BAMMA 6 Kong vs Ninja Live Results and Commentary

Join us early Saturday afternoon from 1:30pm ET / 10:30am PT for BAMMA 6, taking place at Wembley Arena in London, England. Headlining the…

By: KJ Gould | 12 years ago
BAMMA 6 Kong vs Ninja Live Results and Commentary
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Join us early Saturday afternoon from 1:30pm ET / 10:30am PT for BAMMA 6, taking place at Wembley Arena in London, England. Headlining the card will be BAMMA Middleweight champion Tom Watson defending his title against Pride veteran Murilo Rua, older brother of former UFC Light-heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Also on the main televised card are two other Middleweight match ups as heavy handed John Phillips takes on UFC veteran Frank Trigg, and Matt Ewin takes on late replacement Ivan Salaverry as original opponent Phil Baroni had to drop out due to injury.

The 3-fight main card will be broadcast live on SyFy in the UK, The Fight Network in Canada and available as an online Pay Per View for the rest of the world at BAMMA.TV.

Also available for purchase at BAMMA.TV are the 4 main preliminary bouts Valentino Petrescu vs Joao Paulo De Souza, Jason Ball vs Leonardo Santos, Che Mills vs Marcio Cesar, and Neil Wain vs Marcin Bartkiewicz.

Taking a leaf out of the UFC play-book, BAMMA will also be broadcasting one preliminary fight for free via their Facebook Page showing Scott Jansen vs Craig Chesters.

The rest of the card won’t be broadcast live and won’t be available online officially until next week.


Tom Watson def Murilo Rua by TKO Round 3.

Frank Trigg def John Phillips by TKO (cuts) Round 1.

Matt Ewin def Ivan Salaverry by Decision.

Valentino Petrescu def Joao Paulo de Souza by Decision.

Leonoardo Santos def Jason Ball by Decision

Che Mills def Marcio Cesar by KO Round 1

Scott Jansen def Craig Chesters by TKO Round 1

Catalin Zmarandescu def Sharif Mohammed Ali by Submission (Forearm Choke of Shame) Round 1

THE MAIN CARD Live on Syfy in the UK, The Fight Network in Canada and BAMMA.TV everywhere else  from 9pm GMT / 4pm ET / 1pm PT

BAMMA World Middleweight Championship
Tom Watson vs Murilo Rua

Round 1: Both meet in the centre, Kong feels Ninja out with a jab. Ninja with a leg kick, Kong returns with a couple of his own and tires a head kick. Good active feeling out process. Kong tries a head kick again but misses widely. Ninja with a leg kick and Kong with a stiff jab. Kong is taking control on the feet backing Ninja up. Kong tries a head kick again and may be going to many times to the well. Kong lands a combo and backs Ninja up getting the crowd riled up. Kong smells blood but can;t capitalize. Kong aggressive and in control landing some good shots but also missing with the head kick. Ninja tries to come in with a 1-2 but Kong pops him on the chin. Kong with a body kick and picking his shots well. Kong is looser with his hands while Ninja is a little stiff. Kong backs Ninja up with an uppercut-left hook to the fence but Ninja circles out and they resume in the centre. Back and forth between the two but Kong seems to be getting the better of it. Kong methodical and waiting for an opening, landing shots and causes Ninja to get a late takedown in the round to side control. Rounds ends with Ninja on top but achieving nothing. Clear 10-9 round for Kong with Ninja’s takedown being too little and too late. my score: 10-9 Kong.

Round 2: Kong takes the centre straight away with Ninja circling on the outside. Ninja tries to find space to take centre himself. Ninja tries to get in close and eats a stiff punch from Kong that stops his momentum. Kong being conservative and choosing his time to strike wisely. Kong is looking very sharp on the feet  and is completely dictating the fight to Ninja. Ninja’s leg looks to be damaged from kicks and he’s hobbling around as Kong tries to look for openings. Ninja takes a telegraphed shallow takedown attempt but is shrugged off easily. Kong has Ninja backed against the fence and lands a hard uppercut to the body. Kong lands with a head kick that drops Ninja but Ninja looks to pull guard. Kong backs off and Ninja gets up. Ninja seemingly has nothing for Kong and begins to wilt against the fence but Kong being conservative and cautious. Back in the middle Kong is still loose and Ninja is seizing up. Ninja landing very little with Kong doing what he wants at will. Kong setting everything up with his jab and Ninja looks a little lost out there, covering up and circling away but unable to counter. Dominant round to Kong. Personally I could score it 10-8 but they seem pretty rare in MMA. My score: 10-9 Kong.

Round 3: Ninja’s knee looks reallty swollen before the third starts. Ninja desperately comes in and tries to get Kong to the fence looking for a takedown from a Double and Single grip. Kong shifting his hips and pushing Ninja’s head away and even lands a knee followed by another to shake Ninja off of him. Kong is now off the fence and looking to continue where he left off at the end of the 2nd. Kong with an inside leg kick to Ninja’s injured limb. Kong with a hard leg kick and Ninja stumbles backwoods in pain. Kong send him back with strikes landing one after the other in deliberate, technical succession the referee stepping in to stop but not before Kong is able to finis Ninja off.

Winner: Tom “Kong” Watson by KO, Round 3.

Middleweight Division
John Phillips vs Frank Trigg

Round 1: Phillips takes the centre as Frank circles to his right. Trigg takes a shallow shot, clinch up and then re-shoots and gets Phillips down. Trigg in Phillips’ Half guard while Phillips does his best to stall Trigg’s progression. Trigg pushing off the face and landing short elbows but appears in no hurry to pass Phillips half guard. Phillips regains guard, Trigg lands a hard elbow and busts Phillips completely open. Trigg lands some more shots as Phillips beckons him on, but passes to Side Control. Phillips is gushing blood badly and the ref is taking a close look. Trigg landing knees to the body, referee stops the action to have the doctor look at Phillips bloody face. Phillips is begging the fight not to be stopped but the doctor deems the fight can no longer continue.

Winner: Frank Trigg by TKO (cut stoppage)

Middleweight Division

The presenter opens the show with a bad Rapture joke. This is not a good sign of things to come.

Matt Ewin vs Ivan Salaverry

Round 1: Both fighters are feeling each other out, taking their time to pick their shots carefully. Ewin lands a Teep to the leg, and soon a counter right hand that lands on Salaverry clean. Salaverry landing some leg kicks but Ewin controlling the fighting area. Salaverry still with leg kicks but his hands drop low from time to time. Crowd is booing as they’re still feeling each other out. Salaverry double jabs but is circling towards Ewin’s power side. Ewin lands a counter that floors Salaverry and busts his nose open. Salaverry beckons Ewin to the gorund but Ewin gets the fight standing again. Salaverry still landing inside leg kicks but Ewin is definitely the crisper striker. Ewin misses with a looping overhand right while Salaverry continues to score with the odd leg kick. Ewin is in full control on the feet and tries another overhand right that lands on Salaverry’s arm. Accidental low blow but nothing to stop. Salaverry lands a strike and Ewin falls to the mat though possibly from a slip. Round ends with Ewin on his back but it’s Ewin who should have won the round. My score: 10-9 Ewin.

Round 2: Both meet in the centre and Salaverry is still looking “Stiffer than a box of Viagra” (thanks Schiavello). Salaverry tries a kick which Ewin tries to catch but doesn’t have a full grip. Ewin is the much looser fighter at the moment faking dropping levels to look to land a shot. Still surprising Salaverry hasn’t tried to take this fight to the ground and the most he’;s doing standing is the occasional jab and inside leg kick. Salaverry now taking the centre of the cage but Ewin is countering well and just waiting for a counter finish. Crowd is restless and booing as two veterans aren’t swinging aimlessly for the fences. Stiff jab from Ewin followed by a Teep to the leg. Ewin is slightly older than Salaverry but you wouldn’t know it watching this fight. Crowd boos again and clearly want Stand’n’Bang. Still a long way to go in terms of MMA education. Salaverry has almost frozen up while Ewin is loose but not landing more than 2-strike combos. Round ends and while closer than the first I’d still give it to Ewin. My score: 10-9 Ewin.

Round 3: Both fighters meet in the middle and double fist bump. Ewin drops Salaverry but Salaverry is lucid and waits for Ewin to go to the ground. Ewin turns him down and the ref stand Salaverry back up. Ewin surprisingly gets a take down looking to G’n’P Salaverry. Salaverry with a loose Half Guard looking to get full guard back which he does. They’re now against the cage and Salaverry gets back up. Teep again from Ewin controlling distance and the cage. No more than single strikes coming from either man and again the crowd boos. Both fighters are being methodical but to the crowd it doesn’t matter.  Salaverry still only throwing the occasional jab and inside leg kick. It doesn’t look as if either man is going to try to finish with 40 seconds left in the round. Salaverry is surviving but Ewin is just coasting at the same time. Round ends and I’d have to score it 10-9 Ewin again.

My overall score: 30-27 Matt Ewin. Salaverry looked positively ancient but at least he wasn’t devastatingly finished.

THE PRELIMS Live via BAMMA.TV everywhere from 7pm GMT / 2pm ET / 11am PT

Heavyweight Division
Neil Wain vs Marcin Bartkiewicz

This may have been bumped to the main card or axed completely as the Prelims stream has ended and the main card is about to start any minute.

Middleweight Division
Joao Paulo de Souza vs Valentino Petrescu

Round 1: Petrescu starts with an outside leg kick, Souza throws a fast 1-2 in response but misses. Both are in the centre and are trading on the outside as well as in the clinch. Neither fighter is backing down. Souza with a hard uppercut that Petrescu takes. Both are holding a high guards and are just trading hard shots where they can. Petrescu with a hard left that wobbles Souza. Petrescu tries a superman punches gut gets air. Now both trading hard in the middle in a hard exchange. Souza tries a hard head kick but is blocked. Souza has had enough of Petrescu’s power and initiates a clinch against the fence, Petrescu turns it around and lands some strikes. Petrescu is walking down Souza lands a Superman Punch and has Souza backing away ending with a body kick at the end of round 1. My score: 10-9 Petrescu.

Round 2: Souza opens with two body shots as Petrescu tries to clinch. Souza tries to body clinch but Petrescu turns him around against the cage throwing some light knees and a little bit of Wall’n’Stall. Mark Goddard breaks them up and re-centers them in the ring. Petrescu with a hard outside leg kick followed by a right hand. Pace has slowed from both and Petrescu might be gassing breathing out of his mouth. Petrescu still taking the middle of the cage. Petrescu has really slowed down and now Souza is taking the middle of the cage. After a rest Petrescu throws a hard leg kick. Both are still trading but both are fatigued and Souza is still taking the centre while Petrescu is starting to move back. Accidental thumb to the eye from Souza to Petrescu, brief pause in action but Petrescu is able to continue after wiping his eye. Petrescu starting to land his strikes more toward the end of the round. Much closer round, possible 10-10 but I think Souza is coming back and may have won it. My score: 10-9 Souza.

Round 3: Souza bullrushes Petrescu against the fence off the bell but Petrescu is able to escape and take things back to the middle of the cage. Souza is still taking the centre though and lands hard body shots as Petrescu comes in. Petrescu back to backing up looking for a counter shot. Petrescu has stopped landing legkicks as much as he has been. Both fighters probably going about half the pace and intensity of the very first round though still active enough to make it a fight. Souza still seems to be getting the better of the exchanges and is showing cage control as well. Souza favouring punch combinations more than fists and feet together, Petrescu picking his moment to throw hard kicks to the leg and occasionally up high but to no avail. Petrescu switches to southpaw and both fighters end in a flurry. Another close round but I’ll give it to de Souza. My score 10-9 de Souza.

My overall score 29-28 de Souza but it was close after the first round. Judges give it to Petrescu with no score given, but I wouldn’t call it a robbery. Very close fight that was hard to judge while typing and watching at the same time. Brazilian fans ion audience not happy.

BAMMA World Lightweight Championship Contender
Jason Ball vs Leonardo Santos

Round 1: Ball takes the centre of the cage feeling each other out with stiff jabs, mostly from Santos. Santos with a hard outside leg kick followed by a Teep to the thigh. More feeling out and Santos telegraphs a poor double leg takedown attempt a couple of times that’s easily shrugged off. Santos tries a Plumm clinch and lands a couple of knees, Ball pushes him off. Santos again poorly shoots that’s more akin to a running hug. Santos finally gets a takedown after Ball attempts a standing guillotine but ends up under Side Control. Santos just trying to maintain position controlling Ball’s head and legs. Ball regains Half Guard and is looking to regain full Open Guard. Santos is keeping his pressure on and is passing well but can’t quite get mount as Ball controls his hips. Santos finally gets a Low Mount with Grapevines. Ball shrimps out but Santos transitions to Side Control. Ball has wrist control but turtles and Santos looks to take advantage. Santos is unable to fully take Ball’s back but a clear round to Santos. My score: 10-9 Santos.

Round 2: Ball comes out and picks up the pace knowing he’s down a round. Santos throws a low kick that gets a cheer from the crowd. Ball is slowing down, chin up and is getting tagged with single short punches from Santos. Santos with another outside leg kick and using his reach to follow up with stiff jabs. Ball is becoming flatfooted and santos Shoots. Ball tries a guillotine but gets taken down again. Almost instantly Santos is able to take Ball’s back with a waistlock and looks to get both hooks in. Santos manages to get his hooks in and throws some punches to try and set something up. Santos takes a hook out and uses it to base behind him as Ball is a little too close to the cage to be flattened out. Santos content to Singe Leg Ride and land shots before getting both hooks in again. Santos looking for over-under control while throwing shots to open Ball up. Santos locks in a choke that looks really close but Ball isn’t tapping. Hard to tell if Ball is going out or not but remarkably survives as the roudn ends and Santos transitions to mount. Thought for sure that was it, but another clear 10-9 round for Santos bordering on a 10-8 from grappling dominance and an arguable near finish.

Round 3: Mutual respect shown as the two fighters touch gloves at the beginning of the third. Ball taking the centre of the cage and comes in with some good punches. Santos again with a bad shot, Ball with underhooks to defend and lands a good knee. Santos trying for a head inside Single Leg against the fence before trying a waistlock and getting the back standing briefly before returning to Ball’s side. Santos goes to the back again and drags Ball down and looks to start transitioning straight away. Santos in Ball’s half guard, Ball creates space and threatens with a triangle setup. Santos postures up and out and continues trying to pass Ball’s Half Guard again. Santos gets Side Control, Ball turtles and Santos tries to get his hooks in but Ball is defending well. Ball uses turtle to stand up and Santos latches onto a leg to try a Head Inside Single. Ball is defending really well considering the level of grappler he’s in against. Ball is landing shots on Santos while he’s trying to get the takedown. Ball with a Urijah Faber style jumping knee but not enough damage done. 30 seconds left and Ball needs a mircale. Santos on his back looking gassed, trying for a leglock control tripping Ball but Santos runs out of time. Much better round but too late for Ball. My score: 10-9 Ball.

My overall score 29-28 Santos. Judges score it for Santos but no scores given.

Welterweight Division
Che Mills vs Marcio Cesar

Cesar is being cornered by Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, who will no doubt be in Ninja’s corner later tonight.

Round 1: Mills takes the centre of the cage. Cesar dives for a double leg but Millssees it coming from a mile away and sprawls. Cesar pulls guard, Mills passes to half guard and starts dropping elbows. Cesar gets back to his feet and drives Mills to the fence to look for a takedown. Cesar briefly has success but is able to get back to his feet. Mills does well to reverse ends up in guard and practically has a triangle in the making but does nothing with it and Cesar passes easily. Cesar tries to mount but both fighters end up back to their feet before Cesar tries to get another takedown again against the fence. Mills is actively looking for standing submissions, Cesar tries to take the back standing but slips off and their both back on their feet. Cesar pulls guard not liking Mills’s clinch. Mills is dropping elbows in Cesar’s open guard, keeps his posture and drops hard punches from standing landing at will on Cesar’s head until the referee steps in. Cesar tries to get back to his feet after the fight is called and staggers dramatically across the cage. Impressive performance from Mills who I had written off in my preview.

Winner: Che Mills KO Round 1.

Lightweight Division

Scott Jansen vs Craig Chesters

Round 1: (Missed due to technical difficulties)

Round 2: Jansen ends up driven against the fence as Chesters tries for a double leg take down. Jensen locks in a ‘Kimura’ grip on Chesters’ left arm and uses one hand to hold it in place while delivering elbows to the side of the head with his free arm. Chesters wilts to the shots and Jansen finishes him off on the ground by TKO.

FACEBOOK PRELIMS Streamed live via from 6:30pm GMT / 1.30pm ET / 10.30am PT

Heavyweight Division
Catalin Zmarandescu vs Sharif Mohammed Ali

Round 1: Catalin double-leg slams Sharif easily off the bell and lands in Side Control. Catalin posts his forearm on Sharif’s throat and Sharif taps. Ridiculous. Sharif has a worse body than Cole Konrad and none of the talent.

And that appears to be the facebook fight and not the advertised Jansen vs Chesters.

Wow. I have to say BAMMA screwed the pooch by having that fight as their free Facebook fight. They’re fortunate there’s no such thing as a ‘Hate’ button on the world’s No#1 Social Network because honestly, that fight was putrid. Not only was the Facebook stream late starting, they broadcast a fight that wasn’t scheduled to be broadcast, and they chose to showcase a Heavyweight fight between Jared before Subway and a Romanian body builder. Is this meant to entice people to buy the Prelims, let alone the main card.

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