UFC 128 Results: Brendan Schaub Talks ‘Cro Cop’, Jones vs Shogun on The Fight Fix

Host Dustin Green Dustin Green brings us a new episode of The Fight Fix from UFC 128. Watch Dustin recap all the action from…

By: Nate Wilcox | 13 years ago
UFC 128 Results: Brendan Schaub Talks ‘Cro Cop’, Jones vs Shogun on The Fight Fix
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Host Dustin Green Dustin Green brings us a new episode of The Fight Fix from UFC 128. Watch Dustin recap all the action from the fights, including Jon Jones’ UFC title winning performance against Shogun Rua. Today’s video includes highlgihts from the event as well as the post-fight press conference. Jon Jones’ brother Arthur Jones talks to Dustin about his brother’s performance and plans for the future. 

Full transcription below:

25 secs, UFC 128 video recap

1:12, Jones on his family watching: “It meant the world to me to have my family here. I’m from a long, long, long family tree of people who pray and believe in their prayers, so I knew that I would have a lot of support and a lot of positive energy going my way. It felt good. I could even feel it in the crowd tonight. When I came out, to get a louder cheer than such a legend, was an honor.”

1:33, Dana White on Jones’ day: “Lady gets robbed in the park, he chases the guy down and apprehends him until the police come 2 hours before the show. Goes out and dominates Shogun. The only thing left to do is deliver a baby on the way outta here or something. I don’t know what else this guy can do in a day.”

1:50, Urijah Faber on Jones: “I told him before the fighthe could be a mix between Jordan and Muhammad Ali for our sport.”

1:55, Dana White on Jones vs Shogun: “Huge experience gap here between these two. He looked like a 10 year professional tonight. He took his time, did what he wanted to do. People said he wouldn’t do the flashy stuff with Shogun. He did more flashy stuff tonight than I’ve ever seen him do or any other guy in mixed martial arts. It was a pretty incredible performance.”

2:14, Arthur Jones, Ravens defensive tackle, on his brother: “I’m just excited. I’m excited. Right after he won his fight, I told him ‘You just gotta keep your head on right. It’s not about being a champion, it’s about keepin’ it.’ He’s a smart guy. I’m sure he’s gonna do the right thing.”

2:44, Brendan Schaub on his fight with Cro Cop: “Mirk likes to set his feet before he kicks. In rounds 1 & 2, I was kinda movin’ so he couldn’t get his kicks off or I’d counter the kicks right away, but not with big shots. I knew I had to get a finish in the 3rd round. I’d talked all that stuff about how this isn’t going the distance and then midway through the 3rd round I’m like ‘C’mon man.’ So, I just planted my feet like ‘forget this let’s do it.’ I saw him about to kick, so I just anticipated and landed the big right hand.”

3:11, Schaub on kick’s living up to expectation: “Yeah, and more. It definitely rung my bell. I have a headache now just from blocking them. I rally didn’t get hit with them, but they were powerful man, so fighting a legend I expect this stuff.”

3:24, Schaub on where he belongs in the HW ranking: “I think this puts me somewhere in the top 6 of the division. There’s some monster lurking out there and I gotta get back to the room and get better man. I wasn’t satisfied with my performance and it’s just back to the grind for me.”

3:50, Jones on apprehending the robber: “So he’s down on the floor and I’m thinking like ‘I hope I don’t get stabbed right now.’ So I’m just lookin’ at him like ‘Should I ground-n-puond him?’ And Greg Jackson just comes outta nowhere and jumps on the guys back, and he starts speaking Spanish like ‘greebudabda.’ You know. I’m like ‘You know Spanish?!’ So I’m like, ‘Lemme do somethin!'”

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