How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 3rd Week of May

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere. TWEETS THAT "ROCK"? "If you're wearing sunglasses and sitting in coach, you…

By: Anton Tabuena | 14 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 3rd Week of May
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A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.


If you’re wearing sunglasses and sitting in coach, you are not a pimp.”  –Nate Quarry

New Bicep Watch! When you want to draw attention to your guns and your Affliction baby-t ain’t doin it” Nate Quarry

“I can’t promise to win every fight but I do promise to die trying.” Said to Joe Silva after the Creduer fight… “I would rather lose spectacularly than win a boring decision” said after the Starnes fight” Nate Quarry

“I’m gonna volunteer at the dog shelter and increase my carbon footprint.” Nate Quarry

“The grass does smell really pretty.”  Nate Quarry

“If you go far enough everything is west.” Nate Quarry

“I can’t believe that vegan restaurant didn’t have meat! That’s racist!”  Nate Quarry


Family, friends and fans – thx for all of your support – I am out as the WEC ring announcer. Family reason that cldnt be compromised… Woke up feeling like I just broke up with my HS Sweetheart.” Joe Martinez

24 hrs as a free agent, 11 new shows booked. Only the strong survive. Fight for yourself when no one else will!”  Joe Martinez, is it time for Buffer?

Rogan says he wants to see Overeem in the UFC. This is the exact reason a unified belt is needed. champions vs champions.”  –Pat Miletich, it’s a good idea, but I don’t think it will ever be executed properly. See: WAMMA.

@antontabuena If the fighters are 2 get what they truly deserve, there will have to be unified belt fights. Didn’t mention WAMMA… Zuffa holds many of the top fighters, but I think Strikeforce is starting to stack up well… Just have to roll with Strikeforce, Dream, Bellator, etc….. until then. Fighters like the freedom  –Pat Miletich, responding to me saying that the idea won’t work, especially if Zuffa doesn’t join in.


Sorry @UFC I will definitely start to uptweet my game! I have been busy changing out everyone’s propane tanks in the trailer park!!” Tim Credeur, will tweet more often

The airport baby. I have been here many many a time. Term D is vegas finest… JFK! NY. What a dif feeli sometimes you dont know what you miss till your there… People look so dif here. Hot black chicks Everywhere!”  –Phil Baroni, should fly there more often

Hate it when Im broke as a joke and have a big fat check that Is worthless until it clears! Hate it even more when it does clear and goes straight to attorney fees! Wtf!? =[  –War Machine, won his last fight in the first round, but is still broke as a joke. He better fight more often.


Here in downtown Boston ready to testify in front of the Massachusetts Athletic Commision in regards to MMA… Hopefully my testimony for the Mass state athletic commision helped with regards to the issue of double weigh ins for MMA here.” Kenny Florian, was in a very important fight outside the Octagon.

Got my ass kicked tonight in gi grappling. I’m in a little better shape but man do I have a long way to go.”  –Pat Miletich

“My boy just picked this up I’m putting my order in today…” Nate Diaz, cross-training on different disciplines.  Marcus Davis better watch out.

glad were friends!! haha” Urijah Faber, replying to Nate Diaz.

“you should get one Uriah will go shooting…” Nate Diaz


Peanut butter did not make it through airport security. “It doesn’t matter if it’s crunchy or not ma’am.” Ha damn!”  Logan Stanton, but peanut butter isn’t liquid. I’d like to see them to try and gargle that if it is.

No pun intended right? 😉 ha RT @mmamixer:Happy Hump Day from @LoStanton” Logan Stanton

Mirror mirror.. ” Logan Stanton

Is this what Christina Ag. Means: “I’m out of character, I’m in rare form”?? ;)”  Natasha Wicks

There is a Peace of something in my eye.” Natasha Wicks


“Gracie Water”  –Nate Diaz

Hosting Poker Night! Cain left early! Thomson, Marius, Neo… “  –Mike Swick, spotted, Marius “All-in or I will kick you in the head” Zaromskis.

Inside Saddams Palace in Baghdad with Herring… Smoking Cubans with Generals at Saddams Palace, Iraq.  –Mike Swick, spotted, Heath “I’m too busy doing movies but I still made time for the troops” Herring.

“I didn’t have a pocket 4 my sharpie yesterday so I put it here..signed lots of chests big n small… Thanks to for providing my beautiful golden swimsuit ;)”  Arianny Celeste

It’s a girl!: 5lbs.14oz. 11:38am. No name chosen yet… She loves her ‘lil sister…” Nate Marquardt, congrats!


“This is Josh aka “Slicky” at my gym tonight. Josh is an absolute killer in every sense of the word… pretty sure he has no soul to go along with some ridiculous standup and grappling skills. He is going to be the first of our third generation of fighters. There is a slightly younger version of Josh on the way too… his younger brother Ben.”  –Joe Lauzon

“Just got it today… Jon Fitch action figure”  –Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch rolling (jiu-jitsu) in a Gi” Jon Fitch

I teach one of my favorite triangle choke escapes to the troops in Iraq.”  –Mike Swick

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