How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 2nd Week of September

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere. YOU GUYS ARE SPOILED... WHY DO I HAVE TO LUMP THESE THINGS…

By: Anton Tabuena | 13 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 2nd Week of September
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.


“Why would twitter suggest I follow the Ellen Degeneris show and Jessica Alba? What does twitter think of me?”Shane Carwin

Charlie Valencia called and asked me for a dollar…he claimed he was a little short.” Miguel Torres

I accidentally put my stuff in someone else’s grocery cart. The lady got all upset, like I was gonna make her buy it for me. So I did.”  –Amir Sadollah

I do enjoy hot yoga supplementally. Except when mildly obese middle aged women are doing better than me.” Amir Sadollah

Piranha 3D will give you the most confused boner ever… When the Piranha spit out dude’s d*** I was all like, “That’s because it was HIS d***. MY d*** is fucking delicious ” “  –Joe Rogan

If ignorance is bliss I never want to be happy.” Miguel Torres

Technology has been great at bringing the world closer together and making people farther apart. Nothing replaces human interaction. #fb” Josh Barnett, see that “#fb” tag? … #irony


Dana let me fight James Tony on 6 round boxe Mach I think I can catch him with my speed… Dana will be the 1 boxing match in Ufc I promise he will fell my power and we will show the world the a Ufc fighter can do better” Vitor Belfort

“Tell Vitor Belfort let’s make it happen. I like that because he ain’t no scared little b*tch. He wants to come to my world and I’m more than willing to welcome him into my world.” James Toney, who says that fight hype is his twitter account. Chances of Belfort winning this is pretty slim, although the chances of this actually happening, is even slimmer.


“I used to have a foul temper. They used to call me sonofabitchletich” Pat Miletich

Landscaping front yard and now remember why I started fighting. Landscaping is not easy.”  –Pat Miletich, yeah, most fighters only do manscaping


“Never thought I’d love a friend like I love @FitchFighter” Dave Camarillo

“@JoshKoscheck so talented!”  Dave Camarillo


“See what u started @ufc i dont know who i am RT @thecodyk Phil so are you Jonny Bones.or just play him on @ustream”Phil Davis, got mistaken for Jon Jones, Jon Howard, Anthony Rumble Johnson, and a bunch of other dudes in this ustream video.

“@PhilMrWonderful No idea what you’re talking about, Mr. Howard.”UFC


“Had a surprise bday party tonight. Didnt expect it, and it was the funnest ever. Thanks to everyone that came. Guess I’m gonna have to make all the 40yr olds proud this year.” Dan Henderson


Hung out with mma and Jiu-jitsu legend Paulo Filho! He wants @tjdillashaw to be his wrestling coach!!! Were gonna train with him a bunch!!!”  –Justin Buchholz

Diet good, weight great, training harder, confindence excellent, mind powerful, hands heavy, knees crucial, wrestling well, fighting fun!”  –Jeremy Stephens, preparing for his bout against Melvin Guillard, which I am reallyyyy looking forward to.

some of the guys at Victory MMA after good session!”  Jeremy Stephens


“@BloodyElbow has officially written more than 10,000 posts (not blogs). Pretty crazy.” Luke Thomas, There are also 6400 Fanposts and 10,600+ Fanshots. Almost 3000 of those came from Luke, 2600 from Nate, and a whopping 7500 from Nick. What’s kinda scary though, is that although I’ve only made 1300+ posts, I’ve commented almost 14000 times. That’s wayyy more than theirs even though I joined BE a few years later. I will try to shut up from now on.

LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE, AT LEAST HIS JOHNNY CASH TATTOO WON’T LOOK AS BAD ANYMORE… (Sorry, I know it’s a really bad joke, but I couldn’t resist… 😛 — But all lame jokes aside, I know I speak for BE in saying that we’re all sending our thoughts and prayers for the speedy recovery of Mr. Belcher. Hopefully we could see him back in the cage real soon)

This is alans wife @Ashleebelcher Yesterday his vision was blurry again today heading into another surgery on same eye please keep praying”  Alan Belcher

This is @Ashleebelcher after a few autographs in the pre op area he got wheeled back but all who know him knows he didn’t mind one bit”  –Alan Belcher

We are home He is in a lot of pain though Next few weeks are really important He has to lay face down 🙁 thanks for prayers, @AshleebelcherThanks to our friend Mickey Smelser for bringing over your massage table for Alan to sleep face down on!”  –Alan Belcher

He is doing ok. He’s very uncomfortable though. He has to be face down as much as possible. The surgery was a vitrectomy. @ashleebelcher  –Alan Belcher

Alan is feeling a little better. see dr tomorrow. Thanks for checking! …Dr Semple still wants him face down as much as possible until bubble has gone away. We go back in a week. It is healing ok” Ashlee Belcher, has some good news. Hopefully he recovers well and gets back to training soon.


“My original art- how much could I fetch at auction for charity??”  Mayhem Miller

“Lovin Id already, check out @ reppen, @ & i r takn this as a sign that were suppsed 2 b here.” Urijah Faber

► French MMA is on FIRE … Kongo & Diabaté on the same card . UFC 120.” Cheick Kongo

Hangin with my Aussie, Tre!! Good girls just wanna have cranberry juice” Natasha Wicks, I’m happy that Natasha it tweeting, but Logan’s twitter account can be pronounced dead if she doesn’t tweet soon.

“what can I say? I’m clumsy! :(” Natasha Wicks

“Working with the blonde squad tonight! Welcome to the team Erica:)”  –Chandella Powell

“2nd workout done now time to cook my “healthy turkey meatloaf” if its tasty ill put it on my site. Fingers x’d”  Arianny Celeste

“Got all my beeetches at the beach! @April_Milan n @girlsdonttweet”  Arianny Celeste

“Shopping attire: bed head, lipgloss, mascara, tanktop n sweats.” Arianny Celeste


You’re a Fucking Human Being – Joe Rogan and Daft Punk”  –Joe Rogan‘s philosophy on life, to the tune of Daft Punk.

“Naughty Navigation center, not for children. But this was a hilarious suprise. Directions w/ a Bang!”  –Urijah Faber


Warming up!!Vitor Belfort, shows off his magical jumprope tricks again.

Physioterapy, hard work out!!Vitor Belfort

“…Strength condition!!”  –Vitor Belfort

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