How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 3rd Week of August

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere. TEAM GSP VS. TEAM KOSCHECK "Trust me,I lost months of life being…

By: Anton Tabuena | 13 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 3rd Week of August
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A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.


Trust me,I lost months of life being unhappy&I am pissed about it.Now I am happy as pig shit.So take my words & find what makes u 🙂 OVER!”  –Josh Koscheck, is as happy as pig shit.

Shock time is coming!!!!! Shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock shock BOOM!”  –Josh Koscheck, is currently a +365 underdog, but he still plans to shock shock shock shock the wor…BOOM!

Hello to all my fans around the world! 😉 in Canada, the U.S., Spain, Mexico, & the Philippines (I’m coming 2 c u soon!)” Georges St. Pierre

Just finished boxing training with Howard Grant. He worked me hard!”  –Georges St. Pierre


Just woke up and was reading the mma news websites and only one had real news ufc champ shane carwin steroids court case… I am surprised that athletes in mma do steroids ;( that explains body types” Roy Nelson

I love Roy Nelson trying to elevate his status by talking smacks. Hopefully he is doing so on a treadmil. Some have rolls he has a bakery.”  –Shane Carwin, practice what you preach Mr.Lactosissss-no-cardiosis

you are wrong. I was a spectator that night and he flipped me off. Plus if he wants his second loss in the UFC ill give it to him” Shane Carwin, responding to a fan who asked him about doing the exact same thing after Brock Lesnar beat Frank Mir… Brock flipped off the crowd, and since Shane’s a part of the crowd, he got angry... Hmm. I wonder why he gets angry a lot. 😛

“I just read big nog is out, so after I get knee surgery, we both can give the fans a show of heart, and great jits, and the next title shot after that.” Roy Nelson, wants Big Nog, but with all these smack talk, he might be getting Big Cardio instead.

Going to hospital for surgery today, video blog coming later… This is the hospital bed I am in right now… Here is me in my sexy gown, thank u for all the prayers” Roy Nelson

what surgey? Roy getting the lap band?”  –Shane Carwin

I am fighting that fight currently. Being told I cant. I however feel like I should.”  –Shane Carwin, says that he can’t talk about all those steroid allegations

“You don’t need steroids to hit homeruns I am doing it at 46 with no practice and a bad leg.steroids are overrated and I will prove that” Jose Canseco


Strange ending but I was impressed w/ Pascal’s performance” Georges St. Pierre, wow, so many jokes to make, so little time.

“Just woke up, and checked my weight. 205, I shld change weight classes. I may have to amputate to make weight today.” Dan Hornbuckle

sonnen talking shit? whats new, thats like saying day follows night.” Michael Bisping, could possibly face Sonnen after his bout against the sexy one.

No words you all. No words… ” Jens Pulver, minutes after losing his 6th straight fight.

Shiiiiiit! I suck and its a hard pill to take… Very appreciative for the tweets all, i know my flaws and they are being fixed even if i don’t fight ever again” Jens Pulver

“Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains” Matt Horwich”  –Jason High, takes a photo of Horwich, who is fresh of his submission victory over Thales Leites.

Myself and karson my son at the table… Here last picture taken from the wedding, good night all  –Jens Pulver


Just getting ready to kick Miguel’s ass in Street fighter V this should be real easy”  –Firas Zahabi

“Ran a great clinic w joe & dustin last night @ Atsugi. Rolled for 1st time since my fight, cudnt use left arm…got tapped out by one guy :)”  –Rich Franklin, kinda unrelated, but do you know why I love Rich? Instead of using the generic “badass, me-so-macho” pics that most MMA fighters use for their twitter avatar, Rich uses this one:


GSP tweeted this picture without any captions/descriptions:


TOPPS!”  Josh Koscheck

South Africa ain’t no joke,I had 2 leave my camera smokes and gun in the car”  –Rampage Jackson

On photo shoot set with @bisping” Ross Pearson

Its about to go down with @brucebuffer come play!” Urijah Faber


Video of me going onstage tonight at the Canyon Club. Thank you all for coming!”  –Joe Rogan


Midnight mascarade @chandellapowellxDxnr lookin good. And this guys shirt is $$$  –Urijah Faber, the California kid with a Half-Filipino, a Half-bunny, a half-demon, and some dude who shaved both his head and his balls.

“Getting ready for midsummer nights dream! Tonight at the Palms Pool:) “  –Chandella Powell

“Oops the real deal @  –Urijah Faber

“Here we go!! @suzesuzeq” Brittney Palmer

Amazing first day of shooting in its time for some bubbly. :D”  –Arianny Celeste

Poolside ninjas..@annierivera my <3″  Arianny Celeste

“Duck face for ya ;)”  –Logan Stanton, does “The Arianny” pose. Oh and #BringLoganBack

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