Titan FC 17 Live Results and Play-by-Play

Titan Fighting Championship comes to Memorial Hall in Kansas City Missouri with a card that features former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley as he faces…

By: Duane Finley | 12 years ago
Titan FC 17 Live Results and Play-by-Play
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Titan Fighting Championship comes to Memorial Hall in Kansas City Missouri with a card that features former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley as he faces a late replacement in John Ott. As if going up against a monster of a man such as Lashley on short notice wasn’t already a huge mountain to climb Ott will be facing upwards to a 40 lb. disadvatnge on fight night. In addition to the main event the card featuers bouts from “The New York Badass” Phil Baroni as he takes on Nick Nolte and former TUF alum Abe Wagner, fresh off his TKO of Tim Sylvia as he takes on Aaron Rosa.

BloodyElbow.com will have full results and round-by-round coverage starting with the main card live on HDNet at 10 p.m. ET.

We have Frank Trigg and Michael “The Voice” Schiavello on the microphone and “Hurricane” Duane Finley on the live blog so buckle in for a good night of fights on Titan FC.

Quick results; full play-by-play after the jump.

Bobby Lashley def. John Ott via Decision (Unanimous) R3 5:00
Aaron Rosa def. Abe Wagner via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) R2 0:35
Phil Baroni def. Nick Nolte via Decision (Unanimous) R3 5:00
Eric Marriott def. Willian de Souza via Decision (Unanimous) R3 5:00
Alonzo Martinez def. Aaron Derrow via Decision (Majority) R3 5:00
James Krause def. Nathan Schut via TKO (Head Kick and Punches) R1 0:41
Anthony Gutierrez def. Jon Hollis via Submission (Triangle Choke) R1 4:20

Titan Fighting Championships 17 coverage

Bobby Lashley vs. John Ott

Round 1: The size difference between Ott and Lashley is incredible Ott lands an overhand right. Lashley shoots in for a double leg and scoops up Ott and powerslams him down. Lashley works the ground and pound and is mauling Ott. Lashley smothering from the top and he is bombing down right hands on Ott. Lashley smashes Ott with three huge forearms and Ott continues to hold on. Three more right hands from Lashley and Ott is taking them like a champ. Lashley is reigning down shots and Ott’s face is bloody and bashed. Ott is throwing hammer fists from the bottom and it’s amazing he’s still in the fight. Lashley lands left, right, left, right and Ott flails from the impact and survives the round. Ott gives a thumbs up as he pops back up to his feet as Lashley took the first round.

Round 2: Ott comes out with a spinning backfist and pushes Lashley back. Lashley looks exhausted as he heaves forward with his hands down. Ott lands an outside leg kick. Lashley attempts a jab and misses but he grabs on for the double and once again slams Ott to the ground. I can’t see Ott surviving another another round like the first and Lashley has him pinned against the cage. Lashley rears back and blasts Ott with another right hand and moves to side control. Lashley looking to pin down Ott’s arm ala Roy Nelson but Ott uses the cage to spin to North/South. Lashley gets him back to side control as he continues to use hammer fists and elbows on Ott. One minute remaining and Lashley has slowed considerably. Ott is still throwing shots from the bottom and Ott survives to the bell. Lashley is exhausted and Ott is bashed. 2-0 Lashley.

Round 3: Ott zigs and zags and lands three punches. Ott is jabbering at Lashley Ott hits him again. Lashley’s hands are down and Ott catches him with an uppercut and a right hand. Ott is trying to stay elusive Lashley is gasping and Ott charges across the ring and hits Lashley with two punches and Lashley gets ahold of him and takes him down. The crowd that was once on their feet literally shut down when Lashley scores takedown. He is going to win this fight but I can’t see the critics lightening up on him. One minute remains and Lashley is holding down. Ott has no answer for the massive Lashley. As the fight ends Lashley stands up and is cut up from the elbows Ott threw from the bottom. Trigg is explaining that Ott is a natural 185 lb. fighter who took everything Lashley had.

Bobby Lashley wins via unanimous decision.

Abe Wagner vs. Aaron Rosa

Round 1: Wagner lands an outside legkick and throws a straight right hand. Jab from Wagner and Rosa lands a right hand of his own. Both fighters throw punches that land and Rosa lands a short left hook. The fighters lock up in the clinch and Wagner throws a knee to the body that lands. Wagner with a right cross Wagner rushes forward throwing straight punches that back Rosa up. Rosa grabs onto a single and takes Wagner to the ground. Rosa works the ground and pound with elbows and short punches as Wagner manuevers. The referee stands them up at the one minute mark and Wagner lands an uppercut and a knee as Rosa drops down for the single. Rosa works for the takedown but Wagner remains on his feet. Bloody Elbow give round one to Rosa 10-9.

Round 2: Wagner comes out throwing and drops Wagner with a left hook. Wagner hit the dirt and Rosa jumped on to finish but Wagner tried to hold on. Rosa takes his back and finishes the fight with a rear naked choke 35 seconds into the second.

Aaron Rosa wins via submission (rear naked choke) Rnd 2.

Phil Baroni vs. Nick Nolte

Round 1: Nolte lands an outside leg kick as Nolte puts Baroni against the cage and lands two hard knees. Baroni throws a knee to the body as he keeps Baroni against the cage. Baroni reverses and puts Nolte into the cage but he can’t keep Nolte there as Nolte overpowers him back into the cage. Nolte with another big knee to the midsection and Baroni tries to drop down but he can’t get the space he needs. Baroni throws two big shots that land but Nolte unphased. Baroni starts throwing punches wildly but nothing lands. Nolte looks to push him back into the cage but Baroni drops down and finally gets the takedown. Two minutes left and Baroni is on top landing punches. Nolte throws his legs up looking to escape but Baroni moves into side control. Baroni leaves an arm in and Nolte goes for the armbar but Baroni swings around and goes back to side control. Nolte works from the bottom as he lands knees to Baroni’s side. Baroni finished the round on top but Nolte did damage early. Bloody Elbow gives round one Nolte 10-9.

Round 2: Baroni lands three big punches from behind Nolte to open the second as the action goes back to the cage. Baroni takes Nolte to the ground and works from inside of the guard. Baroni postures up and misses with two shots as Nolte ties him up. The referee stands them up and after trading punches Baroni takes Nolte to the ground. Nolte has ahold of the arm but Baroni is able to pull it loose and moves to side control. Baroni throwing short elbows but there isn’t much on them as the crowd starts to boo a bit. 20 seconds left in the second and there hasn’t been much action in the second but Baroni takes the second for scoring a takedown and keeping Nolte pinned down 10-9.

Round 3: It’s anyone’s fight and Nolte lands two big punches to open the final frame. Baroni fires back but Nolte throws a spinning heel kick that lands on Baroni. Baroni looks gassed and Nolte is looking exhuasted as well. Nolte lands a high knee and two more punches as Baroni sits back against the cage and gets peppered with two more shots. Nolte tries another spinning kick but misses and walks up and knees Baroni in the face again. Baroni slumps in and grabs on for the takedown. Baroni looks for the full mount and with two minutes to go Nolte is doing a good job of tying him up. Baroni gives up the attempt to mount and moves to side control. There has been some movement but no offense so to speak. 45 seconds left and the crowd boos. The fight ends with Baroni laying in side control and Nolte slams the canvas because he couldn’t get Baroni off of him.

Phil Baroni wins the unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28).

Eric Marriott vs. Willian De Souza

Round 1: De Souza throws two outside leg kicks to start the fight and Marriott stuffs a takedown. De Souza throws two punches that miss and Marriott lands a right hand. A quick inside leg kick by Marriott and De Souza lands a right hand counter as the action hits the cage. Marriott lands a knee in the clinch and they break. Marriott lnads a jab and threatens the right but De Souza scrambles away. A jab by Marriott lands and De Souza shoots in again for a double but Marriott stuffs it and they go into the cage once again. De Souza stays active working for the takedown and is finally able to put Marriott on his back. It doesn’t last long as De Souza looks for a choke but Marriott reverses position and takes top control. Marriott in half guard as De Souza curls up looking to shrimp out. De Souza gets the space he was looking for and gets back to his feet. Marriott throws a left that lands and then a side kick that makes De Souza fly backwards. De Souza is throwing punches as he is sticking his chin straight up in the air. The first round comes to an end and Bloody Elbow gives it to Marriott 10-9.

Round 2: The second round under way and the action is a bit tentative. Both fighters throw leg kicks and Marriott looks far more comfrotable than De Souza does. The fighters lock up in the clinch and De Souza lands two knees to the body and Marriott with a short shot off the split. Marriott with a knee to the face and a spinning back kick that misses. Marriott lands a left hook counter off a sloppy right hand from De Souza. Marriott lands a hard outside leg kick and De Souza shoots in for the takedown. He lands the trip but Marriott quickly scrambles out and gets top position. De Souza rolls back to guard as Marriott stands up and drops a hammer fist. De Souza back to his feet and a short left from Marriott. De Souza doesn’t seem to have anything to offer in the striking department as he jumps at Marriott with punches but doesn’t come close. Marriott takes the second round as well 10-9.

Round 3: Marriott picks up the tempo right out of the gates as he lands two punches and a hard leg kick to open the round. Marriott powers De Souza to the ground and has top/side control as he plants hammer fists on the side of De Souza’s face. Marriott uses his hips to keep top as De Souza tries to sweep him but Marriott puts two hard elbows that find a home. Marriott dives back in and lands more hammer fists then moves to side control. De Souza has been in the turtle position for most of the round and when they work to their feet Marriott works the front headlock and lands a solid knee to De Souza. The action goes to the ground for a moment but De Souza works back to his feet. Marriott goes for another knee and De Souza takes the action to the ground again. Marriott is in control as De Souza latches onto his wrist. De Souza works to his feet and eats a Marriott spinning back kick to the mid section. De Souza charges forward and is taken down again where he immediately eats shots. Marriott lands two more shots when the bell sounds and won all three rounds of the fight.

Eric Marriott wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Alonzo Martinez vs. Aaron Derrow

Round 1: Martinez lands a two hard punches in an initial flurry and then plants a knee on Derrow as they lock up in the clinch. Martinez nearly gets the takedown but Derrow shows great balance as he shakes him off. Martinez persists and takes Derrow to the ground. Martinez left his arm in and Derrow went for the reverse arm bar but Martinez was able to shake free. Martinez backs up and lets Derrow get up and puts a right hook on him as soon as he comes forward. Martinez follows up with a takedown and starts the ground and pound in the center of the cage. Martinez has the check board haircut that is worth mentioning and he back off before diving in with a right hand that misses. Two minutes left to go in the round and Martinez kicks at Derrow’s legs while he is on his back. As soon as Martinez backs off Derrow gets back to his feet and comes in with a flurry. Derrow lands a left hand as the lock up in the clinch against the cage. Derrow misses off the break and Martinez lands a smacking left hook to Derrow’s liver. 25 seconds left and both fighters throwing knees in the clinch. Derrow finishes the round with a flurry landing a left, right, left at the bell. Bloody Elbow gives first round to Martinez for takedowns and control 10-9.

Round 2: Derrow opens the second with a shoot but is stuffed as Martinez works free. Derrow still winging punches but Martinez lands a stiff counter shot and backs Derrow up. Over hand right from Martinez clips Derrow as he drops down. It is hard to tell if the punch dropped him or if he was going for the single but both fighters are bakc to their feet. Derrow throws a jab/cross combo to set up the double leg but Martinez stuffs him again. Derrow with a nice leg kick but as he misses with an uppercut Martinez clips him again. Derrow’s knees buckle and Martinez flies in with a knee that misses. The action goes to the cage and Derrow has his wits back. Martinez shoots in for a takedown and Derrow rolls for the arm but misses and eats a right hand on the way down. One minute left to go in the round and Martinez has top position as he throws elbows. Martinez postures up and lands short punches to the body before landing a big right hand. Derrow goes for the armbar but Martinez easily slips out. The second round comes to an end and Bloody Elbow scores another round for Martinez 10-9.

Round 3: Martinez opens the round with a stiff left hand that back Derrow up but Derrow throws two big shots that puts Martinez on the mat. Derrow dives in to finish but Martinez rolls in an attempt to protect himself. Derrow goes for the arm but Martinez escapes once again. Martinez gets back to his feet and his eye is immediately swollen and bleeding. Derrow keeps up the pressure and lands a straight right and a left hook as Martinez wobbles. Derrow reaches in for the Muay Thai clinch and Martinez goes down. Derrow swarms again throwing big shots and Martinez is looking as if he is barely holding on. Derrow attempts to take the back but Martinez uses the fence to keep him on the side. Derrow swings around and takes side control and as he reaches for the arm he jumps around and takes Martinez’s back. Derrow sinks in the rear naked choke but Martinez breaks free and reverses position. Martinez is looking re-energized as he lands a big left elbow to Derrow’s face. 20 seconds left and both men are swinging for the fences. Both fighters land and when the bell sounds Derrow lands a left hook. A fantastic third round to Derrow but with Martinez taking the first two it should be his fight on Bloody Elbow’s cards.

Alonzo Martinez takes the majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)


James Krause vs. Nathan Schut

Round 1: The fighters circle while they feel each other out and then Krause throws a vicious right high kick and smashes Schut in the face. Schut drops to the mat and Krause pounces to finish him off.

James Krause wins via KO (head kick) 0:40

Anthony Gutierrez vs. Jon Hollis

Round 1: Gutierrez throws a few kicks to start but Hollis secured the takedown to open the fight. Gutierrez went for the kimura but Hollis was able to get his arms free and worked from half guard. Hollis continued to work the ground and pound and Gutierrez was able to use the cage to get up but was quickly taken back down. Hollis landing two strong left elbows from the ground and pound and when Gutierrez attempts to throw his legs up for a triangle Hollis jumped to side control. Gutierrez was able to shift him back and got ahold of Hollis’s arm and comes close to getting the armbar. Hollis escapes and lands three wild shots before getting another takedown. Gutierrez quickly throws his legs up once again and this time latches in the triangle. Hollis tries to fight free but he couldn’t espcape and with 41 seconds left in the first Hollis taps.

Gutierrez wins via submission (triangle) Rnd1 4:40.

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