Brett Rogers Calls Out Kimbo Slice Via Open Letter

From Roger's website : .... Finally we got to go BIG and face serious competition in Elite XC in Texas. The main event…

By: Brent Brookhouse | 15 years ago
Brett Rogers Calls Out Kimbo Slice Via Open Letter
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

From Roger’s website :


Finally we got to go BIG and face serious competition in Elite XC in Texas. The main event on that show was Kimbo Slice vs Bo Cantrall. Bo is a sub .500 fighter who was on a 4 fight losing streak when he got the call to come to Elite. On that show Brett faced Ralph Kelly who a decent up and comer with a good amateur record. Brett had a tougher opponent but got less money and a on the Under Card.
Next stop Miami where Kimbo is again the main event and blown up huge. His opponent; the venerable Tank Abbot. I believe the last time Tank won a democrat was in the White House and gas was $1.50 a gallon. Brett took on Pride veteran James Thompson for way less money and way down on the card. Brett puts him away in the 1st half of the 1st round.
CBS show. Kimbo gets the same James Thompson Brett had just KO’d. James coming in losing 3 of his last 4 and his last two straight by KO. Brett gets the opening spot against Jon Murphy. Murphy a 9-2 fighter with great Jujitsu who had impressively KO’d Dave Huckabee. Again the tougher fight for less money. 3 times running – tougher guys for less money. Not a great pattern!

And more:


This letter would not be complete without mentioning the other forgotten man in all this, Antonio “Big Foot” Silva. Antonio is a certified, absolute all around warrior. He is one of the very best heavyweight fighters in the world. We have a world of respect for Antonio and ATT and would consider it a tremendous honor to compete with him. If it was a fight for the title; if was billed as the fight between the two best fighters in Elite; we would be overjoyed. However it does not seem right that Brett and Antonio should be fighting just to see who gets to be the number 2 man behind Kimbo.
I’m willing to bet that Antonio feels the same way. As true warriors we want to fight the best and right now everything; judging by the money, the publicity and the billboards; that is Kimbo. Has Kimbo earned that spot? We are not convinced. So we are calling Kimbo out. If this is a challenge he does not feel ready to accept; that is cool. That we can understand. But it is somewhat unreasonable to ask everyone to play second fiddle – to fight tougher opponents for less money while another fighter makes bank on the also rans. Brett has fought three very tough heavy weights with legitimate skills. The result in every one of those fights was a first round KO. No decisions, no controversy just straight up cart them off wins. Yet every interview and every place he goes he hears Kimbo this, Kimbo that. Hell, if we were not asking to fight Kimbo, Gary would be ashamed of us and would be wondering what type of wimps he had fighting for him. If Kimbo is the badest man on the planet; then lets do this thing. All due respect…step up or step aside.

There is a lot more to the “open letter” and it is a long read so I suggest you check it out on Roger’s website.  But Brett and his team make a lot of points that are valid.  Fighting behind someone in the card, fighting tougher opponents, making less money, and having Kimbo pushed as being as dangerous as Shaw had played Kimbo up as being…while being told that he isn’t ready to fight you is going to upset any fighter.

If they make the Rogers/Silva fight then Shaw would be doing his company, this sport, the fighters involved, and even Kimbo himself a disservice if it is not promoted as a fight to determine the best heavyweight fighter in Elite XC.  But, sadly, I fear that we’d just see it as being promoted as a “which of these two will put himself in line to face Kimbo” event.

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