How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 4th Week of September

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twitterverse DANA WHITE, OSCAR DE LA HOYA, FLOYD MAYWEATHER, AND DAN RAFAEL? "I…

By: Anton Tabuena | 12 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 4th Week of September
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A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA Twitterverse


“I think dan rafeal takes it to personal.maybe he needs a hug? …I just feel dan talking all that s%*#t is so unprofessional.I’m standing by my fighter 100 %”  –Oscar De La Hoya

“Dan Rafael is lucky he doesn’t write for mma because he wouldn’t get a credential.” Oscar De La Hoya

don’t back down to those fuckers Oscar!!! Always talkin shit and most have agendas!”  –Dana White

“my point my friend, everyone has an agenda ESPECIALLY the media. Don’t let em fool ya that they are unbiased”  Dana White

“I left the fight in the ring but Oscar and Ortiz keep doing interviews crying like some Golden Girl b*tches. I will f*ck both of you up.”  –Floyd Mayweather

“Victoria Ortiz’s new nickname is “Take 2 of these and call me in the morning” … Victoria Ortiz thought it was a head-butting contest. But that 2-piece gave him some act right… Does Victoria Ortiz want another rematch because he thinks he can win or does he want another payday? … Victoria Ortiz’s idol is Oscar De La Hoya aka Golden Girl … I named this car “The Karate Kid”. It’s doing what Victoria Ortiz should’ve done. Put your hands up!”  –Floyd Mayweather, constantly tweets about “Victoria” as he calls him.

“It’s so sad mayweather has to bash people and flaunt money he’s not going to [have] when he retires.give Ortiz a rematch.try beat him fair…” Oscar De La Hoya, I can agree with the first sentence, but the next two, not so much.

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“BJJ would be terrible for a zombie invasion! Imagine pulling guard on a flesh eater!”  –Dave Camarillo

“I jumped the gun on Machida vs Davis. Just found out Davis is still recovering from knee surgery. Sorry about that!” Dana White

“For anyone with any questions had a stomach infection/food poisoning from the previous night before the fight… beats my ass most of the time. Crap luck with the food poisoning. Anyone questioning his ability will know how great he is2012″  –Cole Miller, talks about the reasons (or excuses) for his brother’s loss on TUF.


“14-1”  –Jon Jones, tweeted a few moments after his UFC 135 bout against Rampage.

“Coach Wink and I analyzed the UFC 135 performance and discussed big changes that needs 2 be made for the Evans fight. Glad to have homework”  –Jon Jones

“Thanks to all that supported me for this fight. Didn’t go my way but I feel I gave it 100%”  –Matt Hughes


“For fans down under, go pick up the mag”  –

“Gomi sad after his lost!! We will always be behind him and support him. Great fighter and cool respectful guy” 

“I Think I’m off the market :-/” Roger Huerta

“I will be fighting afterall! Pharr, Tx get ready for a war Nov 26th!”  –War Machine, almost pulled out of the fight cause of a cut he sustained in training.

“Aloha photo shoot 🙂 #Yokohamabeach”  –Natasha Wicks, more photos on her FB page.


“Dom Cruz training blog – on fans and his fight family #3”  –

“Check out my latest video blog, 2 weeks to   –Jeremy Stephens

“Ask & UL rec. RT @ How can I find out 4 sure? In the name of science of course. @ @  –Natasha Wicks, told me and Ben Kenney that she’s a “hot little dancer”… Now she gives us video proof.

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