UWC 8: Judgement Day – Live Results and Commentary

There's no hockey tonight (San Jose Sharks fans must be relieved), basketball sucks, and the most exciting interleague baseball game takes place in New…

By: Mike Fagan | 13 years ago
UWC 8: Judgement Day – Live Results and Commentary
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

There’s no hockey tonight (San Jose Sharks fans must be relieved), basketball sucks, and the most exciting interleague baseball game takes place in New York (yawn). Plus, you’re an MMA fan, and you shouldn’t be caught dead watching those damn stick-and-ball sports anyway.

Join BloodyElbow.com tonight as we cover tonight’s UWC 8: Judgement Day card live from the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia. The fights will be streamed as an Internet pay-per-view which can be purchased from the UWC’s website. The main event features touted 125-pounders John Dodson and Jessie Riggleman. The show goes down at 7 PM ET.

UPDATE: Hi folks, Chris Nelson here. I’ll be taking over this evening’s blogging duties in Mr. Fagan’s stead. Full card and results are after the jump.

Quick Results
John Dodson def Jessie Riggleman via unanimous decision
Timothy Woods def. Mike Seal via tech. sub. (rear-naked choke) R2 3:35
Ururahy Rodrigues def. Diego Brandao via unanimous decision
Ron Stallings def. Joey Kirwan via sub. (triangle choke) R2 0:52
Dustin Pague def. Justin Hickey via tech. sub. (rear-naked choke) R1 0:54
Valerie Coolbaugh def. Iman Achhal via split decision
Jason Frank def. Carlos Horn via sub. (armbar) R1 0:24
Jeremy Carper def. Caleb MacAlister via sub. (triangle choke) R2 3:00
Scott Heckman def. Matt Brannon  via sub. (anaconda choke) R2 1:36

John Dodson (12-4) vs. Jesse Riggleman (9-0)

Round 1: A minute into the bout, Dodson drops Riggleman with a hard right. He chases a turtling Riggleman to the mat and jumps on his back, but Riggleman breaks free and seems to have regained his composure. Riggleman capitalizes on a botched flying knee from Dodson, slams him to the mat. They work back to the feet and Riggleman holds a rear waistlock. Dodson sneaks an elbow over the shoulder and they separate. Dodson catches a kick from Riggleman and drags him down, but they’re soon back up. 10-9 Dodson.

Round 2: Riggleman tags Dodson with an overhand right, but Dodson answers straight back with a left of his own. Nice jumping knee from Dodson, then a kick to the breadbasket of Riggleman. Dodson fakes a right hand, then changes up with a quick, sharp left head kick that grazes Riggleman. Dodson catches a Riggleman kick for the tenth time in the fight and dumps him to the mat. Riggleman pops back up but gets clipped by a hard left from Dodson, who chases Riggleman down to side control. Riggleman bleeding from the mouth now, swinging with wild uppercuts that come nowhere near Dodson. 10-9 Dodson.

Round 3: After an ugly exchange, Riggleman wheels away, motioning to his eye. Replay is inconclusive on exactly what happened, but Riggleman recovers about 20 seconds later and they restart. Riggleman throwing more horrendous uppercuts, finding no sort of range and getting lit up by Dodson with punches and knees. 90 seconds left and the pace finally begins to slow. Dodson appears to catch an eye poke, but there’s no break. Dodson takes a rear waistlock with 30 seconds left, knees to the back of the legs. 10-9 Dodson.

BloodyElbow.com scores the bout 30-27 Dodson.

John Dodson (13-4) def Jessie Riggleman (9-1) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Timothy Woods (5-2) vs. Mike Seal (14-10)

Round 1: Seal working leg kicks and body shots early, bouncing on his lead leg in a Muay Thai stance. Woods ties up against the fence and the two go crashing down to the mat with Woods landing on top. With Woods in full mount working for an arm-triangle, Seal sweeps. Woods cinches up a triangle with ease, but it’s not tight enough to force a tap. He keeps Seal locked in the triangle, adjusting it a few times but never quite getting it right. Seal finally breaks loose with less than a minute remaining. 10-9 Woods.

Round 2: Seal goes to throw a leg kick, Woods lifts his leg to check it, and Seal’s kick goes underneath and strike Woods directly in the groin. Woods is doubled over, clearly in a lot of pain, but eventually gets to his feet and the action is restarted. The two clinch against the fence and Woods picks Seal up and dumps him to the mat, head over heels, with a bodyslam. Woods takes the back of Seal and locks up a body triangle with about two minutes left. Moments later, he sinks in the rear-naked choke and puts Seal to sleep.

Timothy Woods (6-2) def. Mike Seal (14-11) via technical submission (rear-naked choke) R2 3:35


Diego Brandao (10-6) vs. Ururahy Rodrigues (6-2)

Round 1: Rodrigues scores an early takedown and tries to work the Tozi pass, then switches to a guillotine. Brandao tying up, frustrating Rodrigues, who stands above him and slaps with leg kicks. Rodrigues dives back in and Brandao uses his butterfly guard to sweep. Back to the feet, Rodrigues powers through another takedown and controls from top to the end of the frame. 10-9 Rodrigues.

Round 2: Both men in the whizzer, looking for the takedown. Brandao gets it, then takes Rodrigues’ back, looking for the rear-naked choke. Rodrigues rolls and dislodges Brandao, then completes the sweep. Brandao controls Rodrigues’ right arm with an omoplata. Referee shouts a warning to both fighters about their sloppy strikes to the back of the head. Rodrigues opens up with heavy shots from half guard, pushing Brandao’s back to the fence with 90 seconds to go in the round. Rodrigues postures up and slugs away with right hands. Brandao pops to his feet and eats a big knee to the head which cuts him open near the right eye. The fighters exchanging lots of words in Portugues as the round ends. 10-9 Rodrigues.

Round 3: Rodrigues immediately going for the takedown, finally gets it and is nearly swept, but Brandao winds up on his side with his back to the fence. Questionable stand up from the referee. They clinch and Rodrigues sends a couple knees up the middle, then latches on for a single leg takedown. Rodrigues switches to a double and deposits Brandao on his back with two minutes left in the bout. That’s pretty much the story. Should be a clean sweep for Rodrigues (but then again, this is Virginia). 10-9 Rodrigues.

Ururahy Rodrigues (7-2) def. Diego Brandao (10-7) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Ron Stallings (7-4) vs. Joey Kirwan (5-3)

Round 1: Kirwan shoots a double and deposits stallings at the base of the cage, then moves to side control on the left. Stallings pushes him back to guard, isolating the right arm of Kirwan. Some decent elbows and punches from the top by Kirwan have cut Stallings open, but Stallings does a decent job of keeping his guard closed and the distance tight. 10-9 Kirwan.

Round 2: Stallings connects with a flying knee which causes Kirwan to immediately shoot and drag him down. Stallings throws up a triangle and gets the tap less than a minute into the second frame.

Ron Stallings (8-4) def. Joey Kirwan (5-4) via submission (triangle choke) R2 0:48


Justin Hickey (3-1) vs. Dustin Pague (6-4)

Round 1: Pague stuffs a takedown attempt from Hickey and takes Hickey’s back, sinking in a deep rear-naked choke. Hickey defends for a moment, but doesn’t tap and quickly goes to sleep. He twitches sickly on the mat, but regains consciousness soon after and appears to be fine (though, understandably, unsure of what just happened).

Dustin Pague (7-4) def. Justin Hickey (3-2) via technical submission (rear-naked choke) R1 0:54


Iman Achhal (2-0) vs. Valerie Coolbaugh (3-5)

Round 1: Lots of clinchwork along the fence in the opening 90 seconds. Coolbaugh finally pushes Achhal away and comes forward with straight rights, but Achhal catches a follow-up kick and they clinch again. Achhal coming over the top with right hands in the clinch. Achhal connecting with sloppy blows from short range as the round expires. 10-9 Achhal.

Round 2: Coolbaugh using a teep kick to keep Achhal at range this time out. Achhal pushing forward, lobbing overhand rights from a mile away, but she’s eating straight rights from Coolbaugh in return. Back to the clinch and Achhal is working for a trip, Coolbaugh fending it off and punching to the sides and back. 10-9 Coolbaugh.

Round 3: Achhal catches a kick from Coolbaugh and scores the first takedown of the bout. Coolbaugh tries for a rubber guard, but Achhal stacks her up, flips her over and jumps guard for a guillotine attempt. It’s too loose and Coolbaugh extracts herself, moves into guard. Achhal sweeps with two minutes left and takes mount. Coolbaugh flips and gives up her back, but Achhal lands punches to the back of the head and referee Scott Oates stands them up. No point deduction, just a warning. 10-9 Achhal.

BloodyElbow.com scores the bout 29-28 Achhal.

Valerie Coolbaugh (4-5) def. Iman Achhal (2-1) via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Amateur: Jason Frank (3-0 / 217 lbs) vs. Carlos Horn (1-1 / 265 lbs)

Round 1: Frank comes forward with kicks but Horn scores a big takedown early. Frank quickly sweeps, takes mount, then transitions into an armbar. And it’s over.

Jason Frank (4-0) def. Carlos Horn (1-2) via submission (armbar) R1 0:24


Jeremy Carper (1-1) vs. Caleb MacAlister (pro debut)

Round 1: Carper with a nice takedown, stands back up and sends some slapping leg kicks down at MacAlister. Now it’s MacAlister’s turn to take Carper down. MacAlister gets pushed from half guard back to full. Carper doing well to tie up on the ground, so MacAlister lets him up. Carper leaps onto MacAlister’s back standing, but winds up somewhere on the side, unable to sink in the rear-naked choke. They fall to the mat and MacAlister takes half guard, but again can’t advance nor inflict any damage, and the round expires. 10-10.

Round 2: Carper sails across the cage with a flying knee that misses widely. The fighters exchange leg kicks before MacAlister drives Carper to the mat with a single leg. Working from full guard, MacAlister sending elbows down. Carper snares MacAlister’s right arm inside a triangle, but MacAlister steps to the side and tries to alleviate the pressure. He can’t, and eventually has to tap.

Jeremy Carper (2-1) def. Caleb MacAlister (0-1) via submission (triangle choke) R2 3:00


Matt Brannon (pro debut) vs. Scott Heckman (1-0)

Round 1: Brannon misses a spinning backfist early and Heckman takes a rear waistlock. He tosses Brannon to the mat and tries to jump on his back, but Brannon escapes to the feet. Heckman grabs a guillotine standing and Brannon goes to his knees. Heckman abandons the choke and tries to take the back, but Brannon stands and presses his back to the cage. Heckman drops Brannon with another single leg, into guard. Again Brannon stands… and again he’s taken down. Heckman takes the back and sinks in both hooks, but it’s late in the round and Brannon survives. 10-9 Heckman.

Round 2:Brannon throws a high kick, gets waistlocked and slammed down for his troubles. Heckman quickly moves north-south, grabs an anaconda choke and elicits the tap.

Scott Heckman (2-0) def. Matt Brannon (0-1) via submission (anaconda choke) R2 1:36

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