Strikeforce Challengers: Jorge Gurgel vs. Joe Duarte – Live Results and Play-By-Play

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for Strikeforce Challengers 18:…

By: Brent Brookhouse | 12 years ago
Strikeforce Challengers: Jorge Gurgel vs. Joe Duarte – Live Results and Play-By-Play
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As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for Strikeforce Challengers 18: Gurgel vs. Duarte. The live blog will start with the beginning of the Showtime broadcast (11 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

The event is headlined by a bout between the always exciting Jorge Gurgel and Joe Duarte. Gurgel is most known for his time in the UFC where he established that he will brawl with anyone despite legitimate ground skills, but it is a tactic that has kept him in a job for years now. Duarte brings a four fight win streak into the event.

A fight between Danillo Villefort and Nate James also appears on the main card. Pat Healy makes his fourth trip to the Strikeforce cage, this time facing Eric Wisely. Women’s action will be featured as Olympic judo medalist, Ronda Rousey, takes on Sarah D’Alelio. And finally, Roy Jones Jr. (not the boxer) steps into the Strikeforce cage to face Derrick Mehmen.

Make sure to come back during the event and share your thoughts as the event goes down.

The Showtime broadcast is live, first fight up shortly.

Derrick Mehmen vs. Roy Jones – Round 1 – Mehmen with a left that lands and Jones with a jab. A few strikes in close by Jones and Mehmen clinches and pushes him into the cage. Huge flying knee by Jones as they separate hurts Mehmen and tries to take the back. Instead he settles for kneeing Mehmen in the face again. Jones has really opened up now and Mehmen looks a bit shell shocked. Mehmen starts running backward and gets clipped but he also takes a low blow. Mehman rests up and comes out to get a takedown. Mehmen spends the rest of the round on top controlling position but not doing much with it. That should be a Roy Jones round for damage in the stand-up but the judges will love the top control from Mehmen.

Round 2 – Jones with a spinning kick and Mehmen takes him down but his eye is pouring blood. Just gushing. Mehmen knows he needs to step up the pace so he is going for it as they’re restarted with him on top in half guard. derrick is just staying on top and doing enough work to keep it from getting restarted and Jones just kind of flops around on his back. Mehmen finally stepping up his output and landing more shots from half guard. 10-9 Mehmen.

Round 3 – Jones decides to try to pull guard with a guillotine attempt on a sweaty, bloody Mehmen and ends up on his back. Mehman just moving his arms, not really punching. They’re restarted standing up and Mehman asks Herb Dean to wipe his eye, which he isn’t allowed to do. Jones jabs him a few times and Mehmen looks for the shot. Jones tries to scramble and gives up the full mount. Mehmen throws a few arm punches, the round ends and he takes the fight 29-28 on my card.

Official scorecards: Derrick Mehmen. (no scores announced)

Sarah D’Alelio vs. Ronda Rousey – Round 1  – Rousey jabs a few times and looks for a throw and almost gets one. Rousey with a sort of flying armbar and the referee jumps in and calls a halt to the bout even though D’Alelio did not tap out. Ronda Rousey wins by technical submission (armbar), round 1. Rousey told the ref that she tapped, but she clearly did not.

Pat Healy vs. Eric Wisely – Round 1 – Wisely is a very small guy, Healy is a pretty big lightweight. Healy looks for a single and sweeps the other leg. Healy with a little ground and pound but Wisely almost catches him with an armbar but Healy survives. Wisely with a nice sweep and they’re back to standing. Healy back on top and Wisely almost locks in a heel hook. Healy is having a lot of trouble with what Wisely is doing off his back. Still, Healy probably did enough to get the round.

Round 2 – Wisely with some nice punches early and now he pushes Healy into the cage. Wisely rolls through looking for a kneebar and can’t get it. Healy spends the majority of the round on top, eventually passing to side control. It’s not the most exciting thing to watch but it’s a lot of fighting over position. Healy with a few more punches and the round ends. I’ve got Healy up 20-18.

Round 3 – Wisely tries a front kick to the face and just misses. Healy pins him into the fence. Healy does get the takedown and tries to stand above Wisely but almost eats an upkick so Healy dives into the guard. Big left hand results in what seemed to be a thumb to the eye. Healy on top continuing to throw arm punches and Wisely is slowing a little with the submission attempts but he does throw the occasional elbow off his back. 30-27 Healy on my card.

Official Scorecards: Pat Healy wins by unanimous decision (no scores given)

Nate James vs. Danillo Villefort – Round 1 – Villefort with a leg kick and a nice elbow. James is just getting countered every time he throws anything. James with an overhand right but he eats a leg kick in response. Head kick by James and he eats a leg kick from Villefort. James lands the better punch in an exchange for once. Right hand by Villefort lands. Thai plum and Villefort lands a few knees. James turns Villefort into the cage but gets thrown and Villefort is in side control. Right to the mount now. Just misses a big elbow and James gives up his back. Villefort looks for the rear naked choke but can’t get it locked in before the end of the round. 10-9 Villefort.

Round 2 – Villefort working the leg kicks early. Cartwheel by Villefort after a leg kick by James. One-two by James now. Both guys land in an exchange. James is much more in the fight this round, holding his own and even winning some exchanges. Takedown into side control by Villefort. Villefort is looking to set up the arm triangle but the position of the fence may prevent it. James gives up his back, Villefort slips off trying to take it. James on top in Villefort’s guard now. Villefort looks for a triangle and then switches to a knee bar attempt, neither of which do much. James landing some punches and hammerfists. Very close round that time. I’ll go 10-9 Villefort.

Round 3 – James is landing some punches early and he has started to really tag Villefort. Villefort shoots for the takedown now and almost gets the arm in guillotine but James gets out. James on top now landing some decent punches but should probably stand up as he was really busting Villefort up on the feet. They’re stood up after a lack of action. James lands some nice punches but Villefort lands a nice back elbow. James with a takedown now. 10-9 James. I can totally see him taking this fight on at least 2 scorecards.

Official scorecards: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 all for Nate James. Nate James wins by unanimous decision. (edit: hearing that it was actually 30-27 Villefort, 29-28 James, 29-28 James for a split decision)

Jorge Gurgel vs. Joe Duarte – Round 1 – They touch gloves and trade a few punches, both men landing left hands. Duarte landing another nice let hand. Gurgel with a nice three punch combo. Two more shots by GUrgel land. Nice low kick by Gurgel. Left hook lands for Gurgel. Gurgel is clearly able to win the fight on the feet and is occasionally looking for a takedown but it’s not a vital part of his offense. Nice right hand by Duarte. Duarte landed some nice punches at the end of the round and finished with a takedown. I’d still go 10-9 Gurgel.

Round 2 – Gurgel with a walking series of punches that miss. Duarte lands a counter right. Gurgel coming forward and occasionally landing leg kicks. Uppercut lands for Duarte. Right hand now. Gurgel has shot for a few takedowns this fight but Duarte has avoided them with ease. Duarte is having a much better round than he did in the first. Duarte working his jab in the later stages of the round. Overhand right by Duarte buzzes Gurgel a little bit. 10-9 round for Duarte t even it up on my card.

Round 3 – A few punches land for Gurgel early. Gurgel is stepping it up early in this round. Landing a nice head kick now and a series of punches. Now Gurgel looking for a takedown. Duarte ends up in top position in Gurgel’s butterfly guard with over half the round remaining. Gurgel landing elbows off his back. Healy postures up briefly to land a couple punches.Duarte stands up though instead of riding position to try to steal the round. Right hand by Gurgel. Duarte with a takedown with 30 seconds left. Gurgel with more elbows off his back as the round ends. 10-9 Gurgel makes it 29-28 Gurgel on my card.

Official scorecards: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 all for Joe Duarte. Joe Duarte wins by unanimous decision.

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