UFC 125: Edgar vs. Maynard – Live Results and Commentary

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and commentary for UFC 125. The live blog will…

By: Brent Brookhouse | 12 years ago
UFC 125: Edgar vs. Maynard – Live Results and Commentary
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As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and commentary for UFC 125. The live blog will start with the beginning of the Ion broadcast so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

This event is headlined by a bout between lightweight champion Frankie Edgar taking on Gray Maynard. Co-main eventing the event is a bout between middleweights Chris Leben and Brian Stann.


As always we have our rule: NO SPOILERS! In the interest of not ruining anything from the undercard that may make the broadcast we ask that you do not discuss the results of the undercard in the comments until either the broadcast ends or the fight makes the air.

The Ion Broadcast is live. First fight up shortly

Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares – Round 1 – Hard leg kick by Brad Tavares and another one. A third and Baroni reacts to that one. The crowd is booing as they’re being very patient here. Left hand by Baroni and Tavares drops. Tavares looking for a takedown and Baroni tries to lock in a choke and ends up on top in half guard. Baroni landing a couple punches and elbows from the top. As Tavares gets up Baroni grabs a front headlock and throws a few knees. Finally Tavares is able to get some distance. Knees to the body by Tavares and he presses Baroni into the cage. Baroni defends the takedown attempt and he’s starting to gas a little already. Accidental knee to the groin by Baroni leads to a stop to the action. They resume and Tavares throws a few wince punches and lands a hard headkick and now a series of punches that hurt Baroni and he continues to land forcing the ref to stop the fight. Phil tries to take down the ref as he was out of it. Brad Tavares wins by TKO (strikes), round 1.

Dustin Poirier vs. Josh Grispi – Round 1 – Grispi throwing combos early and Poirier forces him to hesitate with a nice push kick and some very hard leg kicks. Now Poirier lands a few hard punches and they clinch. Grispi tries to jump and pull guard but has to just give up and stand up. Poirier is landing some nice elbows in the clinch. Poirier is owning the fight with his striking. Grispi shoots and can’t get the takedown. Hard front kick by Poirier. Another one knocks Grispi down. Poirier almost gets pulled to the ground and swept but he keeps it standing. Hard shots by Poirier. He is pouring it on and Grispi is in retreat mode. Poirier tries to take the back after a poor shot from Grispi and now Grispi tries to grab a kimura. Grispi manages to pull out the arm but Poirier gets out of trouble. The round comes to an end and it was a very nice showing by Poirier for a 10-9 round.

Round 2 – Grispi shoots but Poirier defends and pushes Grispi into the cage and unloads with some huge shots. Again Grispi has to retreat. Now he shoots for a takedown and can’t get it but they do briefly go to the ground and Grispi tries for a choke but Poirier defends and starts to land some big punches. They’re back to standing and Poirier lands some hard shots and tries to work from the thai clinch. Huge knees start to land to the head and again Grispi shoots. Grispi ends up pulling guard. Poirier is throwing some shots and Grispi locks in a triangle choke. Poirier slams him to get out and then makes Grispi stand back up. Thai plum again and a big knee lands. Grispi is just covering up as he eats a flurry of punches and the round ends. 10-9 Poirier again.

Round 3 -Poirier goes back to the leg and front kicks. Thai plum again locked up and again Poirier is looking to throw the knees. Poirier lands hard with a right hand and Grispi with a slow shot that doesn’t go anywhere. Knees from Poirier from the clinch again. Grispi rolls looking for a triangle or leg lock but gets nothing and is back on the feet getting tagged again. Grispi manages to finally get a takedown with about 2:30 left. Grispi with a few small shots from the top and he only had a little more than a minute to get the finish. Grispi into side control. Poirier manages to turn back and recapture his guard. I’m sure the judges will give that round to Grispi for “being on top” but Poirier clearly won all three rounds in my eyes by just dominating on the feet. Grispi walks to the corner and laughs and says “I got messed up.”

Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board for Dustin Poirier.

Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens – Round 1 – Feeling out period for the first minute without either man really scoring. Davis is starting to pump the jab. Nice leg kick by Stephens now and he looks to shoot but has no success. Davis manages to hook Stephens’ leg and get a takedown of his own instead. Davis is throwing short punches to the body while in Stephens’ half guard. Stephens manages to get back to his feet now and Davis pushes him back into the cage. Left by Davis staggers Stephens and as they move Jeremy is actually hurt worse than originally thought. For some reason Davis decides to clinch him rather than take him down. Horrible tactical mistake that allows Stephens to make it to round 2. 10-9 Davis.

Round 2 – Stephens trying to use the switch kick early and he finally lands a couple right hands. Leg kick from Stephens again. Spinning backfist from Stephens is missed. Davis is using a lot of feints but not really landing this round even though he is trying to work the jab. They go to the ground and Stephens is looking for a kimura but Davis jumps over and should be fairly safe. Stephens manages to regain his guard while still controlling the arm. Davis gets his arm free and is on top now. Stephens throwing hard elbows off the bottom and he almost grabbed and armbar. The round ends. 10-9 Davis but closer than the first.

Round 3-Stephens is trying to walk him down but he can’t keep walking forward without other activity or he’ll just get jabbed over and over. Nice overhand left by Davis lands. A few nice punches by Davis and both men throw right hands at the same time but Stephens’ gets there much harder and Davis is out cold! Stephens dives on top with one more punch but it was already over. Huge comeback KO for Stephens. Jeremy Stephens wins by KO (punch), round 3.

The PPV Broadcast is live.

Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida – Round 1 -Guida bouncing around and avoiding some flicking punches from Gomi. Neither guy really landing here. Head kick by Guida and he lands a couple punches as well. Right hand by Gomi and Guida misses a huge swinging punch by a mile. Guida shoots but can’t finish it to get it to the ground. Both men miss with punches and Guida has a takedown stuffed. Head kick by Guida again and he gets the takedown into Gomi’s guard. Pass to half guard now. The round ends and it was 10-9 Guida.

Round 2-Jab by Gomi ad he lands a short right. Guida shoots in and is trying to finish the single but Gomi defends well and briefly looked to be trying to take Guida’s back. Head kick by Guida is blocked but the right hand gets in. Right hand by Guida lands again. Gomi is really having trouble with the timing here. Gomi lands a very hard knee as Guida shoots but Guida eats it and pushes through for the takedown. Guida manages to lock in a guillotine choke as Gomi was sitting up and rolls through. Gomi is forced to tap out. Clay Guida wins by submission (guillotine choke), round 2.

Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim – Round 1 – Kim with a leg kick to start the fight, Diaz with one of his own. Diaz with a punch to the body. Kim goes back to the legs. Kim takes Diaz down now and after some work ends up in Diaz’s full guard. Nice left hand by Kim and he passes to half guard. Kim into side control but Diaz regains guard. Diaz with a few pesky punches off his back so Kim lands a hard right hand. Diaz moving his legs up but there’s no armbar or triangle to be had. Nate attacks a leg but ends up right back on his back. Kim tneds up taking Diaz’s back and Diaz tries to grab a leg. They end the round on the feet and Kim won it 10-9.

Round 2– Leg kicks from Kim and then a hard left hand. Diaz with a little flurry that gets through and a solid jab. Diaz is being much more aggressive with the strikes this round. Kim misses the takedown but tries again a few seconds later and gets it. Kim is trying to pass and Diaz is trying to find a triangle. Kim with some punches that land now but they don’t have much on them. Nice left hand lands now that Kim postures up. Diaz pushes him off and stands up so Kim takes him right back down. Diaz keeps trying to work off his back with punches or looking for submissions but Kim is really controlling the fight. Kim has the back and Diaz escapes and takes his back and the round ends. 10-9 Kim on my card again.

Round 3  -Nice right hand by Nate early and a return one from Kim lands. Head kick by Kim lands but Diaz was ducking so it was only glancing. Right hand by Kim lands too. Kim was looking for a shot but Diaz slipped under and took Kim down but Kim bounces up. Diaz pushing him into the cage and lands a few short punches before they stand. Diaz has a front headlock and Kim has a hand on the mat and Diaz lands an illegal knee. Kim’s hand was still on the mat just when it landed but it was very close. Kim says he is fine and to continue after a brief break. Kim with a reversal and he ends up on top on the ground. Diaz avoids Kim’s attack and looks for a leglock but can’t get it. They’re standing now with Kim having Diaz’s s back. Kim tries to pull him backward but loses position. Kim stands back up though and tries a throw but can’t get it. Diaz with a head kick. Diaz is working hard here in the last minute trying to find a win here. Diaz lands a flurry of hard right hands. One more right hand from Diaz and the round ends. 10-9 Diaz for a 29-28 win on my card for Kim.

Official scorecard: 29-28 across the board for Don Hyun Kim

Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera – Round 1 – Both men get in tight and exchange strikes and Vera lands some nice leg kicks and knees. Silva lands a nice punch before pushing Vera into the cage but Vera turns him around. Silva manages to get a takedown and is on top in Vera’s half guard. Vera holding on tight trying to avoid defense and get the fight stood up. Silva landing some short punches after Vera has to let go. Silva keeping busy enough from the top with punches and short elbows. Silva passes to side control. Hard shots from Silva and Vera is looking really gunshy every time he gets hit. Silva rotates to the other side, still in side control. Silva is just dominating here with elbows. Silva tried to move to mount and Vera regained half guard. Silva looked for a leg lock and then gave it up to go back to pounding on Vera. Silva claps in Vera’s face after the round and taunts him. 10-9 Silva easy.

Round 2 -They’re unloading on each other early and Vera is landing hard leg kicks and now some really sharp punches. Head kick now by Vera and Silva tags him and pushes him into the cage to slow it down. Silva with a nice trip and he gets the takedown into Vera’s guard. Vera throws a few elbows off his back but is mostly looking to ride this out and hope for a stand-up. Silva postures up and steps through Vera’s guard with one leg. Silva really putting some power into the punches to the body now. Silva is just totally in control on the ground. Big punches from Silva get through again. Silva with punches to the body and a few elbows to the head. Silva finishes the round landing punches. 10-9 Silva

Round 3 -Vera catches a kick from Vera and lands a body kick that knocks Silva down but he just poses rather than take advantage and Silva is back up. Vera throws a head kick that gets caught and now he’s pushed into the cage. Silva takes his back standing and trips him. He has Vera’s back on the ground now with one hook in. Silva loses the hook he had so he starts throwing knees to the body and now gets one hook back in. Silva landing hard punches now. Vera has nothing here as he’s just eating punches when Silva throws them. Vera slowly trying to get to standing but Thiago is still on his back. Silva has started to slap him now and he plays the bongos on Vera’s back before throwing another flurry of hard punches. There’s just no real reason for Vera to get another fight in the UFC. The round ends and it’s another clear 10-9 win for Silva. He broke Vera’s nose badly.

Official Scorecards: 30-26, 30-27, 30-27 all for Thiago Silva.

Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann – Round 1 – Stann sliding to the side when Leben comes in and landing a short punch. Leg kick from Stann and Leben misses a return punch. Leg kick from Leben now. Leben landing a hard uppercut now and that hurt Stann a little bit so he pushes in to clinch up. They restart after a lack of action. Stann with a body kick and Leben catches it and pushes forward. Nice right hand by Stann and he lands another flurry and then a huge punch that drops Leben. Stann follows him down but can’t finish. Leben stands up and Stann almost grabs a guillotine but Leben pops his head out. Flurry of punches from Stand now to the body and again Leben drops. Stann landing again after Leben stands and Chris drops again. Tremendous showing by Stann in his first fight at 185. Brian Stann wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard – Round 1 – Edgar circling a lot here and throwing some jabs at the air and landing some leg kicks as well. Maynard with a one-two that misses.  Left hand by Maynard knocks Edgar downa dn Edgar does a backward roll back to his feet. Maynard is all over him with huge punches and Edgar is badly hurt. Edgar is bleeding from the nose and looks to have survived for the time being. Maynard lands a left and Edgar loos for the takedown and Gray stuffs it. Edgar is still wobbled. He circles into the power hand of Maynard stiil and eats another big shot. Edgar goes down again. Right hand by Edgar lands. It’ll be interesting to see if Maynard didn’t gas himself if this fight keeps going. Edgar is slowly starting to get his head clear. 10-8 round for Maynard.

Round 2 – Edgar with a body kick right away. Leg kick by Edgar and he looks to be cleared up. Nice clean right hand by Edgar. Left hook from Gray just misses. Short right hand by Edgar. They trade two punch combos now. Nice lead hand uppercut by Maynard. Huge right hand by Edgar turns the head of Maynard. Gray is looking for a takedown and Edgar defends with ease. Edgar scores with a combination. Edgar picks up Maynard and slams him to the mat. Great combination to the body followed by a crisp right to the head by Edgar. Maynard misses the takedown and a right hand by Edgar lands again and again. 10-9 round for Edgar makes it 19-18 Maynard.

Round 3 – Randy Couture yelled at Maynard between rounds that he’s trying to hard to knock him out, just beat him up and the KO will come. Tremendous corner advice from “The Natural.” Edgar comes out quick again with the kick and punch combos. Nice leg kick by Edgar. Nice little counter combo by Maynard gets ignored by the commentary team as they’re in love with Edgar again. Edgar keeps doing his thing (code for: Frankie Edgar and Dominick Cruz fights are hard to do my style of live results with). Maynard failed on a few more takedown attempts. Nice left hook by Maynard lands. Nice right hand by Maynard as Edcar was circling in the danger zone INTO the power hand of Gray. Gray landing a few nice hard punches now but Edgar with an inside left hook and a leg kick. Maynard working very hard for the takedown and he gets it finally. Edgar stands up after about ten seconds. Gray back on top on the ground, avoiding a kimura attempt by Edgar. Much closer round but should be 10-9 Maynard which makes it 29-27 on my card after three.

Round 4 – Edgar with an uppercut and a takedown. He locks in a guillotine but can’t finish. Another great takedown by Edgar. Hard leg kick when they stand up by Edgar. Left hook from Maynard glances off Edgar’s face. Knee to the head by Edgar. Again Edgar drives forward looking for the takedown and as Maynard stands up against the cage Edgar lands three very hard punches. The round ends and Edgar won it 10-9 which makes it 38-37 Maynard on my card.

Round 5 – Maynard coming out strong early and throwing his left hand with some degree of regularity. Both man landing jabs. Nice two punch combo by Edgar. Hard left hook by Maynard. Edgar with another couple punches. Nice crisp three punch combo by Edgar. Gray shoots and Frankie stuffs it. Nice connections by both guys. Right hand by Maynard and Edgar lands a flurry of punches in return. They trade punches as the round ends and Edgar won the round to make it a 47-47 draw on my card.

Official Scorecards: 48-46 Maynard, 48-46 Edgar and 47-47 Draw. The fight is ruled a draw. Frankie Edgar retains the title.

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