We’re Hiring: One News & Multimedia Writer Position Available (Part-time)

No, this is not some moronic early April Fool's Day prank. I'd rather eat barbed wire than make you suffer through that. Why is…

By: Luke Thomas | 14 years ago
We’re Hiring: One News & Multimedia Writer Position Available (Part-time)
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

No, this is not some moronic early April Fool’s Day prank. I’d rather eat barbed wire than make you suffer through that.

Why is the position open? Answer: Nick Thomas has decided to move on to new opportunities. Of course, we wish him all the best in whatever new endeavors he pursues.

Before I get to the gig, let me first say a word about Nick: it’s seriously sad to see him go. The good news is that Nick will still be an active part of the Bloody Elbow community, but he won’t be working in an official capacity any longer. I am certain I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say Nick legitimately made this site better than it actually was for a long time. He not only constantly dug up the most interesting multimedia content from across the web with ungodly timeliness and ease, but he worked as diligently as one could possibly ask. Coupled with his effective knowledge of HTML, Nick was the personification of Johnny on the Spot with endless varieties of content and critical site management. 

And when the site needed FanShots? Nick put them up. Who is covering the weigh-ins and going to get photos? Nick was. What kinds of new content would work well with the community? Nick established the popular betting game without anyone asking him to. Hell, was there a post that needed some photographs or some tweaking? Nick fixed it. I could go on all day like this. Nate and I have always agreed that if you want to point to a person on staff with the most value-add quality, Nick’s perennially on the short list.

I am not the least bit exaggerating by saying that Nick has been the unsung hero here for a very long time. So, Nick, thanks for every ounce of effort, value-add contribution and peerless reliability you gave. It was more than we could ever ask for. We appreciated all of it and were owed none.You will be sorely missed.

One last thing: if it sounds like I’m resorting to hyperbole just to be nice, then perhaps you need to ask yourself why this sounds so implausible. The reason I knew I could trust Nick (and everyone else on staff) was because he was a ferocious fan of MMA. I knew he had the appetite and was excited as the rest of us to be writing what we could about MMA while it ballooned before our eyes. And I can tell you now: if you don’t share that same level of enthusiasm, this isn’t the gig for you. The dispassionate need not apply.

So, want details on the job? They’re after the jump.

Now we move forward. The position is open and it’s part-time. There is some money involved (and perks as a staff member), but if you’re in it for the cash we probably don’t want you. And here’s the most important catch: this isn’t exactly a typical writing gig. We are looking for someone with an eye for news who can put together posts, but this position is the only one at Bloody Elbow where personal commentary is in large part not included (note: we never prohibited Nick; his writing style was all his own). What We’re also looking for is someone who can fill the site with multimedia content. All of which means the duties include:

  • Filling up the FanPosts as needed with relevant or newsworthy videos, articles, photography, podcasts, etc.
  • Covering weigh-ins, press conferences (pre and post) and pre-fight media by posting the most pertinent information from around the web on BE’s front page.
  • Maintaining the Bloody Elbow Betting Game
  • Writing front page posts that incorporates the news into multimedia content.
  • Offering predictions for the larger events.
  • Daily site maintenance: this is the most important part. When the community needs moderation, when the posts could use some pictures, when multimedia content is low, you should be there.
  • Occasional as needed responsibilities.
  • Creative opportunities available.

That’s basically it. Here is where I could make the case for taking the job, but I honestly don’t feel I should have to. It’s not that this is the most vaunted position in MMA, it’s that the appropriate candidate doesn’t really need convincing to take it.

So how do you apply?

I will accept no emails, no phone calls, no Tweets, no texts. if you want the job, you must first get a screen name if you don’t already have one. Next, you must begin posting in the FanPosts and FanShots. Pretend as if you have the job and then show us what you got. That means we need to see timely and cool FanShots with interesting forms of multimedia content. It means we need to see newsworthy or relevant posts in the FanPosts. This will probably go on for a solid month before we pick someone, but if no one emerges to take it the position will remain vacant.

We thank all those who contribute in advance.

Let me know if there are any questions.

UPDATE: Look, if you’re seeking advancement beyond this, then maybe apply. This is not a dead end position exactly. We know what we need, but we are also flexible around individual talents. Keep that in mind as well. We’re looking for folks who are interested in tenure.

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