Summary of the Brock Lesnar Conference Call

Below is the summary of the Brock Lesnar conference call that followed his appearance on SportsCenter. --Brock Lesnar is ready to start training immediately,…

By: Michael Rome | 14 years ago
Summary of the Brock Lesnar Conference Call
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Below is the summary of the Brock Lesnar conference call that followed his appearance on SportsCenter.

–Brock Lesnar is ready to start training immediately, and will fight the winner of Shane Carwin and Frank Mir.  If something happens to Mir or Carwin in that fight, the winner of Nogueira-Velasquez will get a shot.

–Brock was suffering for almost a year with stomach pains and didn’t know what it was.  During training camp for Shane Carwin everything snowballed and fell apart.  He was missing full weeks of training camps.

–Brock had diverticulosis, not diverticulitis, which is the more minor case.  One of his diverticuli ruptured, creating a hole in his stomach lining.  His body couldn’t eat enough food to get nutrients, so he was operating at 60-80%.

–Brock may fight the same weekend as the next Expo.

–Brock’s lowest moment was getting care from Canada.  “We have the best doctors in the world” in the United States, tells us he’s opposed to widespread health reform.  Doctors in Canada couldn’t do anything for him, it was like he was in a third world country.  Brock loves Canada and owns property in Canada, but he’d definitely want to be in the U.S. to get care.  Restates that he loves Canadians, but he’s not a fan of their healthcare.

–His wife saved his life by getting him out of the hospital.  She drove 100 miles an hour to get out of Canada and into the hospital in North Dakota.  He was in the hospital in Bismark for 11 days.  The doctors drained pockets in his stomach and removed 14 CC’s of fluid from his stomach.

–He left the hospital and went to Mayo for a second opinion, and they told him the same thing: he needed surgery.  They wanted to do another procedure in a month, so he went home, changed his diet and started working out.

–What got him here was an all-protein diet, not enough fiber, so he had to change his diet entirely.  He started some natural healing medicine, and did a lot of praying.  He went and got a colonoscopy at Mayo on January 5th, and the doctors found nothing.  The doctors told him he wouldn’t need surgery.

–He will be back in the gym Thursday morning, and he’s going to be ready for everybody and anybody.

–Brock:  “I’m a carnivore.  I’m a member of the NRA.  Whatever I kill I eat.  For years I was surviving on meat and potatos, and when the greens came by I kept passing them.”  Now he’s paying more attention to keeping a balanced diet.

–On the bad night in Canada:  He went to sleep, and woke up in shock and cold sweat.  It was a huge problem, he didn’t know where he was, and knew he needed medical help.  He was far away from the hospital, 2.5-3 hours from what he thought would be a good medical facility.

–Brock refuses to disclose where he was treated.  Says he is mentioning this because he’s opposed to President Obama’s healthcare plan and he wants to disclose to the citizens of the United States how bad universal healthcare is.  Brock is speaking on the behalf of Americans, and on behalf of doctors  (He was speaking to Neil Davidson of the Canadian press at this point).  Machinery at the Canadian hospital wasn’t working, so he went to where he could have it done.

–At his lightest, Brock was at 248.  Today he is 273 pounds.  Brock joked the last time he weighed 248 pounds was second grade.

–On a third fight with Frank Mir:  He would be thrilled to fight Frank Mir.  Didn’t beat him as bad as he could, would like to get his hands on “that stalker.”  Says Frank Mir is his stalker now, and has made that his mission in life, so he would be happy to take care of that again.

–Brock is feeling great, was back in the gym last week helping sparring partners.  Brock isn’t dwelling on the past, thinks he will be better than ever.  Says all the other heavyweights are shitting their pants.

–Brock is unhappy about his camp coming out and saying things.  He wants to get rid of those people, mad about them speaking on his behalf.  Brock is a private guy.  He didn’t want to talk to anyone before because there was nothing to say.

–Brock is not a believer in socialism.


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