Frank Mir’s Solution: Don’t Train With UFC Fighters in Your Weight Class

Frank Mir weighs in on the spat between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans.

By: Nick Thomas | 12 years ago
Frank Mir’s Solution: Don’t Train With UFC Fighters in Your Weight Class
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In the aftermath of Rashad Evans leaving Greg Jackson MMA in a huff because his former teammate Jon Jones was willing to fight him for the UFC belt, UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir has a simple solution to the teammate dilemma: just don’t train with any UFC fighters in your weight class:

“When I first got the call (about the UFC 130 match – Roy Nelson and I) were actually in the gym together the very next morning so we kind of discussed how it was going to go like ‘Look, there’s only so many heavyweights, I guess we’re going to have to fight.’

“I think both of us were looking forward to fighting when there was a little bit more on the line as far as one of us having a title or pushing ourselves up into a number one contender spot. It is what it is. It’s beneficial to the promoter to have two guys from Vegas fighting on their Memorial Day weekend card so I understand it and its business, so I got to just go out there and fight.”

“One lesson I learned from Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans is if there’s any heavyweights in the UFC, I’m not going to train with them anymore. Why would you? That’s a potential opponent. If he gets any kind of advantage over you in the gym, learns a secret or knows something about an injury that could potentially cost you a lot of money. I think in the future if guys are smart, they’ll stop training with guys in their own weight class.”

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