How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 1st Week of October

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere. ROY NELSON VS. SHANE CARWIN? "I expect to be on the January…

By: Anton Tabuena | 13 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 1st Week of October
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.


I expect to be on the January 1st card. I do not have an opponent yet. Any takers?” Shane Carwin

I always wonder way you guys get this information. I’m still in rehab next to Lindsey trying to get the knee better.”  –Roy Nelson, commenting on reports that he could face Shane Carwin at New Years.

Question to all? When the knee gets better who would you pay to see me fight?”  –Roy Nelson, I say Frank Mir.

@KingMO_GDP knee is getting better practiced yesterday, how is yours knee doing, we could do rehab together”  –Roy Nelson

@roynelsonmma and @KingMO_GDP are getting old I’m the only young boy here And why are you boys not sleeping? Roy I will call your wife ;-/”  –Renzo Gracie

I do not care who the opponent is. I have been in the gym working hard. It is time to see where I belong in the mix.”  –Shane Carwin


@FilthyTomLawlor definitely put his thumb up my ass defending a sweep at training today. I feel so violated.” Joe Lauzon

There’s no truth to the rumor that I INTENTIONALLY violated @JoeLauzon today.I contend there is a thumb attracting magnet in his anus though” Tom Lawlor

“lies!”  Joe Lauzon

I just stole @JoeLauzon‘s suv! And I’m driving in Massachusetts while illegally texting! Bring it state of Mass!” Tom Lawlor


#TweetIwanted2send : During the prelims of the WEC “I am gassing out just watching these guys”. Since it wasnt on tv it was not as funny”  Shane Carwin, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Just say “No” to Brocktober.”  Shane Carwin, I’m so glad he has the same stance on banned substances… oh wait.

no I am a lot bitter.”  –Shane Carwin, replying to a fan who asked if he was a tad bitter.

come on he actually got his ass beat and then won with a choke. He did not risk beating my ass…. He is a tough dude but he did not hand out any ass whoppins in our fight. You know you were scared for him.”  –Shane Carwin

Easy, he does not have the hips I had expected. If I can keep from gassing I can SMASH him on the ground or feet.” Shane Carwin

You can’t disparage Octoberfest for a guy who would drink Coors Light. I live in Coors country and trust me it is the fruit cake of beers.”  –Shane Carwin


Just finished the K-1 drawing, I will fight Tyrone Spong in the first round. Looking forward for this fight! …After a long trip finally home, glad to be back after 3 weeks in Thailand and Korea!!”  Alistair Overeem

Ima say this….K1 is more exciting than MMA. Yall cant complain about people not tryna go for the finish. K1 got a high KO ratio mayne” King Mo, I hear ADCC got a high sub ratio too.

Tyrone Spong is my boy but he is fight the super ni**a alistair overeem… Yall call him Reem…me and my people call him super ni**a overeem”  –King Mo

There is truth to the rumor that I use UberTwitter as my client simply due to being an UbeREEM fan”  –Tom Lawlor


►2 more weeks, i have a great feeling. I’m in shape,all good things for oct 16th. It’s never easy, just one more step ;)” Cheick Kongo

“I don’t know when I’m fighting… Regardless I train everyday. Patience & persistence!!” Jay Hieron

“3 advanced BJJ tips video added at facebook  –Denis Kang

So I finally watches the fight.., damn it was a good Lil scrap I didn’t do as bad as I thought a couple tweaks and I walk away with the W”  –Jamie Varner, after seeing his fight against Cowboy Cerrone

“Great sparring today, look at this crew! & Im holdin the secret ingrediant for my cut to 135! BJJ at 6!” Urijah Faber

“About to butt heads with @ & @ in Denver. Check out Joe’s belt.”  –Urijah Faber


here is me snacking on the treats my friends @danhardymma and elizabeth sent me from the uk.”  –Roy Nelson

I meet alot importat persons arond the word this i just talk with Santa in Vegas you so the picture now is the next… You want present just tell me i have the Santa personal fone number ahahaha  –Wanderlei Silva

“just googled Butt Chin & clicked image my pix is the 1st to show up. Pretty impressive. Thnx Tom.”  –Urijah Faber

“Headed to the Arena with @ about to sign some autographs. Chucks the man!” Urijah Faber

“@ & I Just found Tiequan Zhang the Chinese sensation wondering around Denver. No English. But speaks MMA.”  –Urijah Faber, and seems like he speaks MMA very well… The win was good for Asia, and promotions like LegendFC and the URCC.

“Spending the day skydiving with Yuri in beautiful Northern Cali.”  –Mike Swick

Just saw I was in a Godsmack video. Didn’t even know!”  –Mike Swick, don’t tell me this is Dana White again with his bad taste in music?


When I get a dollar bill w/ “where’” on it, all I think (as I hold) it is, “hopefully not a strippers vagina”!!” Natasha Wicks

“Girls girls girl girl, girls I do adore!!… ;)” Arianny Celeste

“Just done w\an amazing dinner meeting in La..I can wait to share everything I’ve been workin on w my fans! Xo”  –Arianny Celeste

“Me and @ eating dinner at Republic (Tuff N Nuff ring girl)”  –Natasha Wicks

“Hosting the “It aint chemo” auction.. here’s for all you Frank Mir Fans :)” Natasha Wicks

“And here is an aweful blurry pic of my “photo buddy” @.. :)” Natasha Wicks

“I think my outfit was just right for @ mahoney this morning ;)”  –Natasha Wicks, I’m glad Natasha is tweeting a lot, but I’m gonna start filing a missing person’s report for Logan’s twitter.

“new.jpg” Brittney Palmer

“Check out the beautiful wife of @sholler_wec”  –Brittney Palmer, what was that? I got distracted.

“Susie and I cageside. 2 fights in 🙂 varner and cerrone fight is goin to be insane!!!!”  –Brittney Palmer, I wonder how she stays relaxed and poised in between rounds when his man is fighting in the cage.

“WEC 51 Let’s go!” Brittney Palmer

“Ready for a busy Friday night! Come see us:)”  Chandella Powell

“I love working with my New York bunny Danielle! We’re getting ready for the night.”  –Chandella Powell

“My girl Jen and I rockin the red snake skin tonight!” Chandella Powell

“Almost show time!”  –Brittney Palmer

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