Dana White in Talks With M-1 Global – “I Want Fedor, I Like Mousasi Too”

Dana White has his eyes on a couple of MMA's best talents.

By: Nick Thomas | 13 years ago
Dana White in Talks With M-1 Global – “I Want Fedor, I Like Mousasi Too”
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

According to a now unplayable sherdog.com interview with Dana White (at the 4:50 min mark):

Sherdog: You mentioned talking to M-1 recently, more recent than anyone thought. What’s going on there?

Dana White – “Listen, I think there’s a million different ways to cut deals. Believe me, I want Fedor more than the people that are yapping that they want him in the UFC. And I like Mousasi too. So I would love to have them both in the UFC. And there’s a lot of different ways to cut a deal”.

… “There’s only one way to find out how Fedor would do in the UFC. Get his ass over here and let’s get him in there and get him fighting. I could do the same thing with Mousasi. I like Mousasi, I don’t know how he’d do over here. There’s a lot of really good guys here. It’s not like fighting in other promotions. They are not deep enough. There are not enough good fighters over there for them to challenge. There is here, that’s what makes it fun and interesting”.

HT: sherdog.com
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