How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 4th Week of July

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twitterverse RANDOM TWIDBITS "My approach to twitter is to act like I just…

By: Anton Tabuena | 12 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 4th Week of July
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA Twitterverse


“My approach to twitter is to act like I just tweet whatever comes to mind. In reality, this one took two days.”  –Amir Sadollah

come to my hotel and do it.” Dana White, That’s what she said.

“I want to see @CungLe185 fight in @ufc in san jose — hope @danawhite & @lorenzofertitta can make it happen. UFC fans & SJ crowd will go nuts for him.” Dan Henderson, I agree.

“I’m all healed up and ready to roll. I just signed a multi-fight deal with Dream. It’s going to be great to be in Japan, but business 1st! …More info to come soon, but my cheap ass doesn’t have HDnet, so I gotta upgrade!!! Lol! Can’t even watch my own fights unless it’s bootleg! …For those of you who are worried, all the wrinkles have been ironed out and I’m in good hands! Regardless of the past or what you’ve heard” Gerald Harris, will hopefully get paid for his services.

“I spend waaay more time picking neflix movies than actually watching them. Porn is the opposite. Until netflix starts offering porn.” Amir Sadollah

“Jus kicked butt on my hepatitis test!! Got two A’s and a B! #winning”  –Joseph Benavidez

“Look who I just ran into in the hotel lobby.” Dan Henderson, definitely isn’t bigfoot.

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“Finally ,the hijacked movie starts shooting Aug 8 w/ domanic purcell and vinnie Jones ! Drew a new Mexico elk tag for sept 3 thru the 10th… And expendables 2 starts shooting Sept 20th ! Waiting on the new script now . Gonna be a busy year !” Randy Couture

getting Haywire”  –Cung Le

“I want to say thank you to my family, friends and fans for all your support! I feel bless to do what I do.” Cung Le


“RT @TimmyHands: @frankshamrock One fight. One name that could bring you out of retirement. Who would it be? = @danawhite” Frank Shamrock, wants to fight the UFC President

“after seeing the beatins frank has got in his last few fights I don’t blame him for wanting to fight me!!!! …plus he’s had those goofy braces on for like 7 years now and wouldn’t want to fuck that grill up.” Dana White

“anytime, anyplace.” Frank Shamrock

“@frankshamrock swick has been beggin me to put a beatin on u. He thinks its a joke u do anti bully shit, says he never met bigr bully then u” Dana White, who knows how much Swick is pissed off at Frank Shamrock for being the ‘biggest bully’ on his gym a few years back.

“@danawhite real men fight their own battles. I watched you beat up a girl and celebrate. Swick knows the truth and so do I. Anytime bro.” Frank Shamrock, I never heard about this story. If it’s true, Dana better watch out for Roger Huerta.

“@frankshamrock u are such a fuckin weirdo! Lol, if you are feeling all macho again after ur last man sized beatins swick is ready!” Dana White

“Woa Twitter! lol I dont know anything about the truth u know that I know. “Anytime bro” to me? am I fightin Frank? …For the record, Frank didn’t beat me up in training. Only 1 dumb incident that pissed me off. Its mostly what I saw him do to others… I stood up when no one else would. I do what I thinks right and if I take heat for that then so be it.” Mike Swick

“Still dont know if is calling me out or not. I wouldnt turn down the fight though. 1st I got in Brazil. UFC134″  –Mike Swick

“Most of what frank says about our situation is inaccurate. He knows whats up and I have told my beef. This ongoing media is pointless… I never disrespected him for what he did with his career. Much props and respect. He was my idol. I just shared my opinion on who he was As a person and what he did to persons in the time I trained with him. I said my piece and am done. If he wants to fight then we can do that… Right now I just wanna focus on my fight at UFC 134, which is the most important fight of my career. Thanks for the support guys!”  –Mike Swick

@danawhite I want in on some of The Frank Shamrock action!  –Cung Le


“Yo boy is the has been,check his last fight b*ch! Hahahaha…” Quinton Jackson

“It sucks that rampage would take an objective pick on a fight personally . He’s a great guy and a friend . All the best to him! …Yes the hamill pick . I thought hamill would eek out a Decision In that fight and rampage took it personal . They’re objective and I’m wrong (alot)”  –Randy Couture

“Amen to that , my picks have sucked . You think I’ve never seen the dam sport 🙂 good thing I don’t gamble .”  –Randy Couture

“F*ck I used 2 rep his line, and he always picked my opponents over me. At first it was cool till hamill been…”  Quinton Jackson

f*ck u dude,u a fake a** has been. I was a real friend and kept my mouth shut when I didn’t know if u would win or lose”  Quinton Jackson, lesson? Don’t pick against Rampage, or he’ll start a twitter war.


“It’s hard times for when he gets all road ragey and pisses off ” UFC

“I was taking all challengers last night at the Alligator Alley Bar in Lakeland, Florida! ;)” Mike Swick

“Chillin’ in the SD sun : )” Kenda Perez

“Kisses on the dance floor… nerdy brohoes” Kelli Hutcherson

“Here is me as worlds strongest man. Getting ready for cro cop” Roy Nelson, lost a bit of weight.

“In case you missed it, here is a one-armed Muay Thai Champion delivering a huge KO.” Chatri Sityodtong, founder of Evolve MMA


“Eat your Bananas, get ur potassium..keeping it healthy n sexy baby!! ;)”  Arianny Celeste

“Bright pink lips. Shakin dem hips..time to dance. :D” Arianny Celeste

“Happy Birthday @lisahochstein we <3 St Tropez!! :*”  –Arianny Celeste

“I need to go to shoot some guns with these guys soon!” Chandella Powell, judging from her camera phone skills, I’m worried about her holding a gun.


“Sneak peak ;)”  –Brittney Palmer

“Here’s a bts pic from my shoot today, for the cover or Fitness Gurl Magazine :)” Brittney Palmer

“shooting for shoedazzle :)” Logan Stanton

“Hood rats” Kelli Hutcherson


Chandella Powell “Indecent Proposal” Photo Shoot (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)” MMA Fix


“Check out this goofy : Fedor vs.  poster I made for ” Anton Tabuena

“So you all know! I (THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS ) am now . Brent is now   –Matthew Roth, is leaving Head Kick Legend to the capable hands of Brent Ducharme

“I am incredibly excited and honor to introduce you to ‘s newest flagship MMA site:… What’s so great about ? We have the most technologically advanced platform in digital sports and top, proven talent… Joining me at is Jon Snowden (), Nate Wilcox (), Thomas Myers () and others soon to join.” Luke Thomas, who also has a new twitter ID, @SBNLukeThomas

“High mark of my career, folks. RT : Introducing MMA Nation, SBN’s new MMA flagship.   –Luke Thomas

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