UFC 129 Results: St. Pierre vs. Shields – Play by Play and Live Commentary

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC 129: St. Pierre…

By: Brent Brookhouse | 13 years
UFC 129 Results: St. Pierre vs. Shields – Play by Play and Live Commentary
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As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields. The live blog will start with the beginning of the Facebook undercard stream (6 p.m. ET), continuing through the Spike TV undercard broadcast (8 p.m. ET) through the pay-per-view (9 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

The event is headlined by a UFC welterweight title bout between champion Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields. A second title fight is on the card as UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo steps into the UFC Octagon for the first time ever to take on Mark Hominick. The other featured bout of the evening is what Randy Couture has called his final match before his retirement as he takes on Lyoto Machida. There are nine other bouts that will round out a very exciting night of action.

Hey, y’all. Mike Fagan here. I’ll be guiding you through the Facebook prelims. Mr. Brent Brookhouse will take over from there. The stream should start in ten minutes.

Yves Jabouin vs. Pablo Garza

Round 1 – Facebook stream starts around the 3:10 mark of the fight. Garza misses with a right hand. He’s throwing leg kicks. Garza loses his mouth piece, crowd boos. Jabouin lands a leg kick that sweeps Garza. Rogan notes that it left a welt. These two are trading leg kicks. Nice right-left from Jabouin. Garza landing knees to the midsection from the Thai clinch. He jumps into a triangle choke. He has it locked, but not tight enough to choke. Elbows to the head with a minute to go. Jabouin scrambles, but Garza ends up on top with the triangle intact. He’s on his back again, trying to tell referee Yves Lavigne that he’s out, but Jabouin moves to signal otherwise. Jabouin taps a moment later anyway.

Pablo Garza submits Yves Jabouin by triangle choke at 4:31 of round one.

John Makdessi vs. Kyle Watson

Round 1 – Dan Miragliotta is the referee for this contest. My stream is stuttering, so bear with me. Watson misses with pawing jabs and straights. These two spend the first minute circling with Watson throwing more than Makdessi. Makdessi looks more comfortable at range, though. Makdessi counters a Watson leg kick with a left hand. Lazy shot from Watson goes nowhere. Watson lands a nice inside left kick. Nice little exchange. Makdessi jumps in with a stiff jab. Watson grabs the Thai clinch. He lands a couple of knees to the midsection while Makdessi throws punches over the top. Nice turning side kick from Makdessi. Makdessi opening up with flashy kicks now. One minute left in the round, and I’m looking at a 10-10 round. Miragliotta urges them to work. Nice left from Watson. Nice left from Makdessi. He counters when Watson comes in. Makdessi complains about an eyepoke, but the action continues.

Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for John Makdessi.

Round 2 -I missed the first thirty seconds. This stream is really giving me problems. Makdessi lands a nice punch. Watson closes distance and lands a knee in the Thai clinch. Trading leg kicks. Watson lands a lead right, but Makdessi comes back with a left. Two straight rights land for Makdessi. Watson comes in, and Makdessi lands going backwards. Head kick from Watson, but he’s looking outclassed here. Side kick from Makdessi. Watson shoots, and Makdessi tosses him aside. Watson needs to bring this fight to the floor. Watson throws a standing knee, but Makdessi counters with a lead hook. Watson lands a punch combination. Watson’s spinning backfist misses. Makdessi hits a spinning backfist of his own. Nice left hand from Makdessi as Watson comes in. That landed solid. Right hand to the body from Makdessi. Side kick. STIFF jab lands. One minute to go. Watson needs to show urgency in bringing the fight to the floor. Hook kick grazes Watson’s chin. Nice straight right from Makdessi as the round comes to a close.

Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for John Makdessi.

Round 3 – Stream seems to have settled in. Makdessi comes out with the Ali shuffle. Side kick lands. Watson grabs a kick, pushes forward. Small scramble on the feet, but Watson ends up clinching on the fence. Makdessi works his way out. Watson’s cut under his left eye. Lead hook from Makdessi. Straight right. Jab. Watson’s done if he can’t bring this fight down. HUGE SPINNING BACK FIST AND WATSON IS OUT. He’s out cold. Miragliotta and the cageside doctor rush to his side. That’s two straight impressive finishes to open the show. That landed right on the button.

John Makdessi knocks out Kyle Watson with a spinning back fist at 1:27 of round three.

Jason MacDonald vs. Ryan Jensen

Round 1 – Herb Dean lording over the cage for this one. The crowd boos Jensen in the intros. I hope it isn’t for the devil’s lock he’s rocking. Jensen comes in and swings wildly with a right-left. MacDonald latches on and presses him on the fence. Jensen drops down for a guillotine, adjusts, but MacDonald slips out. MacDonald takes the back. Jensen shakes him off, and ends up on top in guard. MacDonald’s looking for a triangle, but Jensen has him pressed up against the fence. He has it locke dup. Jensen slams him down, but that just sinks it in tighter. Rogan calls the fight, and Jensen taps shortly thereafter.

Jason MacDonald submits Ryan Jensen by triangle choke at 1:37 of round one.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Charlie Valencia

Round 1 – John McCarthy is the third man in the Octagon. Seeing Menjivar opposite Valencia really puts his forays at highers weights into perspective. These two circle and trade patient punches and kicks to start. Clinch. Trading knees. Ooooo. Nice left hand elbow. Valencia goes down, and Menjivar pounces. Machine gun punches force McCarthy to step in. Valencia gives us a couple of back flips to celebrate.

Ivan Menijvar stops Charlie Valencia with an elbow and punches at 1:30 of round one.

Claude Patrick vs. Daniel Roberts

Round 1 – Dan Miragliotta is our referee for this bout. Daniel Roberts comes out quick, allowing Claude Patrick to plant him on hte mat. Daniel working for a kimura from half-guard. Patrick is protecting the arm with his left leg. Roberts uses the position to work to his feet. Straight left from Patrick. Joe Rogan says Roberts’ standup “is not that good.” Leg kick from Patrick. Clinch. Roberts has Patrick up against the fence. After a dance around the Octagon, Patrick has reversed the position. As soon as I type that, Roberts turns and disengages. Roberts dives in with a combination that misses. Left straight from Patrick. Rogan notes that Patrick is taunting Roberts. Patrick has Roberts up against the fence again. Bodylock takedown. Roberts has half-guard with the knee in. Patrick looks for an arm triangle, but that allows Roberts to establish guard. Patrick stands up, Roberts follows, and that allows Patrick to step in and land. Big punches. Roberts offering nothing. Covering up and backing away as Patrick throws. Ten seconds left, and the round ends with Patrick pressing Roberts up against the fence. Huge call for “knees” from the 55,000 crowd.

Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Claude Patrick.

Round 2 – Leg kick from Patrick. Roberts catches another and pushes Patrick onto his back. Claude is able to sweep back to standing. Roberts has Patrick up against the fence. Patricks spins away from the fence and lands a big knee as the come apart. Roberts’ Superman punch misses. Patrick shoots in for a takedown. Roberts struggles, but ends up on his back. Roberts has a hold of Patrick’s neck, and uses the guillotine to sweep into side control. Short elbows to the head. Patrick regains half-guard. Short punches from Roberts. Full guard for Patrick. Roberts steps into half-guard. Patrick back up to his feet momentarily. Roberts drags him down and takes his back, but Patrick spins out. Standing now. Right hand from Patrick. Roberts slowing down. Lazy punches from Roberts.

Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Daniel Roberts.

Round 3 – Body kick from Roberts is the first effective shot of the round 30 seconds in. Superman punch lands for Roberts. Patrick looks fresher, but he’s remaining patient. Patrick closes the distances and wraps his arms around the body. Trip takedown. Patrick climbing up, and he looks to be in full mount here. Daniel escapes back into butterfuly guard. Patrick looks calm on top. Left hand. Tries to get into side control, but allows Roberts to stand instead. Roberts shoots in, but Patrick defends. Roberts pushes him into the fence. Patrick defends, and he has Roberts up against the fence. Rogan notes that Roberts is allowing the round to be close. I agree. He should be way ahead, but he’s in danger of one thing changing the course of the decision. Miragliotta breaks the action along the fence. Inside leg kick from Patrick. Front kick for Patrick. Roberts pushes ahead with a takedown attempt that misses. Patrick drops for a guillotine, which is a pretty bad decision with 15 seconds in the round.

Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Claude Patrick, and awards him the bout 29-28.

Claude Patrick defeats Daniel Roberts by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). 

Brent Brookhouse taking the live blog over for the rest of the night.

The Spike TV broadcast is now live.

Sean Pierson vs. Jake Ellenberger

Round 1 – Both men miss their first few strikes. Right hand gets through for Ellenberger. Left hand lands for Ellenberger. Jake shoots in and has the takedown but it’s against the fence and Pierson pops right back up. Ellenberger lands a hard flurry and forces Pierson to clinch out of necessity. Ellenberger lands a huge shot and Pierson goes stiff and drops to the ground. As he’s on his way down from the left hand he eats several more punches before the referee stops the fight. Jake Ellenberger wins by KO, round 1.

Nate Diaz vs. Rory MacDonald

Round 1 – MacDonald walking forward throwing kicks and straight punches but not landing. Leg kick by Rory lands. Again to the leg. Head kick by Rory misses but a follow up punch does not. Diaz throws and gets a right hand in. They exchange knees in the clinch. Rory drops down for a takedown, Diaz tries to reverse it and it’s all null as they end up standing with neither man getting position. Superman punch gets in for MacDonald. Front kick by Rory lands nicely. MacDonald has Diaz on his heels and reacting more than engaging. Nice jab, knee and body lock by Rory. Leg kick on the way out and another leg kick. Diaz pushes him into the fence but they disengage and MacDonald lands another leg kick. 10-9 round for MacDonald.

Round 2 – Switch leg kick by Rory gets in and he pushes Nate into the cage. Right hand by MacDonald. Diaz attempts to shoot in and MacDonald turns his back into the cage. Takedown by Rory now and he is looking to work ground and pound but Diaz scrambles to his feet, eating a punch for his trouble. Another takedown for Rory and he postures up looking to land some shots. Again Nate gets up but again he eats the right hand. Diaz manages to land a few short punches in the clinch but does end up eating an uppercut. Nice right hand gets in for Nate now. Diaz pushing him into the fence now and landing some shoulders and an attempted trip but Rory stays upright. Superman jab gets through and Diaz slaps back with the right hand. Nice shoulder in the clinch again by Diaz and he drops looking for a takedown but gets pulled back up. Flying knee by Rory and a jab that lands and that will cement the round even with Diaz’s charge over the second half. 10-9 MacDonald to make it 20-18.

Round 3 – Leg kick lands for Diaz and a right hand gets through for MacDonald. Right hand and a body clinch by Rory. He’s holding Diaz against the cage and Diaz responds with short punches to the body and thigh. After a scramble it’s MacDonald with a huge slam and punches. They stand up and Rory slams him back to the mat from behind. Diaz is stuck on his back eating big punches but he manages to stand up. Rory slams him right back down and Diaz manages to stand back up. Diaz pushes MacDonald into the cage but gets turned around. Diaz shoots and gets stuffed and eats a few punches before standing back up. Diaz can’t get the takedown and Rory ends up getting one of his own. Nice shots by Rory with the fists and elbows. Diaz has gotten trucked in a round he badly needed to take. 10-9 MacDonald and he has a shutout on my card.

Official Scorecards -30-26, 30-27, 30-26. Rory MacDonald wins by unanimous decision. Interesting to see two judges give him a 10-8 card.

The PPV broadcast is live.

Ben Henderson vs. Mark Bocek

Round 1 – Right hand by Bocek and he looks for the takedown and Henderson defends nicely. Henderson has Bocek pushed into the cage and he’s working hard for position and lands a knee as Bocek tries to get off the cage. Body kick by Henderson lands and a right hand by Bocek. Henderson reverses Mocek into the cage yet again. Elbow lands hard for Bocek. Left hand lands for Henderson. Leg kick by Henderson now. Combo with a leg kick to punctuate it by Henderson and he’s getting the better of the standing exchanges. Jocek looking for the single leg and eating a lot of punches before he sweeps the leg. Bocek keeping him on the ground landing short punches to the body. Henderson keeps trying to get to the cage and stand up but Bocek is controlling well. Elbows off his back by Henderson and he appeared to win the round. 10-9 Henderson.

Round 2 – Flurry by Henderson and Bocek looks for the takedown. Henderson landing a flurry of elbows to the side of his head while defending. Bocek with a takedown but Henderson uses the guillotine choke threat to get back to standing. Knee to the face from the clinch by Henderson. Two punches and a leg kick by Henderson. Henderson with a takedown now and he is looking to land some punches. Bocek looking for a leg lock and eats a flurry of punches. Bocek can’t manage to finish the heel hook before Henderson gets to his feet. Bocek with a headlock and he tries to switch to an anaconda choke. Henderson survives and Bocek changes to a guillotine. Henderson gets out of a deep choke attempt and lands a flurry of shots, cutting Bocek’s head open. 10-9 round for Henderson again.

Round 3 – Bocek is going to need a finish here unless the judges gave him the first for getting a takedown. Henderson with a leg kick and Bocek manages to get a takedown. He lands an elbow from the top and does some damage before Henderson gets the sweep and lands some heavy ground and pound. Bocek goes for a heel hook and gets the sweep. He almost takes the back but Henderson survives to standing and has Bocek pushed into the cage again. Bocek can’t get the takedown and now Henderson briefly has one of his own. Henderson with a takedown and landing some short punches. Bocek dives for a leg trying to get top position. Good knees by Henderson and some hard punches. Bocek with a takedown into half guard. He has 30 seconds to find a way to finish. Bocek looking for a submission here from a choke but can’t get it. 10-9 Henderson for the sweep on my card but I’m a little worried the judges will give it to Bocek on a few takedowns.

Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board for Ben Henderson. Ben Henderson wins by unanimous decision.

Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Jason Brilz

Round 1 – Vlad with an early stiff looking combo and a right hand and Brilz goes down. A few hammerfists, Brilz goes out, another hammerfist wakes him up and the fight is over. Vladimir Matyushenko wins by TKO, round 1. Huh…there ya go.

Lyoto Machida vs. Randy Couture

Round 1 – Machida throws a left and Couture ducks it. Right hand by Randy misses. Nice few punches land for Machida and Randy was hurt a little. Left hand for Couture. Left hand lands for Couture. Machida throws a combo and misses his punches. They clinch briefly and Machida lands a short uppercut. Body shot by Randy. Right hand lands solid for Machida. Machida lands again. Couture is chasing and not having a ton of success here. Knee by Machida and Randy tries like hell to keep the clinch but Machida gets out. Right hand by Couture and he reaches for a single leg but Machida gets out. Machida lands another knee. 10-9 Machida.

Round 2 – A few nice shots land for Machida early and Randy is in a lot of trouble in this fight. Jumping front kick by Machida just CRUSHES Couture and he is out cold. Wow. Lyoto Machida wins by KO (front kick), round 2. Well, it’s time for Randy to retire for sure after this KO.

UFC Featherweight Championship: Jose Aldo (c) vs. Mark Hominick

Round 1 – Right hand by Aldo early. Hard leg kick follows up. Big uppercut by Aldo and another leg kick. Huge leg kick again and Aldo looks very sharp. Hominick throws a few punches that Aldo slips. Jab by Hominick. Right hand by Hominick. Body punch, leg kick by Aldo and then he dives in for a takedown. Hominick comes close to getting an armbar but Aldo survives and lans a few nice short punches. Hominick repeatedly grabbing the fence. Nice elbows now by Aldo. More elbows and Hominick has started to bleed. Right hand by Aldo and Hominick grabs the cage to turn yet again. Aldo was doing good work but “Big” John McCarthy stands them up. Leg kick by Aldo and Hominick with a right hand. Another Aldo takedown as the round is coming to an end. 10-9 Aldo.

Round 2 – Leg kick by Aldo to start off the round. Right hand by Hominick. Flurry by Hominick and a very good left hand to the body. Left hand by Aldo. Nice leg kick again. Left hand by Hominick. Hominick has stuffed a few takedowns and now lands a nice right hand. Jab by Hominick and now Aldo gets a much needed takedown. Elbow by Aldo. Hominick grabs the fence AGAIN and this time is told that the next time will be a point. Right hand by Aldo lands hard and Hominick grabs the cage again but doesn’t lose a point. Aldo is told to “improve his position” which is not the point of the ground game, but okay. They’re stood up and Hominick lands a nice shot but Aldo takes him down and is in side control. The round comes to an end and it was very close but I’ll go 10-9 Hominick for clearly winning the stand-up. Aldo looks to be fading badly.

Round 3 – Jabs by Hominick and a leg kick. Aldo can’t get his jab to Hominick’s face but he does land the leg kick. Hominick back to the jab. Nice two punch combo by Hominick and one from Aldo in return. Left hand by Aldo and he looks for a takedown but can’t get it. Left hook by Aldo and a nice leg kick. Two punch combo by Aldo. Counter right by Aldo. Both men land right hands and Hominick lands a few jabs. Nice left hand by Aldo. Rogan is really fawning over Hominick’s striking this round but I don’t see him really dominating the round or anything, in fact, Aldo is landing the harder shots. As I say that Aldo rocks him badly and Hominick is on his back trying to stay alive in the fight. Aldo settles into his guard rather than flurrying. The round comes to an end and I have it 10-9 Aldo.

Round 4 – Rogan has done a horrible job painting the picture of this fight as it has cone on. Leg kick by Aldo and a hard right hand that stuns Hominick. Another hard leg kick by Aldo. Left hand by Aldo lands. Accidental low blow by Aldo and they resume after a brief break. Aldo going back to the leg kicks and Hominick is limping. Jabs by Hominick. Jab by Hominick. Right hand by Aldo drops Hominick. Hominick was hurt but not out and Aldo is in his guard doing work. Hominick has a huge lump on his forehead. It keeps getting bigger as he takes shots to it. That is just a nasty, nasty lump. They let the doctor check the lump and let them keep fighting. Huge shot by Aldo and he dumps him again with a takedown after a right hand. 10-9 Aldo.

Round 5 – Leg kick by Aldo. Nice punches by Aldo and I’m very impressed with his coming back after looking to be fading. Hominick with a takedown. Hominick working some ground and pound here. Nice left hand again by Hominick. Hominick keeps throwing big shots and Aldo is having trouble getting out of danger here. Hominick dominating this round with his ground and pound. Hominick flurrying with a little over a minute. Big punches continue from Hominick. 2 seconds left. The one thing that may happen here is a draw if you see this 10-8. 10-9 Hominick makes the final score 48-47 Aldo on my card.

Official Scorecard: 50-43, 48-46, 49-46.  How did someone give him round 5? How? That’s bizarre.

UFC Welterweight Championship – Georges St. Pierre (c) vs. Jake Shields

Round 1 – Shields with some awkward kicks as St. Pierre throws the jab. Shields pawing with the jab. Body kick by GSP and Shields catches it looking for the takedown and GSP remains on his feet and turns Shields into the cage. GSP throwing spinning back kicks that don’t quite get there. GSP loosening up and starting to land the jab hard. Shields has probably landed more strike through the first half round but GSP’s have more on them. Shields trying for leg kicks and St. Pierre lands a right hand. Hard jab by GSP knocks Shields backward. Another big jab. Body kick by GSP and Shields catches it but again can’t get the takedown. Jab again by GSP. Right hand smacks the face of Shields. Right hand by GSP again lands hard. 10-9 GSP.

Round 2 – Jab by GSP. Jab again. Jake lands a right hand finally. Shields keeps throwing leg kicks but isn’t really landing. Hard jabs by GSP continue as do leg kicks and overhand rights. Right hand again by GSP. Jab by GSP and a huge overhand right and Shields is hurt and his legs are wobbly.  He survives but St. Pierre keeps landing hard shots. Body kick lands for Shields. Jab by GSP again. They clinch up and GSP lands a right and gets out. More overhand rights by Georges. Spinning back kick is caught by Jake. GSP with an Ali Shuffle. 10-9 GSP easy.

Round 3 – Shields trying to push the pace early but eats a jab without landing anything. Shields keeps jabbing and can’t land. GSP with a right hand again. Right hand again and Shields is hurt and he shoots but gets stuffed. Uppercut by GSP. Shot from way too far outside is avoided by Georges. Left hand by GSP lands. Right hand again. Jab by GSP. Right hand again. This is getting really repetitive. GSP is swelling a little around his eye from the jabs of Shields and he drives in and gets a a takedown. 10-9 GSP.

Round 4 – GSP said between rounds that he can’t see out of his left eye. He gets a takedown but stands right back up. Jab by GSP. Head kick by GSP drops Shields but Jake is able to recover by trying to get a takedown. They’re back to standing. I’ve given up at this point on calling every shot. Shields is giving the “come on” but hey…do something other than get beat up, Jake. A few jabs land for Jake and Georges is starting to bleed a little bit. 10-9 GSP.

Round 5 – Jab by GSP. Left hand by GSP again. Occasionally Shields lands a right hand and it’s what caused the small cut on GSP but there’s just not really any steam on it so it’s not likely he can get any sort of KO with it. Right hand again by GSP. Right hand again. I really think the eye injury has allowed for Shields to look more effective at times than is really the case. Shields lands a glancing right hand. The fight ends and it was not exactly a great fight. 10-9 GSP.

Official Scorecards: 50-45, 48-47, 48-47 all for Georges St. Pierre. Georges St. Pierre wins by unanimous decision.

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