How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 2nd Week of July

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere. GSP & FRANKIE EDGAR LOST AT THE ESPY'S "On the way!"  -Frankie…

By: Anton Tabuena | 13 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 2nd Week of July
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A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.


On the way!” Frankie Edgar, was nominated for “Upset of the Year”

“Beginning red carpet at @  –Georges St. Pierre

Ahh maybe next time. Lol. Thank you all for your support and votes. You still da best fans! Congrats to Northen Iowa.” Frankie Edgar, lost to Northern Iowa? Sigh…

Not my night, but congratulations to Floyd May weather. Thanks again to all my fans for your support” Georges St. Pierre, lost the “Fighter of the Year” award to some guy who doesn’t even want to sign a fight contract.


“We’re in the mood to make a list Best fighter tweets of the last 6 months? Tell us.(Suggestions @antontabuena)” UFC, I guess Dana’s smiley has to make that list right? …oh, and the dude handling the UFC’s twitter account reads this crap? ….nah.

Eduard Folayang in Martial Combat tomorrow. Gina Iniong (yes, female) on the 15th of the same event. Mabuhay ang Pinoy! Bakbakan na!!!”  –URCC, Folayang won the ESPN Martial Combat LW Super-Fight title in Singapore last night.

“I just watched Paulo Filho scoop ice out of some random bucket with his hand to put ice in his diet coke. That’s totally normal, right?”  Jordan Breen, that wasn’t a random bucket, it belongs to his invisible friend.

Had this black belt I’d never rolled w/in danger tonight and he conveniently stops to ‘show me something’ right before I submit him…. In all fairness what he showed me was pretty slick, so I suppose we’re even.  –Jason High

“I have much respect for nascar drivers but should they be nominated for best male athlete over someone like GSP? Or any other pro standout”  –Brian Stann, good point, I heard GSP can turn both ways when driving a car..

“I love flying it’s the only time you’ll smell peanut butter, pineapple, strawberry&champagne(vicki’s spray)& fart” Phil Davis

Ok, my question to you. Are possums scary?”  –Dan Hardy


Just arrived in little rock, Arkansas . Boxing tomorrow at a minor league stadium”  Jose Canseco, lost an exhibition match to a 60 year old man.

“Hogan is a 60 year old man that couldn’t defend himself give him his day in the sun.if you would hurt a guy like that I would crack your skull in the ring”  –Jose Canseco

Anyone that would take advantage of a 60 year old man in the ring deserves to get there skull crack open by me in the ring” Jose Canseco

I am back don’t let me beat u up in the ring after a 60 year old beat me .and don’t let me knock u out .u will have to kill yourself after”  –Jose Canseco

“You scum bags think beating up a 60 year old is cool that’s y when I get u in the ring I am going to put u in the hospital to teach u a lesson…I hate u haters more than ever now I know what scum bags you really are and I will have my way with u in the ring very soon” Jose Canseco

I want to fight mike golic he’s an ass a big fat ass hey mike let’s get in the ring… Y u so jealous I use no steroids and look incredible don’t be such jealous hater… Hey golic u think I am a joke in the ring I won’t hold u up and go easy on u. Knock your fat ass out… Someone get ahold of mike fat ass golic” Jose Canseco

I just hit a bomb in. Softball I bet you can t do that”  –Jose Canseco, cool story bro.


The Sherdog forum never ceases to amaze me. People constantly talk out of their ass. “critics are those that know the way but can’t drive”.”  –Dan Hardy, tip #2124, stay away from that evil evil evil place.

“Its funny how yall zombies are actually fans of an ORG and not fans of the actual sport…Kill yourself”  –King Mo, Kill yourself? are you taking PR lessons from Canseco?


So fucking bored and can’t sleep…ugh. Can’t wait to go to jail Friday so I can get on with my life.”  –War Machine

Drinking beers with my best buddies listening to their Navy SEAL murder stories…hahahaha! F*ck yeah!”  –War Machine

This is how UND1SPUTED Austin, how Navy SEALs and War Machine drink beer! Tape ur empties underneath! …Making progress!!! Gettin fucked up! SEAL Team and War Machine!  –War Machine

My boys faded as fuck! Wizard Staffs in effect! …My wife getting down too!” War Machine

Dodo has the biggest staff at the moment!”  –War Machine, I heard inmate 035 has a bigger staff.


Not the best site in your rear view. Gonna be a big one, I was cruising!” Mike Swick

Probably a lot… Its definitely expensive living up to my nickname on the California Highway!” Mike Swick

lol Then I’d be tweeting from jail! RT @Kingsbu this is the time to big league the cop & say “do u know who I am?!” Then flex a swick-o-tine”  Mike Swick, and maybe you’d see War Machine there.


Kid asked me how do I drain my ear. I told kid, I got this…” Miguel Torres

“Step 1, find an ear with severe cauliflowering.” Miguel Torres

Step 2. Find a needle.”  –Miguel Torres

Step 3. Find a crazy Mexican who will do anything for money. Anything” Miguel Torres

Step 4. Sterilization, um… I don’t have any condoms. Trust me I’m clean.” Miguel Torres

“Step 5. Insertion.” Miguel Torres

Step 6. Find the sweet spot.”  Miguel Torres

Step 7. You gotta lick it before we kick it.” Miguel Torres

Step 7. That’s what she said.” Miguel Torres

Step 8. And then there was sound.” Miguel Torres

Today, trained like a beast, made a joke, slayed a couple dragons, saved a kids ear & won a game of chess. Now time to eat some tacos.” Miguel Torres


“My typical bedtime outfit! 😉 nighty-night!!!” Natasha Wicks, curse you DANA!

“Since its too hot in vegas to run when the sun is out.. I aqua run! :)” Natasha Wicks, DIE DANA DIE!

“Flying fabulous I am.. Miami bound :)” Logan Stanton

“Fixing my nappy beach hair ;)”  –Logan Stanton, Before…

“Shooting in Dallas :)” Logan Stanton, After..?


“If I was a fighter, this would be my signature move”  –Esther Lin

hopes everyone is okay after the HAVOC of Basyang. *Subliminal plugging* ;)” URCC, apologies for the delay on this week’s How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet. A storm called “Basyang” raped and pillaged the country, leaving my home without electricity and my precious interwebs… Speaking of HAVOC, that’s the URCC show next weekend — Any of you Filipino readers coming?

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