The Tim Boetsch Advantage

Hamill better be working his hands because he won't be able to muscle "The Barbarian" that easily: But what makes the matchup intriguing is…

By: Luke Thomas | 16 years ago
The Tim Boetsch Advantage
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Hamill better be working his hands because he won’t be able to muscle “The Barbarian” that easily:

But what makes the matchup intriguing is that Boetsch, like Hamill, has a strong wrestling background, having competed at the collegiate level on the Lock Haven University team. In previous fights, if push came to shove, Hamill could always rely on his takedowns to control the fight. Boetsch, however, won’t be easy to get to the ground.

Not only does Boetsch have collegiate-level wrestling experience – along with four state high school titles – but he also competed at heavyweight when his LHU team didn’t have a competitor to fill the spot in the higher weight class. Just like when the UFC came calling on short notice, Boetsch stepped up and answered the call. Battling at such a significant weight disadvantage helped Boetsch make the transition to MMA.

“Giving up 50 to 60 pounds to these enormous, powerful Division 1 wrestlers, you find different ways to adjust and beat your opponent, even if you’re at a disadvantage in certain areas,” Boetsch says. “That carries over into MMA.”

He’s absolutely right. Boetsch is ferocious, but patient. Unlike Yosmany Cabezas, he doesn’t close the distance and fight with a frenzied pace as if he’s rewarded by how fast he can finish the fight. Boetsch corners and hunts and is much more selective about his attacks, but turns them on when the moment is right, be it when the opponent least expects it or when there’s an ordinary opening. Hamill’s got his work cut out for him.

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