“UFC 85: Bedlam” LIVE Results, Updates & Discussion

I'll be at Velocity 5 in Falls Church, VA today pulling the biggest loser move in the world as your's truly live blogs the…

By: Luke Thomas | 15 years ago
“UFC 85: Bedlam” LIVE Results, Updates & Discussion
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

I’ll be at Velocity 5 in Falls Church, VA today pulling the biggest loser move in the world as your’s truly live blogs the “UFC 85: Bedlam” from a bar. Local 106.7 WJFK midday talkers Big O & Dukes are hosting a UFC viewing party here, so I’ll be crashing it. Please feel fee to tell me how awful I am if you see me in person.

WARNING. Sherdog will begin posting the live results of the undercard around 1 p.m. EST. I’ll link their results page, but I won’t post anything on the front page.

HOWEVER, discussion of the undercard and main card will be going on in the comments section, so be prepapred: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Don’t forget: there’s still time to prep for the fights if you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks. BloodyElbow.com‘s staff listed their predictions for the event, there’s footage of the weigh-ins, a discussion of the history of Thiago Alves’ weight problems, a gambler’s breakdown of the event, coverage of the press conference and much more.

Enjoy the show.

OPENING THOUGHTS: Alves’ weight issues addressed up front, which is exactly how it should be done. Then again, Rogan qualifying why Alves didn’t make weight isn’t exactly how I would cover it.

Apparently the show is sold out.

I still think they’re building Day up to be something he isn’t, but then again, my picks are awful this time out, so what do I know?

Anyone get the feeling Marquardt is going to crush Leites?

Swick vs. Davis looks like it’s going to be a barn burner.


Round 1: Fights start the fight by working the clinch in the middle and against the fence. Werdum gets inside trip to takedown, but Vera recovers guard. Vera pushes off and gets back to his feet. Wedum misses sloppy takedown attempt.  Vera lands right cross and left elbow over the top. Werdum lands another inside trip and a big punch on top. Werdum passes to mount and lands strikes until referee Miragliotta stops the fight.

Werdum wins by TKO 4:40 of the very first round.

Vera claims he was “ok” and that “I wasn’t going to quit. Are you fucking kidding me?”


Round 1: Both fighters exchanging at long range to start.  Leites rocks Marquardt with a big right. and gets mount. Leites now working from half guard. Nate escapes from side control and the fighters return to the feet.  Nate lands heavy body shot. Nate lands heavy right of his own and rocks Leites.

BE scores the round 10 – 9 Leites, however, it’s extremely close.

Round 2: Nate comes out with body – head combinations and the fighters clinch.  Nate lands other shot and a takedown. Nate lands vicious and illegal knee to the face and Leites is clearly rocked.  Referee Herb Dean takes away a point from Nate.  Nate immediately takes Leites down.  Nate is unleashing absolutely vicious ground and pound. Leites is bleeding badly and is continuing the assault. Herb Dean stands them up after a brief stalemate. Nate misses a takedown and Leites gets mount. Nate recovers to half guard.

BE scores the round 9 – 9.

Round 3: Nate lands another body shot and takes Leites down. Leites attempts a triangle and Nate defends. Dean stands the fighters up and deducts another point from Nate for shots to the back of the head. Nate lands a knee tap takedown into his own corner. Nate lands a pile driver to finish the round.

BE scores the round 9 – 9.

Due to the point deductions, BE scores the fight 28 – 27 Leites.

The winner by split decision is Thales Leites (two times 28 – 27 for Leities, one 28 – 27 for Nate)


Round 1: Davis lands a right and inside leg kicks. Davis lands a takedown but in the scramble gets reversed. Swick working to pass on top. Davis working butterfly guard. Davis trying to stand, but Swick sucks his hips out from under him.  Swick not doing damage but staying active on top.  Davis attempts a sweep to his left, but Swick drops his left hip to defend.

BE scores the very uneventful round 10 – 9 for Swick.

Round 2: Davis lands a hard punch, but Swick stuff a clinch attempt to land on top again. Swick works from full guard. Swick passes to side control, but Davis recovers half guard.  Davis attempts kimura and uses it to get the fight to the feet. Both fighters working against the fence. Davis lands a takedown from an outside trip.  Swick lands a takedown and into side control from a failed body kick attempt.

BE scores the round 10 – 9 for Swick.

Round 3: Swick lands brutal knee for Davis over committing.  Fights clinch against the fence and in the middle, but nothing much is happening. Davis lands a takedown and Swick is immediately back to his feet. Referee Yamasaki deducts a point from Swick for holding the fence, but Swick immediately lands another takedown. Davis is covered in blood. Swick finishes on top.

BE scores the fight 29 – 27 for Swick. The judges agree.


Round 1: Day starts the round by landing leg kicks. Bisping lands nice outside leg trip and unleashes nasty GNP.  Bisping absolutely clowns Day with brutal positioning, vicious punching, aggression and more. Day had nowhere to hide.

Referee Dan Miragliotta stops the fight at 3:42 of the very first round. Incredible performance by Bisping.


Round 1: Thiago stuff early takedowns, but eventually Hughes pulls guard. Alves lands nice punch but fight starts on feet again. Hughes lands takedown off kick attempt and works from half guard on top, but can’t do a whole lot. Fight starts on feet again and Thiago stuffs takedown and lands more punches from on top.

BE scores round 10 – 9 Alves.

Round 2: Hughes attempts a takedown and Alves lands a perfectly timed flying knee. Upon replay, it’s clear Alves’ knee DID NOT land and the problem was Hughes buckling his left knee.

Alves win by TKO referee stoppage at 1:02 of round two.

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