor Stoppage

Official Result: Josh Neer by TKO (Dr Stoppage)

T.J. Grant vs Shane Roller

Round 1: Grant trying to find his range. Roller is looking pretty good with his boxing. Nice defense by Roller. Roller lands an upper cut. Grant changes levels and quickly gets the takedown. Roller gives up half guard and then works his way to his knees. He shoots through and has the sweep. Grant rolls through and has side control. Shane Roller working a Von Flue choke. Grant works to north south. Roller sweeps and again Grant sweeps. This is crazy. Grant is working punches from guard. He’s landing to the body and head. Upkick by Roller lands. Grant dives down again. Grant is looking great in this first round. Roller has nothing on the ground. Grant landing hammer fists as Roller works his hips and drives through. Grant drops and Roller is getting hammer fisted as he works for the single. The round ends with Grant looking for the takedown and getting punched. 10-9 Grant. 

Round 2: Grant is looking good early. He’s found his range. Head kick by Grant. Leg kick by Grant as Roller misses an uppercut. Grant with a looping left hand. Roller is just getting jabbed to death. Grant with a double jab. Roller drops and eats two knees. He’s on his knees and survives. He shoots a double and puts Grant on his back. Grant works a choke and they’re back to their feet. Roller working boxing from the clinch. He looks great and has Grant on the edge. Grant with a knee that doubles Roller over. Jumping knee! Roller presses forward with punches. Grant with another takedown and Roller working a deep guillotine. Grant survives and Roller tries to work a single leg. He gets the takedown and starts working position. He’s having a hard time keeping the position. Roller is working to keep this and he’s having to stay active. Roller again looks for a guillotine. Grant working a butterfly guard. This is crazy how this round is ending. Grant scrambles and then starts to work his legs up. He almost has an arm bar! WOW great round for both fighters. I’ll give it to Grant 10-9.

Round 3: Roller working jabs early. Grant fires back with some of his own. Roller fakes a takedown and looks to come over the top. He can’t land it. He ducks down and lands an uppercut. Grant comes forward with a combination and lands an uppercut of his own. Right hand lands. Elbows by Grant. Elbow by Roller. Roller drops and shoots a takedown. He drives forward and has Grant pushed against the fence. Grant drops for a guillotine. Grant switches to an armbar. The referee stopped the fight. I didn’t see the tap. Hope he heard Roller verbally tap. I don’t see it. 

Official Result: T.J. Grant by Submission (Referee Verbal Tap Out to an Armbar)

Byron Bloodworth vs Mike Easton

Round 1: Easton is bouncing like Dominick Cruz. This is wild. He plants and fires off a cross-hook combo. They trade body kicks. Easton showing good head movement. Not much action just a lot of movement from both fighters. Easton presses forward but can’t land anything. Neither  fighter does much. Easton with a leg kick that lands. Bloodworth drop and shoots forward. Easton defends well and gets the fight against the fence. Landing knees from the clinch. Easton uses the knee to get the thai clinch. Big knee to the body. Kevin Mulhall breaks them. Spinning back kick lands right to the body for Easton. Both fighters are being pretty tentative. Bloodworth with a spinning backfist to spinning elbow. Neither land. Bloodworth lands. Easton with a leg kick. Easton shoots but can’t get the fight to the ground. Easton with a tight stand up guard. Bloodworth shoots but can’t get the takedown with Easton sprawled out. Easton stands and the round ends. I really don’t think either fighter won that round. 10-9 Easton for defense and landing more I guess?

Round 2: Nice leg kicks by Easton early on. He’s definitely loosening up. He’s finding his range and way more active in the second round. Bloodworth gives up on a takedown and eats a hard uppercut. Flying knee by Bloodworth. Kick by Easton. Double jab and then leg kick. This dug in and Bloodworth is hurt. Another leg kick. Easton is attacking that leg. Bloodworth is hiding his leg and circling away not wanting to trade with Easton. Easton is chasing him around the cage. He throws a leg kick and Bloodworth leans into it. Lands low and he tries to walk it off. He is ready to fight again. Easton comes out he’s just stalking. He’s just pressing forward with no regard for Bloodworth’s stand up. This is crazy. Very Tyson-esque. Easton clinches and Bloodworth spings. Easton is just landing constant knees. That was a slaughter at the end. Like 5 knees to the head and then 3 to the body. He finishes the fight with punches on the ground. Amazing UFC debut for Mike Easton who finishes the fight with ground and pound. 

Official Result: Mike Easton by TKO (Referee Stoppage) at 2:52 in Round 2


Paul Sass vs Michael Johnson

Round 1: And here we go. Sass crazy with a jumping knee. He then shoots and can’t get the fight to the ground. Johnson lands and then backs away. Sass with another takedown. Eats another punch and tries to pull guard. Sass lands a big right that stands Johnson straight up. Johnson with his own punches and then a knee that drops Sass. Johnson looks good early. He lands some nice punches and then follows with a kick. Sass pulls guard and Johnson steps out. Johnson is back on the ground. Sass gives up mount and then gets a leg. He’s working an ankle lock. Michael Johnson tries to fight it but Sass is just getting it deeper. Johnson yells and Dan Mirglotta stops the fight. Johnson is in bad shape. His leg is mangled. Awesome win for Sass. 

Official Result: Paul Sass by Submission (Heel Hook)



Yves Edwards vs Rafaello Oliveira

Round 1: Head kick early by Oliviera. He’s pressing foward with wild punches. Didn’t land anything. They clinch up and Yves is working the knees to the body. Oliviera is working punches in the clinch. Yves started to grab for the thai plumb. A lot of aggressiveness from Rafaelo. Crisp boxing by Edwards. Oliviera throws a blocked head kick. Low kick from Oliviera. Edwards grabs a clinch but Oliviera lands a knee which forces the break. Yves is getting time to set up with his boxing. Comes forward with a 1-2-1-2-high kick. Oliviera catches Yves with a right hook. Yves slips a punch and then fires back with his own. Leg kicks from Rafaelo. Yves is looking good not getting too damaged. Oliviera checks two Edwards leg kicks. Edwards slips another punch when Oliviera comes forward. Oliviera is missing every punch he throws wildly. Edwards with crisp boxing. Oliviera dives for a takedown but isn’t successful. He eats a punch on the way up. They end trading but it’s Edwards who is landing. 10-9 Yves Edwards.

Round 2: Left lands for Yves. Leg kick as well. Leg kick from Edwards is responded with a punch. Body kicks from Rafaelo. Yves recovers and uses his boxing. Rafaelo wildly comes forward and is landing on Edwards. Edwards with a well timed knee that crumples Oliviera. Elbows on the way up from Edwards. He’d using great timing to land to the body. Edwards lands drops Oliviera. He’s just teeing off. This could be stopped but Yamasaki is letting him fight on. Oliviera back to his feet and he’s eats a couple knees in the clinch. He backs away and Yves swarms and drops him with a high kick. He finishes the fight with a ton of punches. Yamasaki let that fight go on longer than necessary. This has to be because he boned the call earlier tonight. 

Official Result: Yves Edwards by TKO (Referee Stoppage) at 2:44 

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