MFC 29 ‘Conquer’ Live Coverage & Results

Maximum Fighting Championship 29 will air live tonight on HDNet and feature two title bouts as Douglas Lima faces Terry Martin for the welterweight title and…

By: Duane Finley | 12 years ago
MFC 29 ‘Conquer’ Live Coverage & Results
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Maximum Fighting Championship 29 will air live tonight on HDNet and feature two title bouts as Douglas Lima faces Terry Martin for the welterweight title and Ryan Jimmo squares off with Zak Cummings for the light-heavyweight title. The event is being held at The Colosseum at Caesars in Windsor, Ontario and in addition to the title action the card also features bouts with former UFC veterans Hermes Franca, Pete Spratt and Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis as he makes his official MFC debut.

The event will air live on HDNet at 10 p.m. ET and Bloody Elbow will bring you round by round coverage beginning when the main card gets underway.

Matt Bishop is live at The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor and will be bringing you live play-by-play of the evening’s three preliminary bouts, which are slated to begin at 8 p.m. ET.

Duane Finley here picking up the live blog from Matt Bishop and as the main card gets underway here we go!! Both Matt and I will also be twitter bombing throughout the event so follow @Mbish86 & @duanefinleymma.

Preliminary bouts are now underway. Click after the jump for play-by-play.

Main Event:
Douglas Lima def. Terry Martin via TKO (Punches) R1 1:14

Main Card:
Ryan Jimmo
def. Zak Cummings via Decision (Unanimous) R5 5:00
Marcus Davis def. Curtis Demarce via Decision (Split) R3 5:00
Hermes Franca def. Robert Washington via KO (Punches) R2 0:26
Pete Spratt def. Demi Deeds via Submission (Armbar) R2 4:19
Ali Mokdad def. Andreas Spang via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) R1 1:35

Preliminary Bouts:
Dhiego Lima def. Josh Taveirne via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) R3 3:35
David Harris def. Chucky Mady via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) R1 3:07
Matthew Spisak def. Pete Brown via Decision (Unanimous) R3 5:00

Douglas Lima vs. Terry Martin (Welterweight Title)

Round 1: Lima opens up with a jab and a leg kick as Terry backs up. Left hook from Lima barely misses and Martin eats a right hand backing up. Lima steps in with another jab and fires a hook that drops Martin to his knees. Lima swarms in with hooks and the referee steps in and calls the fight.

Douglas Lima defeats Terry Martin via TKO (punches) Rnd 1 1:14

Ryan Jimmo vs. Zak Cummings (Light Heavyweight Title)

Round 1: The touch gloves and Jimmo throws a kick that is blocked. Cummings lands an outside leg kick and when Cummings steps in and they lock up in the clinch. Jimmo is cut early and lands knees in the clinch before the referee splits them up. Jimmo lands a body kick and misses with a turning back kick. Cummings goes for the takedown and Jimmo stuffs it quickly. Referee breaks them up again Jimmo with an inside leg kick and lands a straight right counter. Cummings eats a straight right and a body kick but catches the kick and takes Jimmo into the cage. One minute remains as the fighers clinch against the fence and Cummings lands an over the top elbow. The first round comes to a close with the action slow against the cage but Bloody Elbow gives opening round to Jimmo 10-9.

Round 2: Replay confirms the cut was from accidental headbutt and Jimmo opens up with legkicks. Jimmo slaps Cummings with a body kick and Zak takes the action back into the cage. The referee once again breaks up the cage clinch and Jimmo lands a high kick and follows it up with another body kick. Cummings throws a wild sloppy punch that Jimmo ducks and gets behind him with body lock. Jimmo powers Cummings to the ground and Cummings works quickly to get back to his feet. Cummings wings another wild punch that misses and they return to the cage. Josh Rosenthal wastes no time breaking them up off the cage. turns out it was an unintentional knee. When the action resumes Jimmo plants Cummings with a big punch but Cummings moves forward and lands the trip. Jimmo springs back to his feet and once again the action hits the cage. The crowd begins to boo as the clinching is drastically slowing the pace and Jimmo takes the second round as well.

Round 3: Cummings walks into a straight punch and right into the clinch. They move away from the cage a bit but the clinch remains and neither fighter is doing much work. The first two minutes of the round has been sloppy clinch work against the fence and they manage to break themselves apart. Jimmo fires another counter right that finds a home and Cummings shoots in for the takedown. Jimmo stuffs this attempt as well and Cummings is just hanging onto his leg. Jimmo slams a cross into Cumming’s chin and Jimmo lands the trip takedown and moves to mount. One minute to go in the round and Jimmo in full mount. Jimmo landing the double punches and he continues to score with elbows as well. Jimmo goes for the arm triangle and jumps out to side control and Cummings bucked up strong and worked free just as the bell rang. Jimmo takes the third round 10-9.

Round 4: Two round kicks land to start the championship rounds for Jimmo before the action hits the cage. Jimmo fires off a straight punch that misses as Cummings drops down for the takedown but Jimmo stuffs this attempt as well. Cummings lands a left off the break and as Jimmo rushes in he powers Cummings to the ground. Jimmo passes to side control and he has ahold of the kimura on the opposite side. Jimmo grabs onto his head and just as Jimmo went for the mount Cummings was able to slip back into half guard. Jimmo works to the mount and immediately postures up for the ground and pound. Hammer fists and he takes Cummings’s backwith a minute to go. Jimmo has the hooks in but Cummings rolls onto his back and Jimmo goes back to full mount. Jimmo jumps from full mount over to side control as the round comes to an end. Jimmo thus far on the clean sweep with the 4th 10-9.

Round 5: Final round begins Cummings tries the spinning back elbow but misses. Jimmo belts him with a body kick and Cummings rushes over and tries another sloppy takedown. Rosenthal splits them up again and Jimmo throws a spinning hook kick that barely misses. Cummings drops down for the double leg and Jimmo easily stuffs the attempt. Two minutes left to go in the fight and Cummings is going to have to try to do something to win the fight. Rosenthal once again breaks them apart and Jimmo smacks another body kick in before Cummings latched on and went to the fence. Final minute of the fight and they split for the final 15 seconds and Cummings makes one rush in but doesn’t land. The bell sounds and Jimmo takes the fight to retain the title. I had a clean sweep for Jimmo 50-45 but let’s see.

Ryan Jimmo defeats Zak Cummings via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 50-45)

Marcus Davis vs. Curtis DeMarce

Round 1: Davis comes out in his usual southpaw stance and the fighers circle. DeMarce throws but  misses and whiffs with another right. Davis lands a body kick and Davis throws a flurry and lands two shots. DeMarce lands a right to the body and a left to the head after changing levels. Davis pushing the action and he steps through and lands a knee. Uppercut lands from Davis and the second uppercut misses and DeMarce ducks under for the takedown. Davis latches on for a guillotine and wrenches on DeMarce’s neck but DeMarce pulls his head free and tries to drop down. Davis reverses the position against the cage and continues to press DeMarce into the fence. Davis comes off the cage with a body lock and uses the trip to put DeMarce on the canvas. With a minute to go Davis works from the top position as he throws body shots and attempts to pass on the right side. DeMarce shows good hips and works Davis back to the closed guard. Not a ton of work in the final 30 seconds but Davis finishes the round on top and scoring. Davis takes the first round on Bloody Elbow’s cards 10-9.

Round 2: Right hand from DeMarce lands to start the round and then an overhand right follows up that lands as well. Davis lands a solid flurry counter and throws an uppercut to lead into the clinch. Davis gets under the arms and with a body lock uses the trip once again to take DeMarce to the mat. Davis postures up with DeMarce into the cage and lands big shots and three vicious elbows. DeMarce’s face now opened up from the elbows and the referee calls time to have the cut looked at. Both fighters have blood on the face and it’s unsure who is cut. Trouble getting the door open and now the doctors are in the cage looking at Davis who has the cut. Doctor telling Davis if he can’t see he can’t continue but he must not know Davis’s history. DeMarce lands two big punches but Davis lands a big counter that seems to stun DeMarce. Davis moves in and DeMarce takes him to the mat but Davis latches onto the guillotine. DeMarce works free of the submission and as they get to their feet DeMarce takes Davis down again. DeMarce now goes for the guillotine but Davis breaks free and takes the top position. The last 30 seconds of the second and Davis finishes on top but it is a bloody mess. Close round but DeMarce scores several takedowns to even the cards.

Round 3: The final round and it’s anyone’s fight. Davis lands a knee as DeMarce attempts to move in and lands another knee. Another knee to the body and as Davis attempted to throw the second knee DeMarce powers through for another big takedown. Davis scoots to the cage and uses the cage to walk his way up. DeMarce steps in and Davis lands right to the body and a right hook. DeMarce fires a straight right that lands. Davis lands another knee to the body and DeMarce takes him inot the cage. Davis looked gaunt at the weigh-ins and it was a question as to how his cardio would hold up late and while he does look a bit slower he’s still throwing hard shots. The ref breaks them up with two minutes left and DeMarce throws a bodyshot but eats a knee and a straight left. Accidental kick to the pills and DeMarce quickly recovers. Final minute of the fight and Davis has four cuts now on hsi face. Davis lands a left hand and as DeMarce comes in a huge smashing knee lands from Davis. Latched onto DeMarces head Davis forces him to the ground and the fight finishes with Davis on top. The final knee was more than likely the clincher and Davis has it on Bloody Elbow’s card 29-28. Let’s see what the judges say.

Marcus Davis defeats Curtis DeMarce via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

Hermes Franca vs. Robert Washington

Round 1: Right away Schiavello and Trigg question whether Franca came to fight or to get paid and when the action begins Franca lands an outside leg kick. Washington lands an inside leg kick in return and they trade leg kicks again. Washington lands a left to the body but misses with the right hook. The action lulls a bit and Washington lands another outside leg kick. Franca throws his hands up showing frustration and then Franca flat out drops his hands and looks the crowd. Washington comes in with the kick and Franca puts a stiff overhand right on his chin. Washington attempts another leg kick but Franca catches the kick with the left and a straight right puts Washington on his back. Unable to keep him there and Washington back to his feet. Franca wings an overhand right that misses and Washington with a sharp counter to the chest. Franca continues to clown on Washington and eats a counter right. Franca puts his hands behind his back and sticks his chin out as the bell rings. A weird round of action and Bloody Elbow gives 1st round Washington 10-9.

Round 2: Second round starts and the fighters circle and as Washington turns out Franca clips him with a wild right hand that puts Washington him down. Franca immediately pounces and only has to throw four shots before the referee calls it 26 seconds in.

Hermes Franca defeats Robert Washington via KO (punch) Rnd 2.

Pete Spratt vs. Demi Deeds

Round 1: They touch gloves and Deeds throws a leg kick that is checked. Spratt lands a stiff shot and Deeds lands a straight right hand. Spratt switches stances and a left hook lands and the action goes to the cage. Deeds slaps Spratt with a right high kick and Spratt looks unphased. Deeds lands a right hook and back to the cage. Deeds lands another shot and both fighters throw in the exchange and miss. Spratt lands a left hook to the bodyh as Deeds comes in over the top. Deeds drops down for the single but Spratt works it back to the clinch. One minute left and Spratt lands an inside leg kick before they lock up again. Spratt throws a body kick and gets tagged by a counter right. Deeds secures the takedown and goes for the armbar but slips off. Spratt jumps up and pins Deeds against the cage and fires 8 unanswered as the bell sounded. Close first round but Bloody Elbow gives Deeds first 10-9.

Round 2: The second round gets under way and after slipping several light punches Spratt secures the Muay Thai clinch and smashes Deeds with three hard body shots. Off the break Spratt unintentionally kicks Deeds in the pills and the action is brought to a halt. The fight resumes and the action is a bit slower. Spratt lands a solid body kick and Deeds comes from far outside to shoot for the outside single. Spratt working hard against the cage to stuff the takedown and the fighters trade knees in the clinch. Yves Lavigne splits them up and Spratt stings with an outside leg kick. Spratt smashes with a ripping body shot and Deeds backs up hurt. Spratt has him against the cage and unloads four huge power shots that he didn’t rush. Deeds definitely looking in trouble and the fight goes to the ground where Spratt lands elbows and punches. From top control Spratt looked to be moving to side control and he hits the switch and grabs the armbar. Deeds immediately taps with 44 seconds left to go in the round.

Pete Spratt defeats Demi Deeds via submission (armbar) Rnd 2 4:19

Andreas Spang vs. Ali Mokdad

Round 1: Spang fires a high left round kick to get this historic broadcast off and rolling but Mokdad pressed the action to the cage and took Spang to the ground. Mokdad postures up and reigns down three hard shots and then moved to side control where he landed several more. Mokdad takes the back and has body triangle locked, Spang is in trouble. After a bit of manuevering Mokdad sinks in the rear naked Choke and at 3:35 the Mokdad wins via sub.

Ali Mokdad defeats Andreas Spang via submission (RNC) Rnd 1

Lightweights: Pete Brown vs. Matt Spisak

Round 1 — They touch gloves and we are underway. Spisak drops Brown in the opening seconds but Brown recovers and presses Spisak against the cage. Spisak reverses and gets a takedown. Knee-on-belly now. Brown reverses and ends up giving up his back. They stand and are back to clinching against the cage. Spisak lands a knee. Referee Yves Lavigne breaks them up after a period of inactivity. Spisak gets another takedown. Half-guard. Passes to side. Brown rolls out to the sprawl position. Some little hammer fists for Spisak. Knees to the body for Spisak. He takes his back but he might be too high. He turns Brown over but time expires. 10-9 Spisak.

Round 2 — Big right lands for Spisak out of the clinch. Spisak gets another takedown. He postures up and dives into side control. Brown rolls and regains half-guard. Brown’s corner yelling at him to regain full guard. Nice elbow by Spisak. Brown can’t do a single thing. Spisak not doing a whole lot. He passes to side control. Spisak stands in front of his downed opponent. The round ends. 10-9 Spisak.

Round 3 — Brown lands a soft head kick, possibly his first offense of the fight, but eats a knee to the body and gets taken down. Spisak takes mount. Brown gives up his back but Spisak is way too high. Brown can’t escape out the back door. Spisak slides off and Brown is on top with three minutes left. He needs a miracle here. Brown not landing much in full guard. Spisak throws up a triangle and uses it to sweep. Now he’s on top with 1:22 to go. Sprawl position. Spisak tries to take his back. He does. Both hooks in with 40 seconds left. That’s it. Round goes 10-9 to Spisak and the fight 30-27.

Official decision: Matt Spisak d. Pete Brown (Decision/Unanimous – 30-27×3)

Bantamweights: Davis Harris vs. Chucky Mady

Round 1 — Josh Rosenthal is your referee. Harris connects with a nice shot and gets a takedown. Mady wall-walks and gets back to his feet. Harris pushes him against the cage. Crowd chants for Mady. Harris gets him back down. Side control for Harris and he eventually mounts. Mady gives up his back but Harris maintains great control and locks in a tight rear-naked choke. It’s over. Mady taps.

Official decision: David Harris d. Chucky Mady (Submission/Rear-Naked Choke) R1 3:07

Some notes as we await our third preliminary bout … If there’s an empty seat to be had here, I sure can’t see it. Should be about 5,000 strong. The place and packed and should be hot for the main card. Will be interesting to see what the paid vs. comp numbers are being this is a casino, but regardless, the crowd was here for the preliminary bouts, so I think this is already looking like a successful event… — Matt

Welterweights: Dhiego Lima vs. Josh Taveirne

Round 1 — Lima with a rather large reach advantage. They exchange some kicks. Nice jab by Lima. Nice combo by Taveirne and Lima answers with a leg kick. Taveirne goes for a low single but Lima defends. Taveirne pushes Lima against the cage. Taveirne ends up on his back and Lima drills him but just as fast, Lima’s on his and Taveirne takes his back. Lima standing with Taveirne on his back. Lima is calm. Under two minutes to go. Clock ticking and Lima has solid wrist control, not allowing Taveirne to even come close to threatening. Lima stands up straight from his bent position now with 50 seconds left. Taveirne does have a body triangle in. Lima throwing punches and Taveirne drops. Lima looks for a standing Kimura. They drop to the floor and it’s tough to see, but the horn sounds. 10-9 Taveirne

Round 2 — Start of the second round is delayed due to excessive water (possibly ice) on the ground in Lima’s corner. Where’s Joe Rogan when you need him. Lima looks like he’s getting comfortable. That’s two takedown attempts he’s stopped. Lima with an uppercut right as Taveirne is going for a single. Lima defending well. Taveirne pushes him back into the cage. Lima drops down for a guillotine but Taveirne pops his head out quickly. Back on the feet. Lima locks in the standing Kimura again and gives it up once they hit the mat. Lima on top with 1:25 to go in half-guard. Full guard now. Lima tries to take Taveirne’s back in a scramble but Taveirne ends up on top. Half-guard against the cage. Lima stands. Lima head kick blocked. He hits him with a nice uppercut as Taveirne goes in for a single, which is defended. Taveirne is tired. 10-9 Lima

Round 3 — Taveirne jumps in and tags Lima with a nice left. In the ensuing exchange, Lima complains he got poked in the eye but the referee doesn’t stop it. We fight on. Nice jab by Lima. Lima with a big left hook as Taveirne shoots in. Taveirne looking for a high single but he can’t get it. Lima looking for the Kimura and he is really cranking that thing but Taveirne spins out. Nice work there. Lima on his back with one hook in. Taveirne’s mouthpiece goes flying. He turns and Lima mounts with 2:28 to go. Big shot by Lima has Taveirne reeling. He gives up his back. Lima pounding away. Big elbows to the side of the head. They roll and Lima sinks in the rear-naked choke. It briefly slips but he is quickly able to reapply it and solicit the tap.

Official decision: Dhiego Lima d. Josh Taveirne (Submission/Rear-Naked Choke) R3 3:35

Main card:

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