How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 3rd Week of June

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.   WHAT WOULD FORREST DO? "By the by this is forest my…

By: Anton Tabuena | 13 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 3rd Week of June
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



By the by this is forest my manager does my account most of the time, but she told me to put my head thoughts to words on thisI’m running this shit now and if you don’t watch sunny in phila don’t talk at me jk, no I’m not, well that does sound kinda harsh”  Forrest Griffin, is probably making the gals happy by tweeting more often.

I never knew what susage fingers I had til I started doing this shit. Hey can you cuss on this shit? …That’s enough from the spelling police. Should I send this shit to my editor before I post it lofl… Shoulder going ok. will know when I can fight second week of July. Book comes out late July early august. Questions answered” Forrest Griffin

Just saw myself on TUF grapping it looked like somebody getting raped by a werewolf. Shit even Tyson was skinner then me and he usuallyfat” Forrest Griffin

I heart soccer sort ofI liked when Vanderla used to play soccer with peoples heads in pride. Kinda glad they changed that rule.” Forrest Griffin, giving his thoughts on the world cup.

Why aren’t there any water parks in las Vegas? It’s kinda hot here.” Forrest Griffin

I don’t wanna say lakers fans are bad people but somebody should.” Forrest Griffin, Laker fans are boring.

I can die now. I met the coolest guy ever.” Forrest Griffin

I don’t know what hell is like but I’m positive pergatory is similar to being stuck in an airport… I must have done something really bad in a past life cus I have a middle seat on a 7 hr flight.” Forrest Griffin

Alrigh it’s been fun but I got to go this tv ain’t gonna watch itself” Forrest Griffin


Just did a “drive thru” wedding in Vegas!!! Hahaha! Gonna do a real ceremony in a few months!!” War Machine

“To Junie Browning…” use to be my homie, use to be my ace …now I wanna slap the taste out yo mouth make u bow down..” 165lbs catch weight somebody make it happen!”  –War Machine, I’d watch it.

“Really use to like the guy a lot ( Junie ) but he really stabbed me in the back. Never called him out about copying my anarchy tattoo or my grenade or my bullet belt or his “Junie” on the inside of his bicep same as I have ” War Machine” on mine…but when you think of it he’s pretty GAY” War Machine



Just got back from the beach. I was snorkaling & messed around trying 2 go out far & fooled around & got stung by something on my back… I felt like Forrest Gump when he got shot in Vietnam yelling out “something bit me”!! I damn near drown trying 2 get back 2 shore! …I ain’t even gonna lie I was scared 2 find out what bit me! I just knew once I got out the water I was gonna have something on me! …But luckily there was nothing there.. Just welts.. The kind of welts like I use 2 get from getting whooped with a “switch”..=)”  Rashad Evans

I still don’t know what bit me.. Once I got back 2 land I had nothing on me.. I kept my cool points I didn’t scream like a little girl like I wanted 2! That feeling almost had me acting out of order.. =)” Rashad Evans

it was a baby jelly fish.. I wouldve posted a pic of it but when I looked in the mirror it was small.. After all that complaining I did I thought I was gonna have a huge welt but it was as little as a mosquito bite.. Y’all talk bad enough about me on here I Didn’t want 2 give y’all anymore ammo.. =)”  –Rashad Evans



“How is the most successful MMA promoter on the planet inept? RT @rmartin703: @MMANation you should let @danawhite know you think he’s inept” Luke Thomas

“@MMANation you shouldn’t even respond to this douche who doesn’t know shit about the sport. Mma nation? Wtf?” Dana White

Someone has obviously hijacked @danawhite ‘s Twitter account tonight… Seriously — @MMANation says Dana’s the most successful MMA promoter, and @danawhite just dumps on him? I’m guessing password theft.”  Beau Dure

@duresport miscommunication, I am sorry for going off and saying bad shit. You know me! Sifting through shit talk and reacted. Sorry…”  Dana White

is this usa today beau? check you out on twitter! I like it. Yes I am sorry I got crazy on mma nation I misunderstood and always give it rite back here” Dana White

“sorry @mmanation I misunderstood. Please accept my apology.” Dana White

“@duresport lol, thanks. Its me and I can admit when I fuck up.” Dana White

“@danawhite No worries. Accepted. I appreciate the apology. Enjoy the game tonight.” Luke Thomas

“thanks”  Dana White

“@danawhite Not trying to be greedy, but any chance I can get an interview with you on my radio show on @1067thefandc ? :)” Luke Thomas

“@MMANation yes since I was a dick by mistake. Contact jen wenke” Dana White, anddd we have a happy ending.


FITCH vs ALVES (and two very TUF looking guys)

“Just got the best news ever!!! Its on. He’s approved.”  –Jon Fitch, will officially be fighting Alves? Great news indeed.



“On my way 2 Staples to support my @celtics! …Let’s go @CELTICS !!!!  –Rachelle Leah, was in LA wearing that Garnett jersey… the Celtics lost by 22 points.

This is my “SENDING BOSTON POSITIVE ENERGY” photo for Game 7!!!! Let’s get this Celts! Io credo in te” Rachelle Leah



“Crazy post fight! Jerry had enough dreads for everyone!” Mike Swick, those might smell really bad

“Im in Paris,met some dude that thinks he’s from da westside?” Rampage Jackson

I thank you Big Bro Tito @titoortiz!! Your compassion toward the fans are fantastic and it gave me the power.Please continue supporting me!!” Takanori Gomi

Today is the Kugayama firefly flashing Maturi!!”  –Takanori Gomi, it took a cute little girl to stop Gomi from doing the fighter pose.



I was thinkin of berating Zaromskis at the open workout but i figured since I’m goin to the show tomorrow, maybe there, more of an audience”  –Jason High, wants a rematch with Zaromskis? …just be careful that his camp doesn’t jump you.

“A very special #FF goes out to @m3mma for hooking this up. Forgot to grab one when I was in japan. Pretty cool…”  –Jason High,

“Thanks to Akira Gono and friends for sopping by the Gracie academy training was good..” Nate Diaz

“Just got a pic wit Jessica,I would trade in all my old models 4 this new ride,I wish y’all could see the body kit!”  Rampage Jackson, is he talking about cars?

“Ready 4 the fights! Headn 2 arena soon to watch #UFC115 !!! …. Oh snappy! Co main event just started!” Rachelle Leah

“Me and @joerogan after the fights. So paparazzi.”  –Rachelle Leah

OMG!!! I have Bieber Fever! I know the words to all his songs, I DON’T change the station when he comes on & I laugh at his tweets… wowowowooo! I didn’t say I thought he was cute!!! Admit it.. Some of you know exactly what iam talking about 😉 secret bieber fans” Natasha Wicks, why does everyone want some of that beaver?

“Good grief its nice in Vegas tonight! Pumpin some gas.. I was bored :P” Natasha Wicks

“Taking a hit before work.. They don’t let me use whilst I model :(“  –Natasha Wicks

“So today I busted right out of my top, literally! Haha and in a public pool!” Natasha Wicks

I drew this.not so symetrical, but its pen so couldnt fix it”  –Roxy Modafferi

Having a really intense business meeting w@rachelleleah. Then kickboxing at @hbutc.” Arianny Celeste

“Just finished training w @ariannyceleste at @hbutc and @razorob kicked our hiny’s”  Rachelle Leah


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