UFC 135 Celebrity Picks: Ben Kenney of Incubus vs. Ben Saunders

You've probably heard hundreds of opinions from analysts and bloggers who have wrote about the upcoming UFC card. So to keep it fresh and…

By: Anton Tabuena | 12 years ago
UFC 135 Celebrity Picks: Ben Kenney of Incubus vs. Ben Saunders
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

You’ve probably heard hundreds of opinions from analysts and bloggers who have wrote about the upcoming UFC card. So to keep it fresh and interesting, here’s a different and unique take on things from two famous personalities making their guest picks for Bloody Elbow.

On the debut of Bloody Elbow Celebrity Picks, model and former Octagon Girl, Natasha Wicks edged musician and former Saosin front man, Cove Reber by correctly predicting 80% of UFC 134’s main card. Today, another musician and fight fan will be testing his wares against a guy who lives and breathes MMA.

This edition is going to be musician vs. fighter. Ben Kenney, for those who are unfamiliar with him, is a solo artist, who is more known for being the bassist of the band Incubus. He plays a multitude of instruments and has also been recognized in the music industry during his days playing guitar for the hip hop band, The Roots. He will be taking on BE’s favorite commenter, Ben Saunders, who is a UFC veteran, and current a Bellator tournament fighter.

Kenney is a huge MMA fan, but will that be enough to overcome Saunders’ experience already having 16 pro fights under his belt? Who will win this Tale of Two Ben’s (with similar looking facial hair styles)?

Ben “Negro BroCop” Kenney
Ben “Killa B” Saunders
Jon Jones vs. Quinton Jackson
I’m a big fan of both but Jon is on a different level. I’ve watched Jon closely since the Stephan Bonnar fight and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much improvement happen over an entire career, let alone a few years. He’ll come out with some more of that futuristic shit and Rampage won’t find a home for his strikes. Jon Jones by TKO in round 2. This fight depends on Rampage alone. Which Rampage will show up to fight? Did he get into the head of Jon Jones? Can he connect with 1 bomb that tests Jon Jones chin and his heart as a champion? Two things that have yet to be tested… How does he fight in Championship rounds 4 and 5? These are questions me and a lot of fans would love to see answered in this fight, but I honestly think Jon Jones has done his home work, and knows that checking low kicks and eating knee’s from the clinch have been Quinton’s kryptonite. Has he fixed these holes, and will he land his chin testing strike? Will he make it to rounds 4 and 5 and have more hunger and energy to finish Jones? We Will have to see.

Being a HUGE fan of both I have to make a biased opinion and choose Rampage for the upset via Round 3 TKO because I have been a fan of him before Jones started MMA. Gotta keep it old school. lol

P.S. or Jon Jones wins via TKO round 2… lol

Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck
I will put my money on Kos, although Matt Hughes (I like to say his name BJ Penn style, as one word, like “Matthews” only with a strong T) is one of those cats who you can never ever count out. I’ll say Kos by decision but this could end 100 ways in either guys favor. Well this is definitely an interesting match up. On paper it would seem Koscheck should be too much for Hughes on the feet and with the wrestling, but Hughes does show improved stand up – minus the BJ quicky – and I give Hughes the Submission advantage. It should be very interesting nonetheless but I say Kos by 2nd round TKO.
Travis Browne vs. Rob Broughton
I think this will be good. I’m not very familiar with Rob Broughton but he seems to be another one of those iron chinned brits. Travis has a lot of momentum though. Seems like he’s getting better and better. I got Travis, by decision after a long grinding brawl. Travis Browne seems like a beast and Rob Broughton is a fighter I have yet to get the pleasure to see fight before. So it could be the dark horse for fight of the night or a real quicky… lol  But I will go with Browne by TKO in round 2.
Nate Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi
I’ll probably get dissed for this one. I’m saying Gomi, by TKO, round 3. Unfortunately for Nate, Nate is not Nick, and Gomi probably has to step up and keep his job. He can definitely do it with his stand up and I think Nate is the one who’ll pay the bill this time. Takanori Gomi by TKO. This fight is what I believe will be fight of the night. I give the advantage on the ground to Nate but who knows how much Gomi has improved there. Wrestling goes to Gomi, and striking is even if not in Gomi’s favor a bit. The rivalry between nick and Takanori seems like it will transfer well into Nate’s fight with Gomi. I expect an explosive action packed decision win by Gomi. But look forward to watching Nate pull it off as I am a BIG fan of both.  =)
Ben Rothwell vs. Mark Hunt
I’ll go out on a limb and put my money on Mark Hunt. Ben used to wreck shop but I don’t think he brought that over with him to the UFC. Mark is interesting in a “anything could happen”  way. I say Mark Hunt in the 3rd by heel hook or some other unusual sub. I am a Huge Mark Hunt fan so rooting for him, and the fact he is ATT affiliated, I choose Hunt. His stand up is at a higher level and being shorter he should have a better take down advantage if Ben shoots for a takedown he will really have to get low on Mark. But Ben is tough and could win by KO, TKO, Sub, or Dec cause this sport is so amazing when it comes to outcomes. They are both well rounded at this point. But I say Hunt by KO round 1.

After the jump, Ben Saunders has a few words for his opponent, and to the BE readers.

Ben Saunders: “As for my opposition Mr. Ben Kenney, I’ve been a fan of The Roots and Incubus for a long time. It’s an honor to “battle predict” against you. But I still hope my picks KNEE URS IN THE FACE! Muahaha…”

I want to thank American Top Team, all my coaches and teammates for helping me become a better fighter every single day.

If you guys are down to represent you can pick up my Official “Killa B’ Walk out T. You guys can also buy my official KB Wear Signature shirt at my Official Website.

And I am working on getting these “LETS MUTHERFUKERS” T-Shirts made too…. Bloody Elbow will be represented for the world to see and bask in it’s glory! Or something like that… lol


Ben Kenney: “I’m ready for you homie. I’m a ninth degree blackbelt in internets.”

Who do you think made the better picks? Let them know in the comments, or follow them on twitter: @vatoben and @bensaundersmma

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