Dana White’s History of Rash UFC Decisions

In a couple hours we'll find out why Nate Marquardt failed his medicals with the Pennsylvania athletic commission and subsequently lost his job in…

By: Mike Fagan | 12 years ago
Dana White’s History of Rash UFC Decisions
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In a couple hours we’ll find out why Nate Marquardt failed his medicals with the Pennsylvania athletic commission and subsequently lost his job in the UFC. Maybe, anyway. Marquardt’s “statement” during the UFC on Versus 4 pre-show left a lot to be desired, and I’m not holding my breath that we’ll get a resolution to the situation this afternoon.

We do know that UFC President Dana White expressed disgust at whatever it was that caused Marquardt to fail his medicals. And we know that not only has Marquardt lost his spot in the UFC, but is on Dana White’s notorious “never again” list.

But we also know that Dana White promising that a fighter will never again fight in the UFC is only a half step above Tito Ortiz telling you he’s 100% for an upcoming fight. We all know Tito’s going to claim otherwise after the fact, just as we all know that Dana White will bring you back to the UFC if it benefits his bottom line.

Let’s go through the list, shall we?

Jon Fitch released for refusing to sign merchandise contract.

What Dana said: “We’re looking for guys who want to work with us and not against us, and frankly I’m just so [expletive] sick of this [expletive] it’s not even funny. Affliction is still out there trying to build its company. Let [Fitch] go work with them. Let him see what he thinks of those [expletives]. [Expletive] him. These guys aren’t partners with us. [Expletive] them. All of them, every last [expletive] one of them…. I’m not a douche bag and I do a lot for these guys, a lot more than any of you will ever know.

“We’re in a horrible time in the economy now, and every guy with two nickels to rub together is making a run at us. We’ve worked too hard, given too much, to let certain guys come in and [expletive] with that.” [Yahoo! Sports MMA]

What happened: Fitch spoke with UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta, signed the merchandise contract, and re-entered the UFC. He currently enjoys a six-fight unbeaten streak.

Tito Ortiz not re-signed following UFC 84 loss to Lyoto Machida.

What Dana said: “He’s one of the most dishonest human beings I’ve ever met. I put up with him when he was a good fighter. He’s not anymore. He’s done. I’m no longer in the Tito Ortiz business.” [Yahoo! Sports MMA]

What happened: After 17 months out of action, including courtships by EliteXC and Affliction, Ortiz re-signed with the UFC in the summer of 2009. Originally scheduled to fight Mark Coleman, Ortiz ended up losing to Forrest Griffin in a rematch at UFC 106. He dropped his third consecutive fight to Matt Hamill at UFC 121. He is scheduled to fight Ryan Bader at UFC 132.

Paul Daley released for sucker-punching Josh Koscheck at UFC 113.

What Dana said: “Daley is cut. He is gone as of now. What the [expletive] was he thinking in there? Was he out of his mind? I said to him, you’re a good fighter, why would you do something like that? He told me he didn’t hear the bell. He had all the potential to go on and be one of the great fighters in this division.

“It’s more than unsportsmanlike. It is the worst conduct I have ever seen in my ten years in the UFC, and Daley might as well go and get another job.” [Telegraph UK]

What happened: Daley has yet to fight for the UFC, but he did challenge Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz after Zuffa had bought the company. To date, he is still under contract.

Josh Barnett fled to Japan after testing positive for steroids at UFC 36.

What Dana said: “This is a guy who single-handedly put a company out of business for doing what he did. And has zero remorse for it, who could care less. … Those are the kind of guys I have zero tolerance for, and that’s why he’s not in the UFC and never will be.” [MMA Fighting]

What happened: After a long career in Japan, Barnett returned to America to fight for Affliction’s new promotional company. Scheduled to fight Fedor Emelianenko, Barnett tested positive for steroids in an attempt to acquire a license from the state of California. He later signed with Strikeforce, which was bought by the UFC in March of this year. Barnett defeated Brett Rogers in the first round of the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament, and this picture was taken.

Matt Lindland released for wearing an unauthorized sponsor shirt at the UFC 54 weigh-ins.

What Dana said: “I don’t dislike Matt Lindland. I didn’t blackball him from the UFC, either. Matt Lindland is a good guy and I’ve never had a personal issue with him. A lot of guys don’t fight in the UFC and the only guy I dislike, like I said before, is Tito. Matt is a good guy, but he’s on a deal with someone else.” [Yahoo! Sports MMA]

What happened: Despite Dana’s insistence that there’s no personal animosity, Lindland claims the UFC was unresponsive when he reached out for a contract a few years ago. Once a top middleweight, Lindland’s wins since 2007 include Carlos Newton, Fabio Nascimento, and Kevin Casey. After two brutal knockouts to Robbie Lawler and Vitor Belfort, his MMA career, let alone a return to the UFC, does not look promising.

Todd Duffee released from the UFC for unknown reasons.

What Dana said: “I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t like Duffee’s attitude. I don’t like his attitude and I don’t like some of the things he’s said or done. He made it seem to me that he doesn’t want to be in the UFC, like being here didn’t matter to him and he didn’t like it. You don’t want to be in the UFC brother? Okay. We’re working on long term stuff, where guys can live and fight under this brand forever and continue to make money, even after they retire. Being in the UFC is a very big thing for a fighter. Some guys ‘get it’ and appreciate it and some guys don’t. The guys that don’t, I don’t have time for – and you won’t be around for long.” [MMA Weekly]

What happened: Desperate for a paycheck, Duffee accepted a fight with Alistair Overeem at Dynamite 2010!! on less than two weeks notice. Overeem made short work of him, and Duffee is now scheduled to fight Nick Gaston at Dream 17.

Karo Parisyan released for pulling out of UFC 106 a day before the weigh-ins.

What Dana said: “Karo Parisyan has f***ed over the UFC, the fans and his opponent again!!! … He will not be fighting saturday or ever again in the UFC!! … Pulled out of the fight the day before weigh ins again with a laundry list of excuses!!!  Let the press ask karo why!  Let him explain.” [Twitter]

What happened: Parisyan returned to action with a victory over Ben Mortimer in Australia, prompting a return to the UFC at UFC 123, where Dennis Hallman finished him with strikes within two minutes of the opening bell. The UFC released Parisyan once again.

B.J. Penn told he would never fight in the UFC again.

What Dana said: “When it was finally official I was going to fight in Japan, White called me up and told me his true feelings. ‘You motherfucker! You’re fucking done! You’ll never fight in the UFC again! You’re finished. You’re scorched earth, motherfucker. Scorched earth. Don’t call me crying saying you want to come back because you’re fucking done!'” [Bloody Elbow]

What happened: Penn took fights for FEG and K-1 after defeating Matt Hughes for the welterweight title. The UFC made the decision to strip Penn of the title. After a four fight foray in Japan, Penn returned to the UFC, dropping fights to Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre at 170 pounds. He returned to the lightweight division, where he acquired and defended the lightweight title three times. His next fight will be the 21st in his UFC career.

Fighters appearing in EA’s MMA game blackballed.

What Dana said: “I’m not tap-dancing around this thing or whatever. I’m telling you straight-up, I’m at war with them right now. That’s how I look at it.

“You won’t be in the UFC.”

What happened: Randy Couture returned to the UFC after appearing on the cover of the game. Jason Miller was signed to coach the Ultimate Fighter opposite Michael Bisping. Jake Shields signed and fought Martin Kampmann and challenged welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. As Zuffa phases out the Strikeforce brand, expect more fighters from the game to fight in the UFC.

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