UFC President Dana White’s Major Announcement Live Updates

Today is the day we are to hear from UFC President Dana White with an allegedly "major announcement". Most of these types of announcements…

By: Luke Thomas | 12 years ago
UFC President Dana White’s Major Announcement Live Updates
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Today is the day we are to hear from UFC President Dana White with an allegedly “major announcement”. Most of these types of announcements have been historically underwhelming, but one can never discount what the top promoter in MMA might or can do. That’s why I will be live Tweeting the results at @MMANation, so follow me for everything up to the second. BloodyElbow.com will be publishing my Tweets as well as those of other MMA writers in real time as we cover the “major announcement” from the UFC general.

The coverage begins at 1 p.m. ET. Join us for commentary and analysis. Let the speculation begin in the comments about what this could all be. Don’t miss it.

From MMANation on Twitter:

MMANation Luke Thomas A colleague asks: WTF is the point of a press conference if you’re going to give the scoop to a news outlet an hour beforehand?

MMANation Luke Thomas Bantamweight and Featherweight being added to UFC. Aldo new UFC champ. If Cruz wins he’ll be new UFC champ.

MMANation Luke Thomas Jaime Davis on call from Versus. 4 fights in 2011 with the channel. Questions now open.

MMANation Luke Thomas First call a prank.   

MMANation Luke Thomas Lighter weight fighters will headline UFC cards.

MMANation Luke Thomas No idea when winner of Cruz fight will defend title.

MMANation Luke Thomas Dana says everyone from WEC being brought over.

MMANation Luke Thomas Ben Henderson’s title: winner of his next fight will face winner of Edgar vs. Maynard.

MMANation Luke Thomas Dana says they want to add every weight class, not just 135 and 145.

MMANation Luke Thomas Dana: no clue on adding flyweights. So, there’s that.

MMANation Luke Thomas Dana: Versus was happy with WEC ratings, but UFC will pull bigger ratings

stevecofield Iole getting to the net loss of free shows on WEC…Dana says that is correct    

MMANation Luke Thomas Dana: everybody wanted this to happen, re: merger.    

MMANation Luke Thomas Dana: no women’s division any time soon.    

MMANation Luke Thomas TUF w/ bantams and feathers could happen soon.

MMANation Luke Thomas Championship matches will likely be kept on PPVs.        

MMANation Luke Thomas Dana says formerly WEC fighters will get UFC paydays. Not clear if they get new contracts.    

MMANation Luke Thomas Jamie Davis from Versus won’t comment on NBC and Comcast merger.

MMANation Luke Thomas I think my phone is broken. I’ve been hitting *1 for this entire call, yet I’ve yet to be pinged.        

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