Gesias Cavalcante Talks Kenny Florian Video, Strikeforce Fight

Gesias Cavalcante hasn’t had the best luck lately, but he’s hoping to turn it around at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson this Saturday…

By: Tim Burke | 13 years
Gesias Cavalcante Talks Kenny Florian Video, Strikeforce Fight
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Gesias Cavalcante hasn’t had the best luck lately, but he’s hoping to turn it around at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson this Saturday night when he faces late replacement Bobby Green. MMA Mania’s Brian Hemminger spoke to him about his hilarious video with Kenny Florian and his upcoming fight with Green, along with a whole load of other stuff. Here’s what he had to say about the video (which you should definitely check out if you haven’t seen it yet):

Brian HemmingerHow has the reaction been from everybody so far?

Gesias Cavalcante: I’ve had a million success. I didn’t know until they posted the video on the website and after that my twitter is going crazy. People are tweeting about it all the time about how they love it. I feel today like a little kid. I went to the gym and and people are like, “hey, I saw your video!” It’s been so fun, the reaction, even the little kids, 12 or 13 years old have talked me about it. It’s been a really good experience.

He then goes on to talk about how he wanted to get back in the cage quickly after his last fight with Justin Wilcox, which ended in a no contest due to an eyepoke:

Brian HemmingerAfter your last fight with Wilcox, you were begging to get a fight as soon as possible. How happy were you when you found out you were going to be on this event?

Gesias Cavalcante: I was really, really happy. Really happy man. I was really, really happy. Like I said, it was a bit of frustration for the last fight, the no contest, after all the hard work, to come and no contest there. It was an accident of course but I was scared to sit and wait for too long. I would have liked to get a fight with Justin [Wilcox] next but it was taking too long for him to recover so I couldn’t fight him. I said, “gimme anybody,” I just needed a fight. I can break through those things and the whole time Authentic Sports Management worked a lot, worked hard to get me the fight. I was supposed to fight Lyle Beerbohm and they changed it out so now it’s Bob Green. All those things, they are crazy, but thank God I have good people eyeing me and I have good support, the people work with me and my coaches.

And he discussed his opponent on Saturday night:

Brian HemmingerWhat do you know about Bobby Green? I know he’s the King of the Cage lightweight champion. What are you expecting from him?

Gesias Cavalcante: He’s a hungry guy. He’s a good fighter, he’s explosive. He comes with a fast pace. I watched a couple of his fights and I’ve seen him fighting before. It’s good. He’s a guy that wants to prove something, stepping up. King of the Cage is ok but Strikeforce has more exposure and he’s just trying to prove himself. That’s what makes the fight exciting.

Unfortunately his fight will be on the undercard and there are no plans to broadcast it at this time, but Cavalcante is one of the nicest guys in MMA and I hope he’s able to turn it around and get things back on track. You can catch the whole interview here.

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