Titan Fighting Championships 20: Results and Play by Play

Tonight, Titan Fighting Championships returns to HDNet with Titan Fighting Championships 20: Rogers vs Sanchez live from Memorial Hall in Kansas City. As always…

By: Matthew Roth | 12 years ago
Titan Fighting Championships 20: Results and Play by Play
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Tonight, Titan Fighting Championships returns to HDNet with Titan Fighting Championships 20: Rogers vs Sanchez live from Memorial Hall in Kansas City. As always the staff at Bloody Elbow will be covering the event for your pleasure providing Play by Play and commentary on the fights. In the headlining bout, fans will see the return of Brett Rogers who will fight in the cage for the first time since dealing with his domestic abuse case. His opponent is Eddie Sanchez, who hasn’t fought since dropping a fight in December to Mike Whitehead.

In the co-main event, Jamie Varner continues his march back to the UFC with a lightweight scrap against Dakota Cochrane. Varner is finally back in the win column and tonight will be his first opportunity to create a winning streak since 2009. Also fighting on the card is Strikeforce veteran Zak Cummings.

The fights kick off at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on HD Net. Join us!

SBN coverage of Titan Fighting Championships 20: Rogers vs. Sanchez

Laramie Shaffer vs Andrew Whitney

Round 1: Jab by Shaffer and an overhead left. He clinches quickly and presses Andrew Whitney against the cage working a body lock for a takedown. Knee to the body by Whitney as he tries to separate. He gets the face and takes the center of the cage. Leg kick and then a massive punch the wobbles Shaffer. A headkick drops Shaffer but Whitney can’t land anything to finish the fight. He’s throwing them bungalows but nothing is landing clean. Shaffer is the more technical fighter but he’s having trouble. He shoots a single but leaves his head out and almost gets caught in a half-guard guillotine. He survives and throws heavy punches while staying heavy on his hips. Whitney is trying for a kimura but can’t secure his hands. Tries a sweep but Shaffer just bullies him back to the ground. Laramie is landing some big punches and there is some swelling on the right eye of Andrew Whitney. Whitney gives his back after attempting a switch and Shaffer has a hook and is throwing punches until the bell. 10-9 Laramie Shaffer. 

Round 2: Whitney with a left hook that lands. Shaffer shoots forward but he’s stuffed and then Whitney body locks and gets the takedown. Shaffer is looking for a sweep from half-guard but is pressed back flat on his back. Shaffer gives his back hoping to hit a switch and almost gives up his back. He gets his switch and ends up in north-south. Nice scramble by Laramie Shaffer. He’s working high in half-guard throwing elbows as Whitney rolls to give up his back. Big punches to the side of the head by Laramie Shaffer. Whitney puts his back against the cage and is trying to stand up. He does and almost hits a single. On the exit he lands a bit elbow that lands flush. Hook lands and forces Shaffer to shoot a single. Again Shaffer leaves his neck out but he survives. He gets Whitney’s back and has a hook in. Back elbow by Whitney lands. Hammer fists by Shaffer. Shaffer looks to be setting up a kimura as the round ends. 10-9 Laramie Shaffer. Up 20-18 on my card. 

Round 3:Shaffer comes out southpaw. Whitney throws a flying knee and Shaffer is out cold. He caps it off with a back flip off the cage. Shaffer is bleeding from his mouth. WOOOOOOOW!!!! A little late on the punch on an obviously unconscious Laramie Shaffer but that’s all I can really say badly about this highlight reel knockout. Amazing finish to come back and win. 

Official Result: Andrew Whitney by Knockout (Flying Knee)


Justyn Riley vs Alex Huddleston

Round 1: Huddleston lands a big shot that backs Riley up against the cage. He clinches and lands punches to the guts. Riley with a thai clinch and lands knees. These guys are just going after it. This isn’t a technical display but it’s fun. Riley gets dropped and Huddlestone follows him to the ground. Riley with a sweep and tries to get Alex’s back. Huddleston stands and Riley jumps guard?! HAHAHHA! Okay that didn’t work out well. They’re standing again and leg kicks by Alex Huddleston. Riley comes forward with slow punches and nothing lands. Uppercuts from the single collar tie from Huddleston. Riley is dropped and he’s working a d’arce? No, he uses it for a mount. He’s throwing slow punches from mount and then takes an extremely slow armbar. Riley rolls through and Huddleston transitions to an even slower kimura. Riley sweeps and he’s on top throwing punches. Huddleston locks his hands and he’s looking for a kimura and then a straight armbar. He can’t finish either. A lot of scrambling by both men and they are both gassed. WOW. 10-9 Justyn Riley?

Round 2: They are exhausted and just throwing wild punches. Riley gets the takedown and ends up in side control. He’s throwing elbows and punches. He steps over for mount but is swept in the step over. He gives up his back and Huddleston tries to get a hook in. He can’t and Riley sweeps and is now on top in guard. Riley is working from the top and landing some decent shots. Huddleston throws his legs up and could have arm barred Riley but never really completed the transition. Punches and elbows tot eh body. He steps over to side control. Huddleston gives his back and Riley has mount. This is Riley’s fight to end but he’s just too tired to really finish it. Big forearms to the orbital and elbows to the temple. Huddleston is looking for a way out but refuses to tap to strikes. He’s blocking punches with his face and the referee isn’t stopping the fight. Some of these punches are landing to the back of the head and the Referee calls it. Nice win by Justyn Riley. 

Official Result: Justyn Riley by TKO (Referee Stoppage) 


James Krause vs Sean Wilson

Round 1: I don’t know which guy is which. The graphics help. Krause misses and Wilson comes forward with almost a wrestler style of boxing really low to the ground. Krause is standing pretty straight up and throws a big round kick. They clinch and Krause has the advantage. He exits and throws a jab. Wilson’s lead foot is taped up so much it looks like a sock. Not a lot of action from either and Krause gets the single and gets the takedown. He’s in half-guard and sitting heavy on his hips. Wilson scrambles and gets caught in a guillotine and is forced to tap. Nice win by James Krause.

Official Result: James Krause by Submission (Guillotine Choke)


Shane Hutchinson vs Anthony Gutierrez

Round 1: Leg kicks early by Gutierrez. High kick by Gutierrez barely misses. Hutchinson is getting picked apart on the feets. He tries for a throw but Gutierrez rolls through and takes the top position. He locks in a d’arce choke and Shane Hutchinson is forced to tap. Nice win by Anthony Gutierrez who finishes the submission with a gator roll.

Official Result: Anthony Gutierrez by Submission (D’Arce Choke)


Brett Rogers vs Eddie Sanchez

Round 1: Leg kicks by Sanchez. Eddie Sanchez used to be a pro skate boarder. They clinch up after Rogers lands two jabs. Rogers with under hooks but he’s kneed in the guts and he backs away. Nice leg kicks by Eddie Sanchez early on. Rogers is flat footed while Sanchez looks super mobile. Again Rogers clinches and presses Sanchez against the fence. The ref is asking fighters to work to improve their situations. Rogers backs away and they’re back to the center of the cage. Another leg kick by Sanchez. Combo as well and finishes with a kick above the knee. Rogers comes forward with bungalows and nothing lands. He’s obviously been focusing on his domestic abuse case more than he’s been focused on this fight. Inside leg kick by Sanchez and this is really just the story of the fight. Sanchez is finding a home for the kicks and Rogers is super flat footed. 10-9 Eddie Sanchez for more effective striking.

Round 2: Another leg kick by Sanchez as the round opens. And a body shot. Rogers clinches and puts Eddie Sanchez’s back against the fence. They trade shots and Rogers backs away. Eddie Sanchez with a combination that ends with a leg kick. He’s really finding a home for that kick against an obviously flat footed Brett Rogers. Rogers clinches and gets put on his back. Let’s see how much ground work Rogers has done preparing for this fight. Rogers scrambles and gets back to his feet when Sanchez steps over for a mount. Jab by Sanchez is answered by an overhand by Rogers. Again Sanchez finds that leg kick. It’s there all fight. Rogers isn’t feeling good right now with those kicks. And another! Eddie Sanchez is chopping him down. He’ll most likely continue that in the final round. 10-9 Sanchez.

Round 3: Rogers with a kick to open the round and a jab. Eddie Sanchez with a kick and a hook. Rogers looks a lot more mobile in the last round but is it too late? Sanchez with a hook-cross that land perfectly. Leg kick from Sanchez. Rogers ties up but he’s too tired to push Sanchez against the fence. Body-body-head from Sanchez. Rogers with a thai clinch and barely misses the knee to the head. Sanchez is landing his combinations. A leg kick lands a bit high and Sanchez is bleeding from his shin. Another leg kick. Another clinch and Rogers is kneeing but he’s but little left in the tank. Big knee from Sanchez lands to the belly. Rogers has nothing. This is pretty bad with an exhausted Brett Rogers just looking to survive. Leg kick from Sanchez and then a 1-2. Rogers presses forward with a double and gets the fight to the ground and he can’t really do much on the takedown. 10-9 Eddie Sanchez. This was terrible. Rogers is having a hard time getting to his feet.

Official Result: Eddie Sanchez by Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27) 


Jamie Varner vs Dakota Cochrane

Round 1: Cochrane attacks first with a straight right. He push kicks Varner back against the cage. Varner is having trouble early and is really being forced to be mobile. Varner with a punch that reminds me more of a baseball pitch that doesn’t land. Cochrane lands a combo and Varner runs away. Cochrane with another combo and again Varner runs away. Leg kick by Cochrane and Varner misses his counter. Varner looks terrible early on. Leg kick by Varner lands. 1-2-kick by Cochrane lands. Varner looks heavier than usual. A knee by Cochrane forces Varner to clinch up against the cage. Varner drops for a double and drops Cochrane.. He can’t keep the position and a knee by Cochrane folds Varner. He gets another takedown and has mount. He’s throwing but it’s too little too late in this round. 10-9 Cochrane.

Round 2: They come out and Varner lands a 1-2. Varner’s mouth guard is on the side of the cage? WHAT? Okay fight on and Cochrane drops Varner with that front kick. Varner shoots forward and Cochrane sprawls. Back standing and Varner shoots forward and gets the takedown. Varner can’t keep the fight on the ground and Cochrane lands some nice combinations. Again Varner shoots from way outside and again Cochrane sprawls. He’s tired. Cochrane lands hammer fists to the side of the head. He backs away and Varner takes a big breath. Cochrane lands another combination and again Varner shoots. He gets the takedown and has Cochrane’s back. He sinks a hook but can’t keep the postion. Cochrane is on top in half-guard and landing those short elbows that hurt a ton. Varner spins for a knee bar but Cochrane defends well and throws a punch as an exclamation point. Varner working a takedown against the fence. Jab-Cross lands for Cochrane and Varner is flat footed. Cross lands for Varner. Jumping knee almost lands for Dakota Cochrane. The round ends with Varner walking away. 10-9 Dakota Cochrane.

Round 3: Lazy leg kick by Cochrane. Front kick by Cochrane. Nothing alnds. Jab-cross lands and Varner backs up. Cross is landing all day for Cochrane. Body punch by Cochrane. Varner is slow. High kick by Cochrane is blocked but that bothered Varner. Jab lands. Varner with an outside shot and puts Cochrane on his back. Varner steps over to half-guard. He has to finish this fight. He’s peppering Cochrane but nothing that will stop a fight. Cochrane is doing a good job at locking Varner down. AWESOME SWEEP BY DAKOTA COCHRANE! He’s in the ope guard and Varner’s mouth guard is on the ground. Big elbow to the grill and another! Varner is bleeding from the mouth. He kinda looks like the Heath Ledger “Joker”. Those are some brutal elbows from the top. Varner keeps working to put his back against the fence and he wall walks back to his feet. 30 seconds left and Varner TRIES FOR A FLYING TRIANGLE! Cochrane ends the round with some ground and pound. 10-9 for Cochrane and he wins this fight on my card. Varner is sitting on the ground getting worked on by the doctors. That really sums up this fight for Dakota Cochrane.

Official Result: Dakota Cochrane by Unanimous Decision

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