The Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale Live Results

As always, we're here to take you through the action of a major MMA show.  Starting with the Spike TV broadcast I will be…

By: Brent Brookhouse | 15 years ago
The Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale Live Results
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As always, we’re here to take you through the action of a major MMA show.  Starting with the Spike TV broadcast I will be here bringing you live results and thoughts on UFC: Ultimate Fighter Finale.

Please participate in the comment thread and share your thoughts on the action as it unfolds.

We do ask that you adhere to our one standard rule.  No discussion in the comments of any undercard fights until after they are shown or the broadcast ends.  We do not want to spoil any fights that may make the air for anyone.

So join us, watch the fights, and share your thoughts.  And don’t be afraid to get some discussion going before the show kicks off (just not spoilers).

Finally I ask that you all send out positive energy toward Vegas so that we might see Dave Kaplan pull a Ralphie Parker to Junie Browning’s Scut Farkus.

9:00pm Eastern and it is showtime.  First fight up shortly…  Goldie launches the show plugging that you can still donate to the fight for the troops fund and I don’t fault them for still pushing it.

A brief clip of Junie is shown before the commercial as he says “I believe I am the main event, the other fighters just don’t know it yet.”  The kid keeps his schtick up well but seriously I don’t dig HOW hard they’re pushing him down our throats at this point.  Anyway, his fight is up first…so at least it should be gotten out of the way unless he cries during the fight or something.

Junie Browning vs. Dave Kaplan – Gets us going.  Junie explains that people will stop “judging him on his character and on the way he behaves” which of course is what every man should be raised to believe “It is not the content of your character but rather how well you fight.”  Junie comes out to old Eminem…which makes his entrance music about as fresh as his act.   Round 1 – Junie with a low blow to start things off.  He was trying to stay outside while Kaplan stalked but they’re getting back into it.  Low kick from Kaplan lands.  Nice combinations now from Junie as he is starting to pick Kaplan apart from outside.  Kaplan has blood around his eye now.  Flying knee lands as do some more shots.  Junie falls looking for a kick and Kaplan looks for a leg lock but Junie gets out.  Junie takes Dave’s back now but Dave gets back to his feet.  Four punch combo lands for Junie.  Goldie and Rogan are in LOVE with Junie here.  Kaplan with a solid right hand and he closes distance and gets a takedown. Leg lock attempt again fails and he gives up position.  They stand and Junie with a takedown. Junie takes Dave’s back again, the choke is in but Kaplan pulls it out and turns back to top position.  They’re back to standing and exchanging shots.  Round 1 ends and both myself and Mike Fagan have the first round 10-9 Browning on our respective cards.  Round 2 -Right hand from Kaplan.  Junie with the shot and takedown.  Junie is trying to pass out of half guard now but no luck so far.  As I type that Junie passes to side control.  Steps over for an armbar and it is locked up.  Kaplan has to tap out and it’s all over.  Junie Browning wins by submission (armbar) round 2.  Hope you guys are ready for three years of hearing about how great he is and how much he has turned his life around as Junie runs through low level guys like Kaplan.  We get even more “you can’t be upset with him tonight” talk as he “walks the right line” because he apologizes to Frank Mir.  So now we have “proof” that he has turned it all around.

They’re talking to Kevin James as he plugs his newest crappy movie…in this one he’s a MALL COP!  I can’t wait.  I’m so glad that we’re not watching fights right now.  Damn am I in a salty mood tonight.

Eliot Marshall vs. Jules Bruchez – Undercard action Round 1 – Big shots from Eliot to get things going, then a big takedown, Jules gives up his back and Eliot starts sinking in the choke.  Finally the elbow goes under the chin and Jules has to tap out.  Eliot Marshall wins by submission (Rear Naked Choke) round 1.

Wilson Gouveia at vs. Jason MacDonald – Time for a fight! Round 1 – Right hand from Gouveia but MacDonald comes in and goes for a single leg and after about thirty seconds is able to finish but Gouveia stands up quickly.  They break and are back in the center and MacDonald eats a right hand and a hard leg kick.  Gouvia lands a few shots and drops MacDonald.  Gouveia follows him down and is landing a barrage of elbows.  MacDonald went down from a left jab it looks like.  The elbows force the stoppage.  Wilson Gouveia wins by TKO (strikes) round 1.  MacDonald got busted up and cut badly but you have to wonder how much cred Gouveia gets when he came in so heavy.

Kevin Burns vs. Anthony Johnson – Protect your eyes AJ…  Round 1 -Low kick from Johnson. Burns with a nice body kick.  Left hand from Burns now. Johnson with a jab now.  Big takedown from Johnson as he ducks under one of Burns’ punches.  Big shot from Johnson lands and he passes to side control off of it.  “Upside down triangle” from Burns now but Johnson pulls out.  Burns is staying active on the bottom but Johnson postures up and lands a few punches.  Mario stands the fighters back up.  Right hand by Burns and a right hand returns from Johnson as he catches a Burns kick.  Burns is now on his back eating some kicks to the leg.  Big body kick from Johnson and a solid flurry to end the round.  10-9 Johnson on Brent’s card and 10-9 Johnson on the card of Mike Fagan. Round 2 – Great body kick from Johnson early and that is a money strike for him tonight.  Johnson looks for the single leg and gets it.  Burns is looking for the kimura from the half guard now but Johnson is fine.  Elbows from Johnson land solidly.  Burns keeps working a high guard but Johnson has avoided too much danger so far. Johnson now is working body shots to open the head and it’s working well.  Some more very big elbows land to the chin of Burns.  This round is much more one sided than the first so far.  Burns tries for an armbar and eats two big hammerfists in return.  Both Brent Brookhouse and Mike Fagan score the round 10-9 Johnson putting the fight on both cards at 20-18 Johnson.  Round 3 – Jab by Johnson was stuff.  Left hand by Johnson lands solid and looked like it hurt Burns and OH MY GOD!  WHAT A HIGH KICK!  BURNS IS OUT!  Anthony Johnson wins by KO (head kick) round 3.  Johnson with a beautiful KO!

Ryan Bader vs. Vinicius MagalhaesRound 1 -Low kick from Bader and Vinny is trying to bait him into getting close.  Right hands land for both guys.  Bader is working the leg kicks here. Right hand lands solid for Bader now.  Vinny looks like his mouth is already open.  Bader slips on a kick but gets up before Vinny can get on him.  Right hand lands for Bader and Vinny is down.  He covers up and takes a few more shots before the fight is stopped!  Ryan Bader wins by TKO (punches) round 1.  The punch that started it wasn’t too solid as it glanced behind Vinny’s ear, but the hammerfists once he was on the ground were the shots that sealed the deal.

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Shane PrimmRound 1 – Left hand lands for Krzysztof and Primm gets a takedown.  Shane isn’t trying to do anything at all here and he lets Soszynski up.  KS gets distance now and takes advantage of Primm’s fairly crappy stand-up.  Now they’re back on the ground with KS on top but he bacs off so they go back to standing.  Primm fights through more uppercuts but he looks gassed and also looks just awful when they’re standing.  Failed shot attempt from Primm and now KS is in side control.  KS looks for an armlock but Primm defends well enough that Krzysztof has to give it up.  10-9 Krzysztof on the BE scorecard.  Round 2 -High kick from Primm is blocked and Krzysztof lands some more punches.  They’re tied up and neither guy is doing much.  But now as they separate KS lands a right hand.  Primm is really trying his ass off here but he is getting slowly picked apart.  They’re on the ground.  Krzysztof grabs a kimura and this time is able to finish it off.  Primm taps out and looks hurt.  Krzysztof Soszynski wins by submission (kimura) round 2.

Phillipe Nover vs. Efrain Escudero – This should be fun…don’t sleep on Efrain here. Round 1 – Nover is throwing kicks early and Escudero answers with one of his own.  Right hand by Phillipe but Efrain gets a takedown.  Efrain puts him in the cage and as they stand up Efrain hurts him with a couple punches, Phillipe goes for the takedown and Efrain ends up on his back.  Turns into full mount, Phillipe tries to get guard and eats some big shots.  Efrain fell directly into a triangle attempt but they’re back to standing now.  Takedown for Efrain again.  Back to standing again they go.  Efrain with the takedown and then a big shot follows.  He is DOMINATING the round.  Back to standing they go yet again.  Mike Fagan scores the round 10-9 Efrain as does Brent Brookhouse.  Round 2 – Nover comes out swinging but Efrain just ducks under and gets a takedown right insto side control.  Efrain is standing over Nover now throwing kicks to the leg and Nover finally stands up.  Nover has double underhooks but hasn’t been able to do anything with it yet.  Efrain lands a right as they separate.  Leg kicks are landing for Escudero now and he ducks under the strikes again looking for a single.  Takedown for Efrain and he is in half guard.  He’s grinding away with punches and staying safely on top.  They stand, Nover lands a body kick but Efrain answers with a big slam as time expires.  10-9 round on both Mike and Brent’s scorecards.  Round 3 – Nover throwing kicks again and he lands a nice hook but Efrain just pushes forward and gets a takedown.  They go back to standing and Nover has to do something here.  Two jabs land for Nover now.  Kick lands for Nover but again he pays for it with a takedown by Escudero.  Nover is looking for an omoplata now and is elbowing Efrain’s shoulder.  One minute left and it’s all coming down to if this submission gets finished or not.  Nover almost has it but Efrain escapes.  10-9 Nover on Brent and Mike’s cards.  Both unofficial BloodyElbow scorecards have the fight 29-28 for Efrain Escudero.  Official Scorecards: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 all for Efrain Escudero.  Efrain Escudero wins by unanimous decision.  Why didn’t I stick with my gut here.  I talked a lot about how Escudero is getting overlooked and slept on…but still picked Nover.  Ah regrets…

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