TUF 12 Quarterfinals: Michael Johnson Talks Bruce Leroy

Michael Johnson had some thoughts about TUF 12 castmate Alex Caceres.

By: Nick Thomas | 13 years ago
TUF 12 Quarterfinals: Michael Johnson Talks Bruce Leroy
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“(Alex “Bruce Leroy” Caceres) had been nagging me in the house, getting on my nerves,” Michael Johnson said. “I didn’t really like the way he acted in the house, I didn’t like his work ethic, I didn’t like how he’d claim he was hurt, I didn’t like how he’d just be lying around while we were working out. I don’t appreciate that.”

“It was more on the not liking him side, but it was also strategic on my part, thinking I matched up with him well, had superior wrestling and could control him. I thought he was the weakest link left in the competition at that point. It was all about getting to the Finale and that was my game plan. It kind of worked out that the guy I thought I could beat was also the guy I didn’t like.”

— Check out the full interview with Michael Johnson at MMA Fighting.

UFC President Dana White announces the four TUF 12 quarterfinal matchups, but one matchup in particular has Josh Koscheck upset. Bruce Leroy and Michael Johnson are fine with it, though.

Quarterfinal-round matches:
Team GSP’s Jonathan Brookins vs. Team Koscheck’s Sako Chivitchian

Team GSP’s Kody McKenzie vs. Team Koscheck’s Nam Phan

Team GSP’s Kyle Watson vs. Team Koscheck’s Aaron Wilkinson

Team GSP’s Michael Johnson vs. Team GSP’s Alex Caceres

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