UFC 130 Results: Frank Mir Punks Roy Nelson

It wasn't pretty at all. Roy Nelson's performance against Frank Mir that is. Mir dominated every aspect of the fight for three rounds to…

By: Nate Wilcox | 12 years ago
UFC 130 Results: Frank Mir Punks Roy Nelson
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It wasn’t pretty at all. Roy Nelson’s performance against Frank Mir that is.

Mir dominated every aspect of the fight for three rounds to take a unanimous decision at UFC 130. 

But Nelson did show an incredible chin to survive three rounds of knees and elbows to the face but he presented no offensive threat to Mir at any point in the fight.

Mir asked Joe Rogan afterwards, “What is the deal with his chin?”

Nelson came out and forced the clinch to the cage where he tried to dirty box Mir. Mir caught him with a big knee to the face when they separated. Mir then tried for more but Nelson landed the next big shot with an overhand right  and forced the clinch. Mir answered with more knees to the head and body. He paused only to mix punches into his assaultive melange. Nelson managed to stop the assault by forcing a clinch. Nelson caught Mir with a right when they separated. But Mir answered with some knees. Nelson kept attacking though. Then Mir landed a beautiful trip and dropped Nelson to the ground. Mir immediately got mount but Nelson managed to fight him off and get back to his feet.

In the second Mir landed to the body with kicks then shot in for a single leg and took down “Big Country” with about 4 minutes left. Mir mounted Nelson briefly but Nelson stood up fairly quickly. Mir landed knees from the standing clinch then got Nelson down with a double leg. He quickly advanced to half-guard but Nelson managed to stymie his advance. Nelson seemed utterly spent as the round ended.

They touched gloves to to open the round. Mir went for a clench. Nelson winged a right. They separated. Mir began to land again with knees then pinned Nelson against the cage, shot for a double and advanced to 1/2 guard. Mir landed some ground and pound, but Nelson fought back to his feet. Only to be slammed down with a double leg that made his man bosoms bounce and his mullet fly. Mir landed a smashing elbow to Nelson’s face that woke him up. Nelson fought back up but Mir took him right back down with authority. More brutal elbows to the face. Nelson somehow fought back to his feet with about 20 seconds left. Mir immediately went for another take down. That struggle ended the fight.

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