UFC 134 Results: Anderson Silva Wins Over Rio with Stoppage of Yushin Okami

Anderson Silva is the best. That's really all you can say about the guy. He's the best fighter in MMA of all time and…

By: Matthew Roth | 12 years ago
UFC 134 Results: Anderson Silva Wins Over Rio with Stoppage of Yushin Okami
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Anderson Silva is the best. That’s really all you can say about the guy. He’s the best fighter in MMA of all time and after tonight, there aren’t any true challengers for him at 185 outside of the Chael Sonnen rematch should he defeat Brian Stann at UFC 136. Fights against Brian Stann, Mark Munoz, and Chris Leben don’t really seem all that interesting and the longer he fights the more worried I am that someone will pick up a win because he got old and not because they were the superior fighter. 

Editorial aside, tonight’s performance is best described as Anderson Silva being Anderson Silva. He took his time in the first round as he often does in order to get Yushin Okami’s timing. When Okami clinch up against the cage, he was battered with some knees to the body that caused his ribs to bruise a shade of pink showing the damage that Anderson can do. He took his time, perhaps savoring the moment of having an arena full of Brazilians cheer and sing for him. It felt much like a soccer match. The round ended with him almost finishing the fight with a head kick. 

In the second, we saw what makes Anderson the best fighter of all time. His ability to slip punches is stuff of legend with his head movement keeping Okami at a distance. He dropped Yushin with what looked to be a jab but let the Japanese fighter back to his feet. He then dropped Okami again and this time he didn’t give Thunder any time to recover. Battering him with punches, knees, and elbows to the body, the referee was forced to stop the fight for the sake of fighter safety. 

There’s not much else to say really. Anderson is the greatest UFC fighter in the history of the organization. He’s the most decorated champion and the winningest fighter. He’s undefeated in the promotion with a record of 14-0. His overall fight record is 31-4. He’s defended the middleweight belt nine times. Yushin Okami was supposed to be a legitimate challenger for Anderson. Massive for a middleweight, he had the tools to make tis an interesting fight. Unfortunately for him, he just isn’t on the same level as the Brazilian fighter. At 10-3 in the company, he’s one of the top middleweights in the sport. The loss definitely drops him down the ladder and he needs to build his way back up in the division. 

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