The Ultimate Fighter 13: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos Live Discussion (Episode 8)

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By: Mike Fagan | 12 years ago
The Ultimate Fighter 13: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos Live Discussion (Episode 8)
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Ultimate Fighter 13 live blog: I made the mistake of seeing Fast Five recently. A lot of reviews said it was the best of the series (which isn’t saying much), and Rotten Tomatoes has it rated at 79% fresh. Combined with the Rock’s involvement, and I figured I’d have a pretty good summer popcorn flick on my hands.

But no. I’m not even that upset with all the cheesy action film cliches (though a scene running down the “circuit guy” and the “fast-talker” and all the other positions was grating). It’s the constant need to hammer plot points through dialog when it was not warranted. I don’t want to spoil the ending (as obvious as it is), but there’s a scene involving the Rock at the end of the movie that encompasses this point.

Also, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker still have a hard time acting.

* * *

It’s crazy how much interest I’ve lost in this season when you consider how excited i was when Dana White announced he finagled Brock Lesnar into appearing on the show. And with the recent news about Chael Sonnen’s indefinite suspension, it’s looking like Dana will need another huge coup to drum up interest.

Now busted Ultimate Fighter 13 sneak peek after the jump.

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